Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Once Upon A Time - Think Lovely Thoughts

Rumple backstory! This episode offers a piece of the puzzle that has long been needed. It also sheds some interesting light on the previous Neverland episodes!

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

We begin with young Rumple watching his father cheat people out of money with a card game. A+ casting with young Rumple. Little Rumple is perfect. Kind of get the impression Rumple's father is a bit of a scoundrel and a drunk.  It's also obvious that Rumple loves his father.

The fact that Rumple loves his father makes what happens next all the more heartbreaking. HE DROPS HIS KID OFF WITH SOME RANDOM WOMEN!? WHAT?! Bad parenting. He claims it's for Rumple's own good, and that he needs to go find a job so they can be together. I barely know this character and already I know that is a big fat lie. Rumple does not want to stay with these women (they are spinsters! Bonus for tying in how Rumple will eventually learn to spin gold) and it's awful of his father to make him. He gives Rumple a doll and tells him to name it, and that he'll be back before Rumple even misses him.

Neverland - present

Peter Pan is putting more pressure on Henry to save magic (and therefore Wendy). He once again asks Henry if he wants to save magic, and tells him that he has to 'truly believe'. Henry says he does. Pan takes him to the Lost Boys and announces that Henry is going to save them (and magic) and that tonight the heart of the truest believer is going to fulfill it's destiny.

Elsewhere on the island Regina is bemoaning that the rest of the gang took off to find Neal as she thinks it's a trick. Rumple tells her it's not a trick and that Neal is alive. She seems confused as to why they would have parted ways if that is the case, and demands to know what Rumple is hiding. Rumple says that the next time he sees Neal it'll be when he's putting Henry in Neal's arms (and father and son are reunited). Regina is, rightly, skeptical and knows Rumple is hiding something.

Meanwhile, Emma asks Snow about the fight with Charming. Emma wants to know if Snow is really going to stay there with Charming. Snow says yes, and admits that the thought of leaving Emma hurts her but there is no other way. Emma basically says that she doesn't believe that. She says it might just be Snow rubbing off on her, but there has to be another way. Emma also says that family means being together (sigh...her, Neal and Henry eventually...I hope). I love that Emma isn't giving up hope. Hope is so important to Emma right now. Regina and Rumple stumble into the rest of the group and show them Pandora's box.

Neal is quick to tell everyone that Rumple is to get nowhere near Henry because of the prophecy. Neal flat out says Rumple didn't come to save Henry, but rather to kill him. Regina realizes that is what Rumple was hiding and calls him on it. The rest of the group, obviously, doesn't take this news well. Emma basically says that Rumple won't get near Henry unless he kills the rest of them. At this rate I am surprised the group gets anything done. So far they've fought, kissed, and basically done NOTHING that resulted in anything getting done. Although, Neal accomplished more since he's been on the island in a day or two than the group did in a week.

Rumple tries to declare his innocence. He wanted to HELP Henry. He tells them he wishes he could hand over his dagger but he currently can not. Neal tells him to hand over Pandora's Box instead, saying he doesn't have to trust Rumple, just be able to stop him. Rumple hands it over, and Neal tells him that if he even lifts a finger to do magic he'll make Rumple spend an eternity inside the box. I get why they don't trust him, because I wouldn't either, but Rumple looks so sad though. He tells Neal that they have no clue who they are up against and that Peter Pan destroyed his father.

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

Rumple is picking up the art of spinning quickly. He's a natural. The spinsters tell him that he could make money for himself with his skills. They tell him that nobody will take him seriously because of his father. Everyone knows his father is a liar, cheat, etc. They offer Rumple a way to start over...a magic bean. They tell him to go to another land where nobody knows who he is and begin again. How very similar to what Baelfire is offered by the blue fairy. My immediately thought...are these spinsters fairies in disguise?  The spinsters also tell Rumple that his father is not looking for a job but is at the pub getting drunk. Poor young Rumple.

Rumple decides to go to the pub to see if his father is there. Rumple's father has a laugh that is eerily similar to the one that we've heard Rumple have as the Dark One. Also. HE CALLED RUMPLE LADDIE. Who else has called Rumple laddie before? PAN! I have a suspicion that Pan = Rumple's father. Rumple is obviously pissed that his father is not finding a job and tells him as much. Rumple, who has a kind heart, offers to bring his father to another world. Somewhere they can be a family and start over. Rumple's father at first wants to sell the bean, but comes around and tells Rumple that they should use it to go to Neverland (where he used to visit in his dream and think lovely thoughts). Little Rumple agrees and they jump into the portal.

