Thursday, March 29, 2012

Follow Friday/Blog Hops

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. It's a great way to meet new blogger friends. This weeks question is:

Q: Do you read one book at a time or do you switch back and forth between two or more?

I only read one book at a time. I like to focus on the book I am reading. I have had 2 on the go at once before, but it's rare.

TGIF at GReads! is a weekly blog hop hosted by Ginger from GReads

This weeks question is

Book Blogger Retreat: If you could gather up a handful of book blogger friends to spend a weekend away talking books, where would you go? Tell us about it.

Well, since I am currently in the middle of a colder snap of weather I want to go somewhere warm. Somewhere I could lay on the beach, read all day and drink some Pina Coladas. Talking with my blogger friends over dinner on the beach would be nice as well. Totally need to do this one winter.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I'm usually a one book kind of gal too. And the beach and pina coladas sounds awesome. New follower!

  2. I stick to one book at a time too. Its much easier for me to enjoy the story that way!

    Mr FF
    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

  3. I hear ya. 2 books - it happens, but mostly just 1. However, I have no problem doing other things while reading. Multi-tasker after all.
    I'm a follower! Happy Friday
    _yay_: FollowFriday

  4. I'm usually a one book kind of gal as well, but sometimes other books just creep in.

    I'm a new follower as of the other day.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  5. Same here about the one book-thing. And Pina Coladas! Yes, take me with you! :D

    Patricia // My FF

  6. Old follower now also following through Networked Blogs, I agree about reading the one book, my FF

  7. Hi there :) just hopping through...

    I'm a multi-reader myself. Ooh pina colada sounds yummo! :) Here is my choice...

    Feature & Follow

  8. Ooo pretty blog! I am a new follower :-)

    I am not a one book girl- my books get cheated on rather a lot! Here's my FF:

  9. Hi, just hopping through - and I love your layout!

    I'm a one book at a time girl as well - keeps things simple and easy!

    Happy Friday!

    Tara @ Hey, Tara

  10. I used to devote myself to one book at a time, but now I'm one of those people who have to have more than one book on the go. If one really grabs my attention then I'll devote myself to it, but I find I need the option of another read for different situations.

    My FF.

  11. Oh, so many loyal people! I have been known to ballance a few at the same time, once in a while. LOL

    I'm a new gfc follower. :)

  12. New follower.
    One at a time too.

  13. New Follower.

    I definitely prefer one book at a time as well. It's just easier that way. Although at some times, I do attempt another book.. It just depends.

    My Follow Friday

  14. I do only one at a time. I'm really curious if I'll find any multiple book readers as I go through the hop! New follower. Here’s my FF!

  15. Happy Friday - Yes, I agree it is a lot easier for me to read one book at a time unless I am really back up on reviews then I read two.

    Hope you enjoy reading your books this week.
    - New Follower.

    - Beckie
    My FF post: FF

  16. New follower here. 1-2 books for me.

    1. Have a Happy Friday.

  17. I always read one at a time so that I can give my full attention to it!

    NEW Follower!


  18. Great minds think alike! Ugh, I haven't been to the beach in FOREVER, and I really need to go to one soon. :) lol!


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