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Prototype by M.D. Waters

Prototype by M.D. Waters
Release Date - July 24, 2014
Publisher Website - Penguin
Publisher Social Media - Twitter
Pages - 372 pages
My Rating - 4/5
**received in exchange for an honest review**

Here is the Goodreads synopsis
The stunning debut that began with Archetype— and has readers buzzing—concludes in Prototype, when a woman’s dual pasts lock onto a collision course, threatening her present and future.

Emma looks forward to the day when she can let go of her past—both of them. After more than a year on the run, with clues to her parents’ whereabouts within her grasp, she may finally find a place to settle down. Start a new life. Maybe even create new memories with a new family.

But the past rises to haunt her and to make sure there’s nowhere on the planet she can hide. Declan Burke wants his wife back, and with a little manipulation and a lot of reward money, he’s got the entire world on his side. Except for the one man she dreads confronting the most: Noah Tucker.

Emma returns to face what she’s done but finds that the past isn’t the problem. It’s the present—and the future it represents. Noah has moved on and another woman is raising their daughter.

In the shocking conclusion to M.D. Waters’s spectacular debut, Emma battles for her life and her freedom, tearing down walls and ripping off masks to reveal the truth. She’s decided to play their game and prove she isn’t the woman they thought she was. Even if it means she winds up dead. Or worse, reborn.
The second I closed Archetype I immediately wanted to dive into it's sequel, Prototype. If you loved Archetype as much as I did, you'll be happy to hear that Prototype is just as excellent. It filled with more action, lots of romance, and answers to those questions you surely had.

Archetype is shrouded in mystery and murkiness. It's more about unraveling the mystery of Emma and what the truth is than anything else. Prototype is a reaction to these truths. Emma, in this novel, is even more driven. This Emma has to come to terms with where and how she fits into this new world that has opened to her. She has had everything change. Her sense of identity and where she fits is the driving force behind this novel. Her journey throughout the two books is filled with character defining moments, and the author allows the reader to experience these right along with her.

There are authors that are excellent story tellers,and M.D. Waters is definitely a story teller. She has crafted together this engaging, page turning tale that while seeped in scientific elements, also feels very grounded. Emma is a woman who is defining herself, and more importantly deciding where she fits. She is confused. She isn't sure if her life fits the person she's become. It's reminiscent of people who realize as they grow up that they are not the same people they were years ago. It's this feeling that leads people to go back to school, find new passions, or move new places. Emma's story just happens to include betrayals, shoot outs, and many more secrets. It's heightened, but the heart is still there underneath. 

If Noah didn't win your heart in Archetype, he may just accomplish it this time. He's patient, understanding, and compassionate. His tender treatment of Emma and her feelings is more than enough to cement his book boyfriend status. He's protective without being controlling. He's understanding without being a pushover. It's a fine line and M.D. Waters makes his character walk it beautifully. 

There is plenty of humour and banter in this novel. Emma, especially, comes into her own surrounded by people who tease and love her. It was gratifying to see these lighter moments, even when contrasted with the darker ones, because Emma earned them. She's what makes this story work so wonderfully, because you want her to find her own version of happiness in the end. No matter what the entails. 

I was plagued with questions after finishing the first book. This installment of the duology weaves everything together, and possibly even answers questions you didn't know you had. Everything from Emma's back story, to the more scientific aspects of the story are explored fully. The ending felt right, and earned. It felt like the story had been building to this ending and inevitable. Without giving any spoilers, I don't think anyone will be disappointed in the ending, because it feels so authentic to the story; casualties and all. 

A fun, action packed duology that seamlessly blends the character development with it's pulse pounding plot. M.D. Waters is certainly an author to watch for, particularly in the New Adult genre. Her story relies on plot, particularly in this second installment, rather than the sexytimes so I'd love to see her tackle something in that genre. Emma's story reaches a satisfying conclusion and made sure that I would eagerly anticipate M.D. Waters next book.

If you haven't read Archetype yet, it's soon to be out in paperback! 

The new cover will be upated on the paper, and it hits stores TOMORROW! Be sure to check it out if you have not already.

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