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A Night In With Marilyn Monroe by Lucy Holliday

A Night In With Marilyn Monroe by Lucy Holliday
Release Date - December 3, 2015
Publisher Website - Harper Collins
Publisher Social Media - Twitter/Facebook/SavvyReader/Frenzy
Pages - 400 pages
My Rating - 5/5
**received from publisher for an honest review**


Here is the Goodreads synopsis
The hilarious follow-up to A night in with Audrey Hepburn from your favourite new author. Perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond and Sophie Kinsella.

The last few months have been a whirlwind for Libby Lomax, not only is she dating the hottest man on the planet, but there now seems to be a decent career alternative on offer to the failed actress one that she seemed unable to escape. She can hardly believe that life is finally turning around.

But her optimism seems short-lived when she realises that Dillon O’Hara is about as far away from steady boyfriend material that it possible to get. Then, when another uninvited guest, in the form of Marilyn Monroe, turns up on her ancient sofa, Libby finds she would willingly bite her own arm off for a return to normality. Thank goodness her best friend Ollie is still there to keep her feet on the ground.

Libby doubts that Marilyn is really the right person to offer her relationship advice, but perhaps she should listen up, before it’s too late...
Take a potentially magic sofa, a self deprecating and endearing heroine, some swoon inducing romance and you'll get Lucy Holliday's Libby Lomax series. A perfect read for those looking for something Bridget Jones-esque from their next read.

When we last left Libby she was about to go on her own Roman holiday with bad boy Dillon O'Hare. Obviously, since there is a sequel, that is not the end of the story. A Night In With Marilyn Monroe gives us more of what we loved about the first installment of this series, while adding character development and growth, particularly where Libby is concerned. She changes, and some self realizations and comes into her own a little bit. She's still the Libby we know and love, but one that is on the path to her own happiness.

The main drawing feature to this novel is Libby herself. She reads as your newest best friend who you can drink wine with and commiserate over failed love connections. She's an 'every woman' and that makes her instantly relateable.  She's quirky enough to have her own presence and personality. That warmth we feel for her is reason this book feels so comfortable. We're comfortable with these characters, and the tropes being used within largely because of the way they have been written.

The secondary characters have a ton of heart, and are memorable. They leap off the page the way great secondary characters in rom-com movies do. Whether it is Libby's sister, her friends, Bogdan (son of Bogdan), or the loves interests themselves, each of the characters sparkle in their own way and breathe life into the story.

We continue to get answers to the potential magic (sofa or otherwise) that is allowing Libby to have these classic Hollywood encounters, but the true magic of the book is making us not really care about the answers. We're so invested in Libby and her story that this could almost work without the Hollywood hook, but it adds a little something extra that makes this story shine a little brighter.

Similar to what the first novel gave us for the character of Audrey, Marilyn is a heightened version of herself. There is care taken with her character that shows the research was done, but the author uses the characteristics that are most beneficial to her story. The haunting loneliness and depression Marilyn was said to have battled is woven into her character masterfully, and there is a sense of a woman just looking to be loved at the heart of her character. You'll finish reading this book wanting to watch any of her movies as she even shines within these pages.

Another delightful installment of the Libby Lomax series. A lighthearted read for those who love classic Hollywood, winsome heroines, and a touch of magic. I am counting down the days until I can find out how Libby's journey ends, and hope it is with her own version of a Hollywood ending.

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