Friday, January 23, 2015

I'll Meet You There Pre-Order Campaign

Pre-order exclusive are always fun. It makes you feel like an insider when you receive your exclusive pre-order perk.

Heather Demetrois, being the romantic that she is, has come up with an AMAZING pre-order campaign for her new buzzy novel, I'll Meet You There. You may have already heard bloggers gushing over how wonderful this title is on Twitter. It already has a TON of fans and as the release date draws closer the buzz is only increasing.

I hear there is a pretty swoon worthy Marine in this novel. He's the type of character that is destined to become a favourite book boyfriend and appear on a ton of end of the year lists. Putting this together with her romantic side, Heather is offering up a special letter from Josh for Valentine's Day. Her novel is released just before Valentine's Day and this pre-order campaign ties in to the romance of the novel.

You can read more about the pre-order and why Heather is offering it up on her website.

Now you might be curious how you secure this awesome letter. It's super simple. You pre-order the novel, and email Heather at All you need to provide is a copy of the pre-order receipt and a USA address to have the letter shipped to (international pre-orders can have the letter EMAILED to them if you wish to take part).

You can pre-order from the following links....

I cannot think of a better way for a YA book lover to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a letter from a swoon worthy book boyfriend! You can find out more about I'll Meet You There by checking out Goodreads.

What guy from a book (YA or otherwise) do you wish you could get a love letter from for Valentine's Day? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Thanks for bringing my attention to this, I already had it preordered! I love me some extra goodies!


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