Neverland - Present

Emma asks Hook about David and how he can leave the island. Hook basically tells her that it is not going to happen, and more to the point he doesn't want to talk about his brother. He's a little snippy to her at first during this exchange (is he sulking still about her choosing Henry? I love you, Hook, but get over it). Emma brings up the water. She wants David to take some with him. Hook says that the water will eventually run out and that would mean David would die. Rumple reminds them he was poisoned by Hook with the same stuff. He says he made discoveries about the poison and he believes he can create an antidote when they get back to Storybrooke. Rumple wants to make a deal for the cure though. Neal is quick to shut that down. Tells Rumple he'll do it because it's the right thing to do. Emma seems quite shocked when Rumple agrees to do it (and I hope a little in awe that Neal got Rumple to agree without making any deals). I love that Neal wants Rumple to save Charming because it is the right thing to do, and doesn't have any ulterior motives (like wanting a kiss...just saying).

Tinkerbell tells them that they are at Pan's camp, and it's time. Rumple wants to use magic on the Lost Boys. Neal says no, so Regina does instead, and puts them all to sleep. They quickly realize Henry is not there, but hear someone calling for help. Emma runs and sees Wendy held in a cage. Neal follows and is stunned to find Wendy and tells her who he is. She is, of course, happy to see him again. Neal frees her from the cage, and she tells him that she came back to Neverland to save him. She couldn't bare to think about Bae without a family since his father and mother were dead. Rumple isn't thrilled to hear that Neal was telling people he had died. Neal shoots back that it was easier than telling the truth; that his father abandoned him. Rumple is sad to hear this. Seriously, this family is all kinds of messed up going back to Rumple's father. GAH! If my theory is right, there are 3 generations of them on this island and each has some serious issues.

Neal questions Wendy about Henry. He wants to know if she's seen him. Emma asks if Pan has mentioned anyone with the heart of the truest believer. Wendy lies and says that no, she hasn't seen Henry and Pan hasn't mentioned anything. Rumple calls her out on her lies, because he's told plenty of them himself and knows what it looks like. I loved that when Rumple went to go towards Wendy both Charming and Neal held him back. Wendy tearfully admits that she's helping Pan because it's the only way that he will keep John and Michael alive. They tell Wendy that they'll help save her brothers, they know where they are (they tell her about Belle and Storybrooke) and Neal even promises that he'll save John and Michael. Wendy seems relieved that her brothers are okay and agrees to help. She tells them that Pan lied to Henry. She says that Pan really wants Henry's heart because he is dying. He wants Henry's heart to absorb all the magic in Neverland so that he can become immortal. The obviously question is what happens to Henry in all of this. Wendy tells them that Henry dies.

The group discusses who is going to do what. They need someone to stay behind and watch the Lost Boys. Tink and Hook are staying behind to take care of that. At first Snow and Charming offer, but Emma tells them to go collect water from the magical spring because Rumple can cure him when they get back. Snow hugs Emma and it's perfect, and  she also thanks Rumple. The look of hope on Charming's face...Gah! Josh Dallas did that perfectly. They agree to meet at the Jolly Rodger when all is said and done. Rumple, Emma, Neal and Regina are heading to Skull Rock to get Henry.

Neverland - Flashback

Rumple's father is ecstatic to arrive in Neverland. Tells Rumple that anything he wants he just has to think it. Rumple is quick to think up a piece of cake (good life choices, Rumple). Rumple's father tells him the best part is that they can fly, and goes to show Rumple. He crows!! (Okay, he's totally Peter Pan) and tries to fly, but falls on his face. He doesn't understand why because he could always fly when he was there (in his dreams) as a young boy. Rumple points out that his father is not a little boy anymore, and maybe that's why it's not working. His father seems to think it's because of pixie dust. He needed it to fly before. As they go off to get pixie dust, we see the shadow following them.

Rumple and his father find the trees where pixie dust grows (it apparently grows in flowers on the tree because of the starlight). Rumple is hesitant to climb the trees. His father tells him that if he wants to fly he can't be afraid of heights. Rumple yells that he doesn't want to fly, his father does. After seeing how scared Rumple actually is they agree that Rumple will wait while his father goes to collect some dust. While up in the tree the shadow comes. The pixie dust doesn't work and Rumple's father asks the shadow why it won't work. The shadow tells him it's because he doesn't believe, and doesn't belong in Neverland (my guess, because he is not a kid).

