Thursday, June 4, 2015

Book Con and Other BEA Week Events

Last year's Book Con was a mess. Describing it as a mess may in fact be putting it lightly. This year, from what I understand, was no different. My experience this year, however, was of a much more relaxed Book Con.

My primary goal in going to Book Con was to see both Gayle Forman, and Marissa Meyer's panels. I didn't want to venture too much on the show floor, or attempt the autographing area.

I took a quick browse of the floor before venturing into the panels. The morning allowed me a quick peek at what was being promoted without a huge crowd. Most people were in line to get wristbands for the bigger panels being held in the Special Events Hall so I was able to move around freely.

I ended up getting some pretty amazing samplers! Ones for books I was really excited about.

They were handing out Lady Midnight teasers for Cassandra Clare's new Shadowhunter series. I was also able to score a copy of On The Merits Of Unnaturalness by Jaxon Hall (Samantha Shannon).

I have been DYING to learn ANYTHING about - Marissa Meyer's Heartless. I need this book. Seriously NEED. This sampler was handed out during her panel though. Not on the floor.

After taking a quick browse I went and sat in on the panel featuring Gayle Forman, Jenny Han and Sarah Dessen. These three ladies are all smart, insightful, and wonderful. They discussed friendships mostly, particularly in how they related to the books they had just written. Jenny Han's mention of her own 'bff' Siobhan Vivian was sweet, and each of them had plenty to say about friendship breakups and how they are just as devastating as romantic ones. They expressed the importance of friendships, and how female friendships tend to be more intense than those of their male counterparts.

If you want to check out the full panel, you can do so thanks to Penguin Random House putting them up online.

I decided to stay to check out the next few panels (after a quick lunch break) so that I could be front row for Marissa Meyer and Leigh Bardugo's panel.

The next panel was offering up a sneak peek at the Star Wars books that are coming out. On the panel there were 

Alexandra Bracken - The Princess, The Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy (A New Hope)
Adam Giowitz - So You Want To Be A Jedi? (The Empire Strikes Back)
Tom Angleberger - Beware The Power Of The Dark Side (Return Of The Jedi)

It was a pleasant surprise to see Alexandra there as I was very excited about Passenger. The panel ended up being funny, and was a great choice. I am a casual fan of Star Wars, but I found this panel to be a lot of fun. Tom Angleberger's comments on Leia and how she should have been given more respect for her contribution to the rebellion were a particular favourite.

The last panel had Marissa Meyer and Leigh Bardugo playing Truth Or Dare. Both ladies were incredibly funny and charming. Highlights were Leigh Bardugo rapping while pretending to be the Darkling, Marissa Meyer acting like Carswell Thorne and tons more. If a video of this pops up I will link to it, but I do not believe it was recorded. Getting to hear a little bit about Heartless was amazing. I am already dying to meet Catherine, Jest (I believe that is his name), and the King of Hearts after Marissa's little tease. My heart is probably going to be crushed as this is the origin story of the Queen Of Hearts (and we know what happens to her). The chapter in the sampler is STUNNING and has made me ravenous for the rest of the book. 

Pretty much Book Con only increased my need to actually meet Gayle Forman and Marissa Meyer some day.

I also had the chance to say a quick hello to Mackenzi Lee. She was working during BEA but we got a few minutes to discuss her book and other fun things. Not nearly enough time, but that is the nature of BEA. She also gifted me with some AMAZING swag for her book!

Speaking of amazing swag, the Spencer Hill Press booth had the most amazing buttons! I love them and immediately grabbed some while walking the exhibit hall.

The other events I took part in while in New York City were a blogger dinner and the celebration of the release of Proof Of Forever and Paper Lantern Lit's anniversary.

The blogger dinner, which Tiff from Mostly YA Lit organized, was TONS of fun. I mostly got to chat with Nikki from There Were Books Involved. It was great to meet a new blogger, and we fangirled over Sarah J Maas quite a bit (Dorian in particular). This was one of my favourite things about BEA week as I got to see how excited everyone was to be surrounded by fellow book lovers, and it was just a nice way to spend part of the evening.

The Paper Lantern Lit event was just as fun. I got to fangirl over Rebecca Serle and discuss the upcoming TV show (and how great I think Bella Thorne is going to be). Rebecca is seriously the kindest person, and I was happy I had finished Truly Madly Famously so I could gush in person. I wish we had talked more about Vampire Diaries but mingling had to be done.

I also got to say hello to Eleanor Herman who wrote Legacy Of Kings. She's lovely. I told her how much I enjoyed the book and that I was definitely on Team Hephaestion and Alexander kissing! If you haven't checked out Legacy of Kings, DO IT!

I cannot wait to go to BEA next year (it may end up being ALA instead because of the fact it's in Orlando! Universal Studios Blogger Day!!) as it only invigorates and inspires me to do better on my blog. 

Lastly, before ending my recaps, I got to meet the awesome blogger behind a Sarah J Maas Philippines Twitter/fansite. Her Twitter handle is @ThroneofGlassPH and she made these AMAZING bookmarks.

A huge thank you to her for them. They are AMAZING! Be sure to follow her Tumblr and her Twitter!

All said and done I had an amazing BEA/Book Con. I am sad that I did not get to meet Sarah J Maas again (hopefully next BEA or she does an event in Canada) as I would love to gush in person again. Her panel at Book Con was one of the things I was incredibly sad to miss by leaving NYC on Sunday.

Let me know in the comments if you'll be attending either BEA or ALA next year! 


  1. I still don't understand the difference between BEA and BookCon? Are they different promoters. A lot of people seem to be complaining about BookCon in past years.

    I've GOT to find footage of the Marissa Meyer and Leigh Bardugo panel. Now THAT sounds like a good time!

    ALA is in Orlando next year? Hmmmm the hubs and I were trying to plan a Disney trip. That may work very well.

    And BEA in Chicago 2016, wahoo!!!

  2. Hello, how are you ?
    I'm from brazil and a big fan of sarah j maas, and I wonder if she would sell me her bookmarks, I would love it !!

    You're welcome, thank you.

    My email is:

    Hugs Michele


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