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Megan Shepherd Interview and Giveaway!

As you could have guessed from my review yesterday I really loved The Madman's Daughter. The lovely Megan Shepherd was kind enough to do an interview for me. Her answers have made me quite curious about the sequel, and I am thrilled to discover she loves tea as much as I do!

I am also giving away a copy, so be sure to fill out the Rafflecopter at the end of the interview

1 Describe The Madman's Daughter in three words.

Madness, mystery, monsters

2 Describe Juliet Moreau in three words.

Complicated, haunted, lonely

3 How would Juliet describe Montgomery and Edward?

Ooh, good question! Montgomery is her father's assistant who she knew as a child. I think in the book Juliet describes him as a "workhorse" because he's a diligent, honest worker and loyal to a fault. And she might add that he's gorgeous :) Edward, a castaway, is literally scarred by his past. Juliet isn't quite sure what to make of Edward, but she's intrigued...

4 Was there a character that surprised you? One that maybe ended up with a larger role than expected?

I found myself surprisingly wrapped up in the lives of two of Doctor Moreau's beast-men. Balthazar is a half-dog, half-bear hybrid who has more humanity than most of the people in the book. And another beast-man, Jaguar, embraces his animal nature while the others strive to act human. For creations from Moreau's laboratory, these were some of the characters that touched me most.

5 What is the strangest thing you did for research?

When I was sixteen, which is the age of the protagonist in the book, I spend a year in Costa Rica. So when I started writing this book I pulled out all my old photos and journals from that time, and tried to remember my early impressions of the jungles and beaches and tropics. Since Moreau's island could be anywhere, I based the jungle atmosphere on my own young experiences.

6 Is there any part of the novel that got cut from the final draft that you really wished could have been kept in because you liked it so much?

I can't answer this question, because there IS a scene I really loved that I cut, but I moved it to the sequel. So it would be a spoiler to tell you :)

7 What is the last novel you read that you enjoyed and would recommend?

I recently went to the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest with my sister, and we missed the ferry and had a few hours to kill, so we checked out Griffin Bay Bookstore in Friday Harbor (our parents are booksellers, so we always visit bookstores on trips.) I'm a big fan of PBS's Downton Abbey, so when I found Natasha Solomon's The House at Tyneford, I knew I'd like it. It's a novel for adults, but it should appeal to YA fans too. Gorgeous setting, great historical detail, and a sweeping romance.

8 If you could go back in time to any time period and any place, where and when would you travel to?

I LOVE this question. It's one of those questions I ask friends all the time when we're sitting around. I'm torn between ancient Egypt, the pre-Columbus Americas, and the roaring 1920s. I'd love to write books set in all those time periods, just so I could do the research!

9 Do you stick to a strict writing schedule (eg, so many words a day, etc?)

I tend to write in very intense bursts that last a few days. So I'll write for 12-14 hours for four or five days, and then burn myself out and take a few days off. I worked at a 9-to-5 job for several years, so my goal is to go back to that schedule, so I can have my evenings and weekends back!

10 What are three things you need while revising?

The great Carrie Ryan showed me a wonderful plot chart that I turned into a big board I carry around with me and stick post-it notes on (see attached) to help with plotting and structure, since I'm a very visual person. I carry that around with me everywhere I write, as well as a second monitor, so I can look between my notes and my draft. And lastly, tea! Lots of tea!

I want to thank Megan for stopping by! I bet you're wanting a copy of The Madman's Daughter for yourself. I am giving away one copy to be shipped via Book Depository. It's open international, just fill out the Rafflecopter below.

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  1. How cool that you had a Costa Rica trip to draw on for inspiration! I have to surf other people's pictures when I'm writing... sniff, sniff... I'm hoping to do a big trip this year, though.

    And I like the idea of exploring the nature of humanity through the human/animal hybrids. Great interview!

  2. I'm interested with Ancient Egypt too! It would be lovely to go back in time, though wouldn't want to stay there long. :p

  3. I'm dying to read this book! It sounds so great and I've been reading a lot of positive reviews for it. Thank you for making this interview and answering all the great questions!

  4. Great interview! I had for some reason thought this was a sci-fi book.. o.o
    Now I'm needing this book like yesterday. Beast men, mystery and intriguing guys? *grabby hands*

    I hope you'd write an Egypt based story one day! I read The Reluctant God when I was a child and have been fascinated with their culture since then.

  5. "Madness, mystery, monsters" - that right there is why I want to read THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER.

  6. I'm obsessed with historical settings and this book...ah, so much want!

    - Stella

  7. The Madman's Daughter looks like a great book to get lost in!

  8. I've been seeing (and reading about) The Madman's Daughter everywhere! I'd be so thrilled if I won! Thanks for this giveaway!



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