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Once Upon A Time - Dark Hallow

Oh Storybrooke, how I missed you. When I saw in the preview that we were going to get to see Storybrooke I cheered. I've missed Belle.

Storybrooke - Present

The episode flashes back to when Rumple and Belle say goodbye and Belle tearfully tells him that she will see him again. Everyone comes running up to the dock to find Belle crying. She explains what happened (Henry - kidnapped, the Jolly Rodger gone after him). She tells them of the cloaking spell Rumple gave her. As Belle is following the instructions a red car is speeding it's way to the town limits. I find it interesting that the Blue Fairy didn't want to enact the cloaking spell. I figured she would do it. Belle does, but sadly not before the two outsiders make it across the town lines (the spell cuts the rear bumper off their car!!).

Neverland - Present

Rumple and Regina are filling Ariel on the fine details of what she is to do for them. Rumple tells her how to find Storybrooke, and that she must find a woman named Belle and give her a message from him. Rumple says Belle will know exactly what to do. Ariel is, naturally, wanting to know where Eric can be found when she gets there. Regina tells her that she'll only find that out once she's back, and that she has 24 hours as that's when her bracelet will stop working (and she won't have legs). Ariel is, rightfully, not sure she can trust Regina. Regina tells her that Ariel is just going to have to trust that she'll hold up her end of the deal. I agree with Ariel. I want payment before I help you, Regina.

Elsewhere Peter and Felix are chatting. Peter can sense when someone leaves the island and tells Felix that they need to move up their plans.

Meanwhile Neal is filling everyone in on his plan. He wants to capture Pan's shadow as that is what will help them escape. The others are not so on board with this (understandably). Emma brings up a good point that Peter won't let them near him long enough to grab the shadow. Hook reveals that Pan's shadow is hardly ever attached to him. Neal says you can catch it...if you know where to look (and he does). Emma relents and tells Neal that they are shadow duty. Hook immediately declares that he is going as well because they will need help (my shipper perspective is squealing that Emma wanted to go off alone with Neal). This isn't going to be awkward AT ALL.

Storybooke - present

The dwarfs are sitting around commenting that it's been really peaceful without Snow and Charming around. Grumpy isn't having it though. He says the cutest thing about Snow and Charming coming back and that everything will remain normal (he misses them!). Of course, Ariel pops up out of the water at this exact moment. The strangers who raced into Storybrooke are watching Ariel. They mention the home office (AKA Pan) and that they need to make sure Ariel never leaves Storybrooke.

Belle is moping in Granny's restaurant. Archie goes over to try and cheer her up. They talk about Rumple, and how Belle is scared about his well being (he was going off to his death) and badly she wants to help save Henry (and Rumple). Archie tells her that she is a hero, she kept the bad guys out. Grumpy brings Ariel to the restaurant to meet Belle. She gives Belle the sand dollar that Rumple wanted her to have. It holds a message from Rumple via hologram. He tells Belle that he needs her to find something for him, and that the strength of their love will lead her to it (sigh...romantic right?!). Belle is excited to be able to help.

Neverland - present

Snow and Emma are talking about Charming and the fact that he's a lying liar who lies. Emma thinks Snow should talk to him. Emma gets why he didn't tell Snow. She says it was because he didn't want to distract from the mission. Snow is still upset and says that Emma inherited his tunnel vision. She changes the subject and tells Emma to be careful going off with Neal and Hook. They both have feelings for her. Emma tells her that it doesn't matter, all she cares about is getting Henry back.

Henry is looking sad and alone. Peter comes and tells him that he wants to take Henry somewhere and show him something. Henry gets angry. Tells Peter he knows his family is on the island. Peter shoots that down. Henry is determined and even accuses Pan of keep them away from Henry. Peter, cleverly, says that he is not holding Henry's family hostage (which he technically is not, but he isn't letting them get to Henry either). Henry storms off telling Pan that he knows Pan is hiding something and that he is going to find out what it is. Peter and Felix talk about the best way of getting Henry to come around. They discuss using the cage (or more likely the person inside it) to achieve this.