Rumple is crying because he has been waiting a long time. His father finally comes back and tells Rumple that the pixie dust did not work. That Neverland is not where he belongs. Adults do not belong there. Rumple says that it doesn't matter where they are, as long as they are together and suggests going somewhere else. Rumple says he'll always go back to his old ways and will never be the father Rumple needs. He says he has figured out a way that Neverland can be everything he wants it to be. He just needs to let go of what is holding him back - Rumple. The shadow grabs Rumple and he begs his father to not let it take him (holding on to his father with all his might). The shadow will become part of Rumple's father once he allows it to take Rumple. In order to stay in Neverland he needs to believe he's young again, and he can't do that with Rumple there as a reminder because children can't be fathers. He tells Rumple that he was never meant to be a father and lets him go. We see him begin to morph and change and is revealed to be Peter Pan. The whole scene is similar to when Bae was over a portal, and Rumple was holding him. Bae was begging for Rumple to not let go, to come with him and Rumple let go. This scene is the opposite, but the result is the same. A boy without a father. Seriously, this family has major issues. It also casts a different light on the Peter/Rumple interactions we've seen in present day during previous episodes. Rumple has known all along who this is, and it makes Pan's taunts more heartbreaking. Bad father of year award totally goes to Rumple's father. *side note - the look on Robbie Kay's face right after the transformation. The brief moment of regret that he allows himself was perfectly done*

Rumple goes back to the spinsters having nowhere else to go. He tells them that he dropped his doll in Neverland and that Peter Pan is gone forever *sniff* The fact that he named his doll Peter Pan and  that's what his father used...*sniff*

We see a newly young Pan flying around. He flies to Skull Rock, and he finds the hourglass. He is joined by the shadow. He wants to know what it is and asks how it came to be. The shadow tells him that it's something Pan created when he decided to stay. He technically broke the rules by staying, and his time is not infinite. He will die when the hourglass runs out. Pan says that any rule can be broken, and he'll find a way to prevent himself from dying.

Neverland - Present

Pan and Henry come ashore at Skull Rock and go into a inner chambers. Almost right after this our heroes arrive, and realize Pan has put a protection spell on the entrance way. Rumple can walk through it because he doesn't have a shadow. It blocks anyone who has a shadow from going in. Rumple says it's because Pan knows he cut off his shadow and Pan figures that he won't pass up a chance to finish what he started (I am guessing the whole prophecy/Henry thing). Neal realizes that Rumple wasn't lying and that he really did come to save Henry. Rumple asks Neal to give him back Pandora's Box. Neal goes to but Regina grabs it. She tells Rumple that he better come through, or she'll make what Pan has planned look like child's play. I love Neverland Regina. She seems much more willing to work with people, and seems to respect that other people love and want a relationship with Henry. More importantly though, she realizes that those relationships don't detract from HER relationship with Henry. There might be hope for them all after all (if they can get along for more than 5 minutes).

Regina wants to do something. Neal mentions using the spell that Rumple used to remove his shadow. Regina says she doesn't know how that works. Emma mentions that it's the moon that is casting the shadows and if they can block it, they won't  have them anymore. Regina asks Emma to help because that kind of spell requires a lot of magic. They perform the spell and it works. Shadows gone! I love that Neal immediately stands behind Emma, like he's got her back.

Pan tells Henry that this is where he is going to save magic. The room holds a hourglass that is slowly draining. He tells Henry it's a countdown to when magic runs out. He tells Henry that he has to do something before they get started and has him wait in another area.

Rumple enters the room takes out the creepy doll (which is the same one Rumple's father gave him earlier). This interaction is going to feel different now that we know everything. Rumple asks where Henry is. Pan snarks back "oh, you mean my great grandson" and wants to know why Rumple hasn't told the others who exactly he is. Rumple says it's because he's a coward. Peter says if that was true Rumple would have used the box already. Pan offers him a chance to let go of the anger, and stay. Start over. Rumple says he could never forgive him after Pan abandoned him. Pan is quick to point out that Rumple traded Baelfire for power, and he traded Rumple for youth. He tells them that neither one of them was cut out to be a father. Rumple says he never forgot about Bae, and spent his life trying to get him back. Pan says he never forgot about Rumple either, and points out that it's why he calls himself Peter Pan. Rumple says it's not because Pan cares for him. Pan says that he does. Tells Rumple to put down the box and they can make a fresh start like they planned. Rumple turns him down and goes to open Pandora's Box. It doesn't work and Pan reveals that he took it. All he has to do is think of something and it's his. He opens the box and Rumple is captured inside!!

