Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Bookish Wishlist

I have had a disastrous week with real life stuff getting in the way of reading/blogging. I had planned to put up a review but my time has been spent getting my apartment back in order (or trying to at least) after a flood. I am, instead, going to talk about what books I WISH were available to read. The books that I would immediately add to my most anticipated list based on their synopsis alone.

Regular reviews and things should resume tomorrow!


You may have seen (or taken part in) a Twitter hashtag that was used for readers and bloggers to express their bookish wishlist in hopes that putting it out there may spark suggestions for books that fit, or inspire an author to maybe write the books we're dying to read. This post is heavily inspired by that. I m unsure who started the hashtag, but it was fantastic and I hope another one is scheduled soon.

Here are the books I wish I could be reading ...

1 Gender swapped fairytales - Give me a princess who has to wake the prince. Make the girl the Beast instead of a Beauty. We've retold and twisted these fairytales so many times that I want something truly unique if we're going to have another.

2 A novel (or series) inspired by The Craft - How is this not a thing already? I want a dark YA witch series that captivates me as much as the movie did. 

3 A novel (or series) inspired by The Crow - This movie has always been one of my favourites and there is something tragically romantic about coming back to life to avenge the death of yourself and your love. I am already in love with the idea of what a complex, messy main character this series could have (bonus points if you make it a woman who comes back instead).

4 An amazing Bonnie and Clyde inspired novel - 2017 may have this covered, but I am still including it on the list. I have always been deeply fascinated by this and I would love a story that gives Bonnie her own agency instead of painting her as a woman who just followed along. 

5 A Black Dahlia inspired YA novel (or one written by Gillian Flynn if adult) - As you can see from this list my tastes skew a little darker. I have wanted this book forever and nobody (that I am aware of) has written it. My dream scenario would be if Gillian Flynn decided to write this (because that would be an AMAZING novel) but I would devour anything anyone wrote. 

6 More villain origin stories - 2017 sort of already has this covered, but I am not above asking for more. I've read Marissa Meyer's Heartless which imagines what turned a young woman into the Queen of Hearts and I was completely captivated. I want more villains to be given this treatment in the future. Bonus points if their back story doesn't try to portray them in an entirely sympathetic light.

7 A Jack Frost origin story -  This is entirely inspired by the AMAZING back story that Rise of the Guardians gave him. It was tragic, and perfect and I could see one heck of a book series about this character.

8 A road trip novel that is based on iconic Hollywood settings -  A group of friends road tripping to visit iconic places relating to Hollywood icons (Graceland for Elvis Presley as an example). You could make it a cute contemporary or even go darker.

9 Pirates - Mermaids, Davy Jones' Locker, and hot swashbuckling pirates! Create a deep mythology and give me some female characters just as ruthless as their male counterparts and I will be entirely happy.

10 Penny Dreadful in book form - It's not secret that I love this series. The most recent season gave me chills when Doctor Frankenstein and Doctor Jekyll first interacted with each other. Seeing these iconic characters twist together in new and exciting ways has made me ravenous for more. 

11 Paranormal - I miss this genre so much! I want vampires, werewolves, and all types of monsters. I feel there is still plenty of stories to tell in this genre and am desperate for something new and exciting. 

Anything you're dying to see in novels? Is there a premise you really want to read? Agree with any of the suggestions on my wishlist? Let me know in the comments.

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