Neal is looking for the coconut star map. Emma, adorably, has hidden it, and runs off to get it. This leaves Hook and Neal alone. Hook thanks Neal for being understanding. Neal is clueless. Hook admits he is referring to the fact that he and Emma kissed (he calls it a dalliance...check out the definition...enough said). Hook thought Emma told him (which is understandable, he must have figured that was Emma's secret). Neal says she didn't, and that perhaps it slipped her mind since they are trying to get their son (basically they have bigger things to worry about right now). Emma comes back and realizes there is some tension in the room that wasn't there before. She hands Neal the coconut and he tells her it's not a star map. It's what they are going to catch Pan's shadow in. Hook scoffs prompting Neal to reply 'You came to Neverland on a pirate ship through a portal. You’re gonna draw the line at a magic coconut?'. Hook and Neal have a friendly banter going on here. I like it, and want more (less triangle please). Emma wants to know where they are going. Neal says 'Dark Hallow' and the look he shares with Hook makes it clear this place is no good. Neal says that it's the only way they will get back to Storybrooke though.

Storybrooke - Present 

Ariel is basically geeking out in Mr Gold's shop. She holds up a corkscrew (she's got 20! haha) and Belle tells her that is not what they are looking for. Ariel picks up a button and gets excited. She tells Belle that Eric, a prince (the kind with legs!) she fell in love with a long time ago, had a button just like it. Ariel is officially the cutest. Belle realizes what Rumple meant - the chipped tea cup. Belle gets mushy and it's adorable. Belle looks in the cabinet that used to hold 'Chip' and places the cup on the saucer. It enacts some magic that reveals a hidden door in the floor. Inside the door is a box. Pandora's Box to be exact. So Rumple wants to unleash evil to defeat Pan? Really? I am not sure what is really in that box, but I doubt it's the stuff of the myth. Just as Belle is saying that this is what Rumple needs to defeat Pan the two outsiders come into the shop holding guns. They tie Belle and Ariel to a chair. Ariel wants to know why they are doing what these guys ask them to. Belle tells her it's because they have guns. Ariel has no clue what a gun is. One of the guys asks Ariel what Rumple told her about the box. She replies with the BEST comeback ever.. 'I am not afraid of you, or your gun. And not just because I don't know what it is'. She is perfect and I want JoAnna Garica Swisher to stay forever. Belle tells them it is magic and that they shouldn't care because they are going to destroy magic anyways. The guys say they do not wait to destroy magic. These guys know exactly who they are working for, and that their mission is: making sure Rumple fails.

Neverland - present

Snow and Charming are arguing because Snow won't talk to him. He wants her to talk and he is trying apologize. He starts making comments about what type of home he'll have hoping to get her to say something. Finally he starts yelling at her to talk to him. She starts yelling back. I love that they are working through the issue. Snow tells him that if he was scared she wouldn't have stayed with him in Neverland that he shouldn't have been. She would always stay with him. Charming says that is the point. He didn't want to force that choice on her, and make her stay. Love is sacrifice (Swanfire feelings) and that he wanted her to live a nice life off the island. She tells him that all she wants is him, and that she would gladly stay there as long as she has him by her side. They hug and make up (sort of) and Snow tearfully tells he should have believed (I guess she means believe in their love). I hope Charming finds a way off this island.

