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TV Talk With Kelly - Bates Motel Season 3, Episode 1

You may recall that Kelly and I 'recapped' Bates Motel season two on my blog. We loved doing it so much we are going to do it again for season three. You can expect these to be up on Fridays for the most part (unless we're delayed).

This isn't really a recap, more just our reactions as we watch the show. There is totally going to be SPOILERS so maybe don't read until you've watched the episode. If you haven't watched it our notes may not make a whole lot of sense anyway but still SPOILERS!

My notes are marked by this colour and Kelly's have her initials by them and are in blue.

Bates Motel - Season 3 - Episode 1 - A Death In The Family

Um...waking up in bed with your mom and snuggling at Norman’s age is….VERY AWKWARD.


Oh! Dylan just caught them and totally just turns and walks out. Haha. He’s basically like “I can’t even”.

KH: His reaction is priceless. Like, "Nope."

‘Don’t you think it’s weird?’ Oh, Dylan. Of course it is. Norma’s ‘It happens all the time’ is not helping their case to make it seem more normal. As Dylan says, Norman is 18 now.

KH: I know! Like, this is a thing we do! Oh, well, sure. Everyone snuggles with their parents. In bed. 

I do like that Dylan and Norma are talking though. It’s nice.

Awww. Poor Norma. Her mom just died. I don’t think we know much about her mom, right? I wonder what relationship they had. Norma isn’t interested in anything she is to get in the will, so I am guessing not good.

KH: clearly bad. Poor Norma; her life is so bad. 

Norman really doesn’t want to go to school. Killing your teacher might have that impact on you.

KH: He wants nothing to do with any of it. 

‘Oh, by the way, my mother died’. This family. I swear.

OMG MY GOD. I am laughing so hard right now. Norma legit just pulled him out of the car. Like he is a child instead of 18 years old. 

KH: That should totally help his popularity at school...

So Norman is having hallucinations of Miss Watson now? A little PTSD, perhaps? That seems like the wrong word, but close to it, I guess.

KH: ...or that'll do it. 

My question after this scene...why is she not getting him help? Why is Norman not in therapy?! He clearly needs it. 

kH: I know! We are running out of time to save Norman. 

Oh, so a new hot woman is checking in. Norman seems very eager to help. Very eager. Norma is like “Um, no”.

KH: oh, he's totally going to kill her, right?

So Dylan does not want to be boss anymore? He and Romero are still ‘working’ together. Awww, all Dylan wants is a small pot growing business to help people with medical issues, and a farm of his own.  I worry for Dylan all the time because he’s not in the movie, AND he puts himself in danger.

KH: such small dreams. Oh, Dylan. 

KH: I love how Norman's all, I WILL FIX YOUR LIGHT.

‘You and your mom seem kind of close” Hahaha. Lady, you have no idea. Norman, your dad didn’t just die. You killed him.

kH: hello, dramatic irony. 

Norman tends to over share, non? So this girl is a call girl of some sort, obviously. 

KH: yeah. I love how flustered Norman gets and how...courtly, I guess. But yeah, sure now he'll kill her. 

*side note unrelated to anything - Dylan is hot*

Oh, this douche again. I won’t be sad if Dylan shoots him. I am glad Dylan is telling him to leave. I don’t trust this guy, at all.

KH: I wish Dylan had just shot him. 

So Norma’s answer is to home school Norman? THAT is her plan? THAT is how she deals with Norman’s issues. *sigh* I know that this stuff has to happen for us to get to Psycho, BUT why, Norma? Oh, and he gets to be hotel manager. One step closer…..

kH: worst idea EVER. 

Um...AWKWARD. This entire thing. She kicks him out of the bed (‘in my bed’...’on my bed’). They are really upping the awkward level between Norman and mother (which obviously HAS to happen, I get it). I love that we know what is going to happen, and yet still want it to be different.

KH: soooooo creepy. 

‘Nothing more important than making sure you get out of town’ You tell him, Dylan. GET.THE.HECK.OUT.

Um...Does this guy really think that Norma and he had special bond or connection? He is talking about how they didn’t have anyone but each other. You are her brother and she says you raped her. Dylan is your son because you raped her. She sees it very differently.

KH: preach. It was not an epic love story. He raped her. 

Romero doesn’t take kindly to be questioned and threatened.  He is kind of a bad ass. 

KH: I love him.

Another side note - I know that Norma has a boyfriend when Norman kills her right? Do we know the boyfriend’s name? I cannot remember and am too lazy to Google right now.

KH: we do not. 

Hi, Emma! YAY! I love her. She’s the best. 


Oh no. :( Emma! :(

KH: oh. :(

She really does look like Rachel Leigh Cook. 

KH: she really does.

‘You were the only reason I liked school anyways’ Sigh, Norman. I wish you were not creepy so I could ship you with Emma. Did he just ask her out?! OMG! HE DID! It’s really too bad I can’t ship this.

KH: I do. I think is evidence of a fundamental flaw in me. 

Another nice Norma and Dylan scene. Their relationship really has evolved from season one, huh

KH: so much! 

KH: oh, Norma. Norma and her mom's ribbon. 

Norman being creepy. I am willing to be money this lady winds up dead. Loving the little nods to Psycho with her being in the shower though. *shivers* 

NORMA JUST CAUGHT HIM! Now I am laughing because of her reaction. I know I shouldn’t laugh. She’s all “IT’S NOT NORMAL”. You don’t say, Norma. What gave you the first clue?

KH: creepy but no less normal than sleeping with your mom. 

I love that this show can make me shiver, laugh, and my heart ache in rapid succession. I feel bad for Norma now. Her mom died and it’s finally hitting her. And it immediately goes back to being awkward. Did he just call her silly woman?! Haha.

KH: I think we discussed this but I think this show is so much better than it has any right to be. 

So Caleb is going to hang around? Ugh.

KH: I hope Norman kills him, too.

Aww. Norma and Emma are going to home school together and date and be cute (minus creepy Norman being creepy). Oh, Emma. Norman and Bradley never dated. 

Oh, room 7 needs a thermostat, does it Norman? How convenient. He is jumping at the chance to be alone with this woman and Emma is RIGHT there. He seems very interested in her job, too.

KH: right? Is that what the kids call it?

Okay, so Norman drove this woman somewhere and came back with her car by himself? Do we want to place bets on her being dead and her body appearing soon? The question is - did Norman do it? Or are we just supposed to think he did? *need the second episode now*

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