Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Get Even and Get Some Swag!

Gretchen McNeil is starting up a new series that is sure to be filled with suspense, drama and a page turning mystery. 

I've heard that GET EVEN, the first book in the series, ends in such a way that you'll immediately want to get your hands on the sequel. Gretchen is kind enough to help you out, at least a little bit.

I, personally, can't wait to get devour this mystery novel, and (as mentioned) from what I hear those two chapters are going to be desperately needed! This is being called The Breakfast Club with a body count, so obviously I am in!

If you pre-order GET EVEN you'll receive the first two chapters of GET DIRTY as a thank you. Not only that but they'll come in a special edition booklet with some GET EVEN special content and a signed book plate for your newly purchased book! Amazing right?

Plenty of stores in various locations in the USA are going to have the booklets right in store for you to pick up along with your pre-order. However, Gretchen is also mailing them out to people who pre-order but don't live near one of the participating stores.

You can find a list of participating bookstores, and the email address to submit proof of purchase to by visiting Gretchen's website. More details are also available on the same website. 

It is open to people in the USA and Canada only (but many of the participating bookstores will ship internationally if you request). 

If you've already pre-ordered you can email your proof of purchase to Gretchen at gretchenmcneil.giveaways@gmail.com. 

Here are some pre-order links so you can take advantage of this awesome giveaway

You can add GET EVEN to your Goodreads account, and while there add GET DIRTY as well.

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