Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Event Recap - The Oathbreaker's Shadow Launch Party

It's not often that Ottawa gets to host any bookish events. Myself, and the other Ottawa blogettes were really excited to hear that Amy McCulloch would be hosting a launch event to celebrate her book.

The event was held at a local frozen yogurt lounge called Spoon.

Upon arrival we were treated to some frozen yogurt and plenty of cupcakes and champagne. Amy had made the cupcakes and they each had a little picture of the book cover on them.

Amy read a quick passage from her novel to kick off the event and then got busy signing books. She also took a moment and came over to talk to our group. She was very sweet, and kind. The event had a rather impressive turn out, and I may have found my new favourite frozen yogurt place!

Amy reading from her novel

The decorations included a larger version of the map included in the beginning of the book, which was amazingly well done. 

Some of the Ottawa Blogettes
I hope this means good things for other bookish events in the city. It was a fantastic night spent with friends, books, and frozen yogurt.

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