Pan goes to grab Henry, and tells him it is time. Pan tells Henry that he has to hand over his heart. Henry wants to know what the price of this is. He knows that magic always comes with a price. Pan tells him that the price is having to stay in Neverland forever. Henry accepts this, having been taught that heroes sometimes need to make sacrifices, and rips out his heart! It's gold, and it's interesting that HENRY had to remove it. I am guessing Pan can't. I wonder if Henry's heart is like Emma's heart. If so, does that make Henry the product of true love? I NEED TO KNOW! Neal, Emma and Regina come in and tell Henry to stop. Henry has a brief moment of realizing that his father is alive. They tell him that Pan is lying. Henry says that he has to give his heart because it'll save all of them. They try to convince him that Pan is lying, and Pan is trying to convince him of the opposite. Henry is pretty much confused, and just wants to be a hero like his Grandpa Charming. Pan tells him that time is running out and Henry must decide. Emma, Neal and Regina make one last plea telling Henry

Neal- We believe in you, Henry
Emma - because we love you
Regain - more than anything

I love this. Henry's three parents working together to tell Henry how much they love him. It's wonderful, and I think what Henry's happily ever after will look like. It gives me hope that eventually they can all peacefully be part of Henry's life. Sadly, Henry doesn't listen and shoves his heart into Pan's chest. The resulting shockwave is felt throughout Neverland. Henry falls to the ground, and a delighted Pan is once again able to fly. Eeeep, Henry! WHY DID YOU NOT LISTEN?!

So this leads me to think that we're winding down with Neverland and Pan's story. Obviously,  Henry will be saved, and I think that means Pan has to be defeated. I will be sad to lose Robbie Kay, but after knowing his history...Pan needs to go. He was a horrible father, and is selfish. His entire motivation is to stay young and alive. It's fitting with the story of Peter Pan, and a unique twist to the tale. This two week wait is going to be torture!

Until next time... Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

*No Once recap next week as they are on a week break, but I'll be posting a Waiting on Wednesday instead!*


  1. I agree, Little Rumple was awesome! They did a great job casting him. Rumple's father is definitely a bad dad... Who were those women, by the way? I wonder if they are important for anything, other than teaching him how to spin.

    I'm wondering about this prophecy with Rumple... Henry is supposed to be his undoing, right? I just wonder if that means undoing in a good way-- as in -- becoming a better person? Just a thought..

    I was thinking the SAME THING about the group not accomplishing much of anything! Haha!

    I couldn't believe that Rumple's dad was Peter Freaking Pan! I was SO yelling at the tv, at my hubby, at my cat... anything that would listen! SO didn't see that coming.

    Did you notice that Pan got really nervous around the time Emma and Regina covered the moon? That's the first time I've seen him like that! I can't believe that he used Pandora's box on Rumple. I'm dying to know how he's going to get out of that.

    I thought for sure that Henry was going to listen to his parents instead of Pan, and it surprised me when he didn't. GAH! Kids!

    Great recap! It's going to be an agonizing 2 weeks until we get the new episode!

    1. The spinsters.. in Sleeping Beauty there are 3 fairies (she ends up pricking herself on a a spinning wheel) and one of them happens to be the BLUE FAIRY. I have a feeling that they might be fairies. We know that Blue gave Baelfire the bean, so it leads me to think that perhaps fairies gave young Rumple one too.

      Haha, yeah. They did nothing. Neal shows up and gets Henry immediately (sure he ends up losing him again, but he had him within HOURS of getting on the island) and now has a way home for them. Neal is awesome.

  2. Ah! I didn't even think of them being fairies. I bow to you, oh wise one. ;) Neal IS awesome! Love him.

  3. It makes me so happy to find someone to talk to about Once Upon A Time with! That was an insane twist! This season has had so many of them!

    I agree with you, they're going to have to kill Peter Pan. My guess is Emma will have to rip out his heart. They're building up the idea of Regina teaching her magic it seems the next logical step.

    I'm more curious what will happen to Rumple. It seems that the boy who was his undoing was Peter Pan. No one knows he's in Pandora's Box so how can they free him?

    Can't wait to check back for your next recap!


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