Monday, November 5, 2012

Ontario Blog Squad Meet Up Recap

This past weekend a bunch of Ottawa bloggers and I were fortunate enough to attend the annual event put on by the ladies at Ontario Blog Squad. Having not been able to attend the first event, I wasn't really sure what to expect. It ended up being a fabulous day filled with laughter, book talk, and meeting some wonderful people.

Katie from Bookishly Yours, Emilie from Emilie's Book World, Ciara from Lost at Midnight, and Meaghan from Feeling A Little Bookish traveled to Toronto for the weekend.

The location was a great choice. The food was excellent, and the waterfront was really pretty setting. The amount of planning and preparation that the Ontario Blog Squad members put into the event was evident. The fun little trivia games, and taking the time to introduce themselves really made a difference. It was set up to allow us to mingle and really talk to the other bloggers, publishers and authors in attendance.

The atmosphere was what really made the event. So much excitement about books, and just getting to meet the bloggers behind some of the blogs we frequent. My favourite part, by far, was getting to mingle and say hello to everyone.

My book haul from the event

I think our entire table squealed with happiness when we saw Sever. I am also very excited to read the rest, and must say that Etiquette and Espionage looks really good.

It was lovely to meet Michele from Just A Lil Lost, Shannon and Vickie from Harper Collins Canada, Amy from Penguin Canada, Nicole from Nicole About Town, Angel from Mermaid Vision Books, Jen from Storytime with Jen, The Cupcake Queen Wendy, Christa from Hooked on Books, Lesley Livingston, Lindsey from A Storm of Words and many more. To anyone I met and didn't single out - SORRY! It was a whirlwind and everyone was so lovely.

To my fellow Ottawa Blogettes (and road trip partners) all I want to say is THANK YOU! You ladies are awesome and I am so glad we have our little group.

I just want to thank all the ladies behind the Ontario Blog Squad for a wonderful event. Your hard work and planning is greatly appreciated. The publishers and authors who came to mingle with us, and of course, my fellow bloggers for being rockstars. I am so happy to be a part of this fun, crazy and wonderful community.

See you all next year!


  1. It was so lovely to meet you and the rest of the Ottawa gals! (finally!!) :) Glad you had a great time!

  2. The Ottawa Blogettes are a lot of fun. :) I loved your table and reading all of your tweets!

    Happy Reading! Maybe see you at an Ottawa event soon.

  3. Wonderful recap Kathy! It sucks I didn't make it to the event... I am kicking myself for not being there now that I'm seeing all these wonderful recaps everywhere! Looks like you guys had a BLAST! :) Um.. I guess I'll see you at BEA then! <3


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