Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Vote On A New Blog Feature!

I have been debating about adding some new monthly blog posts to the blog and I couldn't quite decide between the two ideas I had so I figured the best way would be to ask you, the readers of this blog, to vote on what you would rather read.

The first idea is one where I would take recommendations of what books you want to see me review and select one for each month of the year. This would allow for you to suggest that favourite book you can't believe I haven't read yet. You could make me read a book to see if you might wan to read it after. You could have me review your least favourite book if you really wanted it. There would be no rules except they would have to be books I have not already reviewed.

The second idea I had was to feature an author or blogger monthly with a fun pop culture influenced Q & A while also highlighting their books (upcoming or already published) or blog. It would be planned as far in advance as I could so that people had time to answer the questions and provide me with anything they wanted highlighted (such as buy links for their book, or a specific blog post they are proud of). It would be a way to spotlight all of the awesome people in this community in a fun way.

Vote below! I may end up doing both BUT your vote will help me determine what idea to start working on and what would be more exciting for the people who would actually be reading it.

Excited to share the results with you and hopefully launching one of these ideas in the near future.

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