Emma/Neal/Hook come across some greenery that requires cutting down to get past. Emma hands Neal his sword. He recognizes it and wonders if she got it in his cave. She says no, that Hook gave it to her. Neal says he didn't know Hook was sentimental (which is the same thing Emma said when Hook gave her the sword!). Hook shoots back that he figured Emma would want something to remember Neal by. Neal shows some sass and says "Oh, thanks — she’s got me now." SASS! Unexpected, but I enjoyed that line. Emma is obviously confused as to why these guys are now snipping at each other. Hook tells her that Neal knows about the kiss. She wants to know WHY Hook would tell Neal. He says it was because he hoped it meant something. Emma is quick to tell him that what meant something was that he told them Neal was alive. She mentions he could have kept it to himself because Pan may have offered some kind of deal. Hooks says it was a test, to see if he would help an old friend (FRIEND?! Bae was basically your step son) even if the friend was after the same girl. Emma says that he chose that old friend more like a question, or a note of surprise. She mentions that it's a surprise because "he is a pirate". Hook says he also believes in good form and that he wants to win Emma's heart (and he says he WILL win) because she wants him, not through trickery. Nice sentiment, but WIN rubs me the wrong way. She's not some prize to be won. Emma is not something to WIN. She even tells Hook it's not a contest and he tells her THAT IT IS. He tells her that she has to choose because neither of them is going to stop. Emma replies that the only thing she has to chose is the best way to get her son back. EXACTLY, Emma. Henry is missing. NOW IS NOT THE TIME, HOOK. Ultimatums and saying you WILL win like Emma's choice has already been made didn't sit well with me. Not when Emma's already under the stress of Henry missing. I adore Hook's character (just not with Emma) but this doesn't feel like character growth to me. I was hoping to see some change from the man who helped Milah run away from her family. Hook ends this exchange with some nice words about how she will succeed in getting Henry back because Emma is seriously self doubting right now. She's been through hell. I feel for the poor woman. 

Dark Hallow is creepy. Emma wants to know how the coconut works. Neal tells her that they have to wait until the shadow comes, light the candle, and when the shadow is sucked in by the light they trap it inside. Hook wants to know how they are going to light it as the lanterns went out. Neal takes out a lighter, welcoming Hook to the 21st Century. Hook and Neal start behaving like highschool boys fighting over who is going to light the candle, and trying to wrestle it away from each other. They end up losing the lighter just as Pan's shadow (and his friends) show up. This whole shadow thing has me curious. Does Pan's shadow go collect the boys? Or does he delegate to the others? I could see Pan's shadow having others do his 'dirty work' just like the real Pan does. Also, the fight between Hook and Neal was beyond ridiculous. REALLY, GUYS? NOW? Even Emma is exasperated. HENRY IS MISSING EVERYONE! Emma is not interested in sexy time with either of you right now. They are attacked by the shadows and Emma uses magic to light the candle to save them. The candle sucks in Pan's shadow. Neal seems amazed that Emma used magic, and a little concerned that it is Regina teaching her.

Storybrooke - present

Belle shows her cleverness by using Ariel's fin to break the bindings that are restraining them in order to chase after the outsiders who have taken Pandora's Box to destroy. Belle recalls that the pix axes the dwarfs use could destroy it and they run off to stop them. She begs them not to destroy it or people who she loves will die. They tell her that they have something in common in that case. Belle turns on the mine cart knocking them over, and grabs the box (and their gun). They finally admit they don't want to destroy magic. They don't even care about magic. Pan has their sister. They have to do what Pan wants or he'll kill their sister. These boys are obviously grown up versions of Michael and John Darling. Wendy is in the other box! It takes two second for me to be proven right. Belle offers them a way to save their sister. Let Ariel take the box, and they'll have Rumple save her. Ariel asks them what their sister's name is and they tell her Wendy. They want Ariel to tell Wendy that John and Michael are waiting for her (Awww! Darling family needs to be reunited). Belle sends Ariel off with a message for Rumple.

Neverland - present

Peter and Felix fake whisper in front of Henry with Pan telling Felix to be careful that Henry doesn't figure out what they are up to. Obviously they want Henry to follow Felix. Henry follows Felix and Peter goes to the cage and takes Wendy out. He tells her that she's not free yet, but that doesn't mean she can't come out to play. Henry sneaks up to a hut where he finds Wendy laying in bed. She hasn't aged a day since Neal met her. She's coughing, and sickly. Tells Henry that she is ill because the island is losing it's magic (she calls it power). Tells him that Peter is trying to save her, but there is only so much he can do. She brings up the fact that Henry looks like his father, and tells him that she was friends with Neal. Lays on the guilt with 'he would do anything for my family'. She tries to get him to leave so that he won't get ill, and Henry promises that he will come back for her (shades of 'I will always find you' from Snow and Charming? Should we be wanting Henry and Wendy together?). Peter comes in and congratulates Wendy on a job well done. She tells Pan that she hates lying to Henry. There is some interesting dynamics here. Does Wendy LIKE Peter? He keeps her in a cage?! Peter tells her that Henry has the heart of the truest believer, and that he needs to control that belief. Wendy wants to know what Henry has to believe in, and Peter says "ME". 

