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The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
Release Date - September 9, 2014
Publisher Website - Scholastic
Publisher Social Media - Twitter
Pages -  295 pages
My Rating - 5/5
**received in exchange for an honest review from the publisher**

Here is the Goodreads synopsis
From NEW YORK TIMES bestselling authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare comes a riveting new series that defies what you think you know about the world of magic.

From two bestselling superstars, a dazzling and magical middle-grade collaboration centering on the students of the Magisterium, an academy for those with a propensity toward magic. In this first book, a new student comes to the Magisterium against his will -- is it because he is destined to be a powerful magician, or is the truth more twisted than that? It's a journey that will thrill you, surprise you, and make you wonder about the clear-cut distinction usually made between good and evil.
Some novels leave you enchanted. They fill you with whimsy and wonder. In the case of The Iron Trial it was the risks that the authors took, and well as the delightful characters that ensnared me. It is a darkly thrilling, exhilarating, magical journey that is only just beginning. It's a novel that plays with what it means to be the hero, the villain and those delicious shades of grey in between.

I rarely read middle grade. I make a few exceptions and don't often find myself as engrossed as I did with this story. The writing style is geared more towards the younger readers, but there is something captivating in the story that will charm older readers as well. It's one that I believe will have cross over appeal for a broader audience.

Certain genres have tropes. Things that you expect to happen, in some format at least, before you even read a single page. These tropes often work well, and that is why they continue to be used. Defying those tropes, and creating something truly surprising out of them, is what Cassandra Clare and Holly Black designed to do with The Iron Trial and they succeeded. It takes those expected elements of the middle grade fantasy novel and delightfully twists them

There were a few reveals that are truly jaw dropping. One however is truly 'game changing'. It defies the genre in a way that is unexpected and intriguing. I think many will want to continue reading just for the tantalizing possibilities these reveals set out for the further novels.

There is a prophecy contained within that sets out an incredible premise for the rest of the series. A premonition of things to come, and none of them are exactly cheerful. Dark, twisty novels tend to be my favourite, and the fact that this will only progress as the series characters (and it's readers) age leaves me with anticipation. I predict that these authors will not be afraid to crush our hearts and continue to defy our expectations as Callum's story continues.

The setting and it's characters are only beginning to be fleshed out. The world building is limited to the Magisterium itself, and even that feels like ground work for more to be unveiled in further installments. There is plenty of character development as we get a good feel for each of the main characters. Aaron and Tamara in particular as they have a larger role in the story to come. Aaron's story in particular was not what I expected, and I look forward to seeing that progress as the series continues. The roles of these characters are clearly defined, even if who is fulfilling that role isn't quite what you expected. The most important element is that I found myself growing fond of these characters already. I am looking forward to continuing their journey and all the surprises still to come.

A masterfully surprising read that I cannot wait to share with my nieces when they get a bit older. The Iron Trial left me spellbound and eager to follow the rest of this magical series.


  1. I am going to be reading this one in the near future and am psyched now that I've read such an adoring review!

  2. Great to see that you loved it too. I have to agree this was one magical read and i am looking forward to see what the future holds for this series. Great review :)

    Do check my views too here

    Aparajita @Le' Grande Codex


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