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Belladonna Blog Tour - Fiona Paul's Book Boyfriends

I am thrilled to be part of the Canadian blog tour for Fiona Paul's Belladonna. If you missed the first stop on the tour be sure to check out Razorbill Canada's website to learn all about what to see in Florence.

If you missed my review yesterday be sure to stop by and read it. Today I have Fiona stopping by to talk about something very important - BOOK BOYFRIENDS. That's right. Fiona offers up her top 10 swoon worthy book hotties. If you follow her on Twitter you will be aware that she has amazing taste (hello, she loves Eric Draven) so her list is worth checking out. If you haven't met some of these guys yet, I am guessing you'll want to.

When Kathy suggested a list of favorite kiss scenes or YA boys for this tour stop, I jumped at the chance to prattle on about some of my fictional crushes. There are some notable boys missing from this list—Four, Alex, Noah, Etienne, etc. What can I say? Those guys are a little too perfect for me. I prefer my book boyfriends rough around the edges and dark around the heart. Here are my top ten, in no particular order:

1. Jonah Griggs from Jellicoe Road: I first heard of Jonah via twitter, where I get all my important book-boyfriend news. “So dreamy,” everyone said. I started reading and was immediately confused. This Jonah guy appeared to be a common thug. “Some of these tweeps clearly have issues,” I muttered. But sure enough, as the mystery played itself out, the layers began to peel back on Jonah. What can I say? You guys were right. Bonus factor: He’s Australian.

2. Cassel Sharp from the Curse Workers series: Cassel is the right kind of con man, the guy who worries about his mother and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He’s not particularly interested in saving the world, but he’ll step up and get his hands dirty to protect the people he loves. Bonus factor: Mafia connections.

3. Cas Lowood from Anna Dressed in Blood: Instead of playing video games and checking out chicks like most teen boys, Cas travels around killing ghosts. Like his near-namesake, Cassel, he also loves his momma and is fiercely protective of those close to him. Bonus factor: Knife skills.

4. Cole St. Clair from The Shiver Trilogy: Oh, Cole. Brilliant, tormented, and self-destructive as all hell. You’re like a young, Canadian Kurt Cobain who also happens to get wolfy now and again. The only thing better than the Cole of Linger is the Cole of Forever. Thank you Maggie Stiefvater for letting me hang out inside this delicious boy’s head for two books. Bonus factor: He’s a rock star. (Kathy's note- Um, HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF COLE?! Seriously, she had me at Kurt Cobain. MUST READ IMMEDIATELY)

5. Ash Fisher from The Black City Chronicles: When we meet brooding half-Darkling Ash, he’s just a petty drug dealer from the wrong side of the tracks. Ash alternates between being melancholy, angry, and hilariously sarcastic, but he’s never phony. Even when Ash behaves badly, I can’t help but cheer for him. Bonus factor: Euphoria-causing venom.

6. Eli from Along for the Ride: Eli, the boy who has stopped living, meets Auden, the girl who has never really lived, and together they explore the world that exists while most of us are sleeping. Eli is the kind of guy that brings out your best—he makes you kinder, he makes you braver, he makes you want to risk it all. Bonus factor: Mad biking skills.

7. Austin from A Tale of Two Centuries: I was lucky enough to read this book early (look for my blurb!) and oh my sweet slacker boy at the back of the class goodness. Austin gets Renaissance good-girl Less in trouble on her first day of high school and then has the nerve to flirt with her! But he’s no standard slacker—like a proper 80s bad boy (Judd Nelson, anyone?) he’s got his reasons for being the way he is. Bonus factor: Hottest surfing lessons ever.

8. Xander from the Matched trilogy: Xander is attractive, smart, successful, and kind. He’s also unfailingly patient and loves his woman unconditionally, even though he knows she has feelings for another man. Meanwhile, the other guy is hot because…the government deems him off-limits? I was so unimpressed by him that I can’t even remember his name. Xander all the way for me. Bonus factor: He’s a medic!

9. Gale from The Hunger Games: I mean, what is there to say? He’s smoking hot. He’s a hunter, a provider. He was like “oh hey, babe, that’s cool” when Katniss had to pretend to love another man on national television and he never lost faith in her for a moment. I mean, unless you really really like bread, I don’t see how this is even a choice…Bonus factor: Liam Hemsworth.

10. Akiva from Daughter of Smoke and Bone: I know, I know, Akiva does some Very Bad Things. But once he realizes just how badly he screwed up he sets about trying to atone for his sins. I wasn’t sold on him in book #1, but when I saw him interact with his angel family in book #2, when I saw the lengths he was willing to go to for Karou, I realized he was a keeper. Bonus factor: He flies.

*Runs to get a copy of Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver trilogy* Thank you for stopping by Fiona! Be sure to follow the rest of the Belladonna Canadian Blog Tour. Next stop will be at Conversations Of A Reading Addict.

The official tour schedule is as follows

Monday July 8 - Razorbill Canada
Tuesday July 9 - My stop!
Wednesday July 10 - Conversations Of A Reading Addict
Thursday July 11 - Fantasy's Ink
Friday July 12 - Read My Breath Away
Saturday July 13 - Emilie's Book World
Monday July 15 - Book Nerd Canada
Tuesday July 16 - Wrap Up on Fiona Paul's Blog

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  1. Ummmmm so clearly I'm missing out here. I do enjoy me some Ash, but most of the others I haven't met yet. Shame on me, apparently! Must meet Cole! And Cas... and Austin... *sigh*

    1. I NEED to meet Cole. Seriously, Fiona sold me with mentioning Kurt Cobain. Oh and yes, Jess, you must meet Cas from Anna Dressed in Blood. Bonus points that the story takes places in Canada (Ontario even!)

  2. I'm not sure if Maggie intended to give those of us who found original Shiver wolf-boy Sam a little too nice an alternate boy for swooning, but Cole worked for me :) He's so SMART too. *drool* Must re-read.

  3. Replies
    1. Austin is my most recently acquired book beau :)

  4. I knew right away that Jonah Griggs would be on her list! Some of these boys I still need to meet but others I love as well. And I definitely need to read Phoenix and get me some more Ash! :)

  5. So I haven't read most of the books that you mentioned, but the two I have read I was totally for the other guy. Like in Hunger Games I was Team Peeta and in Matched I was Team Ky. I would have to say that my favorite book boys are Tucker from Cynthia Hands Unearthly series (I have a thing for hot cowboys what can I say) and Ash from The Iron Fey series by Julia Kagawa. Thanks for the fun post.

  6. Ahhh, book boyfriends are my favorite topic. I love Cole St. Clair from Shiver as well. If you listen to audiobooks, the narrator for him is perfect! I'd have to agree with Bridget that Tucker Avery is a perfect book boyfriend--I need more books with hot cowboys! But I'm totally Team Peeta! I mean, he bakes bread! Yum!

  7. I can't believe that I have missed out on most of these swoon worthy boys. I have only read three of the books on that list, and I must say that the boys in them are all worthy of my drool (although I am a Peeta girl, myself). I am going to have to check out some of these other books for sure!

  8. Well, I haven't actually read most of those books. I agree with you about Ash from Black City, but I have to admit that I am Team Peeta - sorry!! Another YA guy I love is Alec from Fateful by Claudia Gray.


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