Regina and Rumple are waiting for Ariel to come back. They are talking about the odds of Belle succeeding. Rumple thinks she will, and accuses Regina of being jealous. Not of Belle, but of him having someone that he loves. She wants what Rumple has, basically. I agree with that. Ariel shows up and tells them about Wendy and Rumple eventually agrees that he will do his best to save her. Regina keeps good on her promise and gives Ariel the ability of having legs or a tale (whatever Eric is into these days). I am pleasantly surprised by Regina, and the strides she is making. Rumple wants Ariel to tell Belle that he loves her and that he will see her again (Awww). Ariel swims off for Storybrooke (and ERIC!!).

Neal apologizes about the fight with Hook. Emma reads them the riot act. Telling them both that they screwed up, and they almost lost their chance to get the shadow because they were fighting over a lighter. Hook tells her that it wasn't the lighter they were fighting over. Emma, exasperated with both of them says that if she has to chose, it's an easy choice - HENRY! She only has enough room in her life for that love right now. Go, Emma. At least Neal apologized and realized it was wrong.

Snow and Charming find Tink. Tell her that they have a way off the island by using Pan's shadow. She doesn't believe it until Neal comes rushing in showing her the coconut trap holding Pan's shadow. Tink and Neal greet each other like old friends. I have seen some people wonder if they could have had some kind of romance before. I doubt it, he was like 13 or something when he was in Neverland. I think she may have helped him get off the island the first time though and I totally think her and Hook...hooked up. Strangely Hook seems unhappy that Tink is being kind to Neal. No clue what that is about. The group goes off to plot their strategy for getting into Pan's camp, getting Henry and going home. Neal calls Emma to stay back so he can apologize again, and tell her that she was right. Henry is all that matters. Mentions that if Henry is the only thing that comes out of them being together they did alright. This gets a smile out of Emma (so rare these days) and she says "Let's go get OUR son back".

Henry confronts Peter about Wendy. Henry is upset that she is dying. Peter confirms that she is dying. Tells Henry that he is the only one that can save magic and therefore Wendy (Oh, Peter, you lying liar). Henry wants to know how he is supposed to save magic. Peter says it's not how but WHERE. He leads Henry to show him where, and it's.... SKULL ROCK (my Peter Pan fangirl freaked out! SKULL ROCK!). Peter calls it the site of their salvation, and only Henry can bring it. It'll require heroism, and sacrifice and asks if Henry is up to the task. Henry who has always wanted to be a hero (like his grandpa Charming), answers with a determined YES!

So Hook didn't do it for me this episode. This whole triangle is making me sad and I want to burn it with fire. Where is a curse when you need it? We need to curse Emma and have it be broken by true love's kiss. BOOM...triangle over. I am not sure I could take more than a season of this, especially if the guys are going to act like highschool jerks fighting over the cheerleader. 

Next week's episode looks EPIC! The promo gave me shivers, and we're ending the first 11 episode arc before they take their big hiatus.Only four episodes left! That means cliffhangers, jaw dropping reveals, and intense episodes. I can't wait.

Until next week.... Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.

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  1. Sorry for the late reply! Still playing catch up. :)

    I really enjoyed this episode, and I especially loved seeing Ariel again. It would be kind of awesome if they made her a permanent character. I hope that we do get to see her reunited with her prince, at least. Maybe!

    And now we know who was in the cage! You totally nailed that one!

    The fight between Neal and Hook was annoying. As much as I love Hook, I don't see him with Emma at all. I really hope they don't go that route.

    Looking forward to your recap of this weeks episode!


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