Monday, October 27, 2014

Famous In Love Week Kick Off. Q and A with Rebecca Serle

You may have heard me talk about a book called Famous In Love on this blog already. I ended up reading it and totally loving it right after I got it at Book Expo America. So much in fact I wanted to do a whole week in order to celebrate it.

First up I am interviewing Rebecca about Famous In Love, and all things love triangles and Hollywood....

1 Describe Famous In Love in Twitter format (140 characters or less)

FiL is about a girl who gets plucked from obscurity to star in the next major feature-film franchise based on a book #Lovetriangle #insidery

2 If someone created a drink in honour of your book, what type of drink, and what would they include?

Personally, I'm a purist when it comes to cocktails--vodka and lemon, please! But I think the Famous in Love cocktail would probably be a little sweeter than my tastes-- and have some pineapple in it, naturally! And because some of my readers are in the under 21 age bracket let's keep it teen-friendly. Pineapple, crushed ice, cranberry juice, lime, and seltzer! Yum!

3. Is there a song that reminds you of Famous In Love?

There are a lot of them. There's an official Famous in Love playlist on if you're interested!

4 Classic Hollywood vs New Hollywood? Who trumps in terms of celebrity gossip?

New Hollywood, definitely. The press is so different than it was years ago. I'm not saying that's a good thing but gossip is definitely at anall-time high.

5 Famous In Love feels very authentic. What sort of research did you do for this novel to capture that behind the scenes of Hollywood feeling?

That is the highest compliment I could receive, thank you. First and foremost I am a fangirl. I have been all my life, so all of my life has been research to write this book. Magazine stories, youtube videos, you name it, I've consumed it. I've also lived in LA, and continue to spend a lot of time there, so that helps. Just sort of seeing the place, the industry, and the way it functions. And then I sold my first novel, When You Were Mine, to be adapted by Hollywood and I REALLY got a look into how all of this works. Also I've been on
the set of a major feature-film franchise based on a book-- but I can't tell you which one. I've been sworn to take that secret to my grave. :)

6 What is your favourite 'on screen' Hollywood love triangle?

Probably the original--- Joey/Pacey/Dawson. But currently I'd have to go with The Vampire Diaries. The similarities between both of those shows (besides that they were created by the genius known as Kevin Williamson) is that the relationship between the boys is a strong, important part of the triangle. The complicated relationship Rainer and Jordan share is one of my favorite parts of Famous in Love.

7 If your main character were real, and you could give her one piece of advice, what would you tell her?

That she is talented. Paige is very concerned with getting August "right" and being "good enough." She was chosen! She's supposed to be playing her.

8 How do you plan to celebrate the release of Famous In Love?

I'm having a launch party at Books of Wonder on October 23rd from 6-8! If you live in or plan to visit NYC-- please come! There is also going to be some festivities post with family and friends. I worked hard on this book and it has been a long time coming-- I'm excited to celebrate!

Thank you for stopping by, Rebecca. Be sure to visit each day this week for another Famous In Love post. Up tomorrow is a special giveaway including a custom made tote bag!

Rebecca Serle is the author of When You Were Mine and The Edge of Falling and is an obssesive lover of all things teen entertainment - a trait  she tracks straight back to the WB and Pacey Witter. She grew up in Maui, and Los Angeles, and now lives in Manhattan. She writes about The Vampire Diaries for New York Magazine's Vulture, and she can be found on Twitter @RebeccaASerle

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