Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Secret Diamond Sisters by Michelle Madow

The Secret Diamond Sisters by Michelle Madow
Release Date - February 25, 2014
Publisher Website - Harlequin Teen
Publisher Social Media - Twitter
Pages - 382 pages
My Rating - 4/5
**received in exchange for an honest review from the publisher**

Here is the Goodreads synopsis
Savannah. Courtney. Peyton.

The three sisters grew up not knowing their father and not quite catching a break. But it looks like their luck is about to change when they find out the secret identity of their long-lost dad—a billionaire Las Vegas hotel owner who wants them to come live in a gorgeous penthouse hotel suite. Suddenly the Strip's most exclusive clubs are all-access, and with an unlimited credit card each, it should be easier than ever to fit right in. But in a town full of secrets and illusion, fitting in is nothing compared to finding out the truth about their past
Do you miss Gossip Girl? If so, meet The Diamond Sisters. This is a fun decadent look at life on the Las Vegas strip when it's filled with money, scandalous secrets, and lies. It's said that what happens in Vegas stays there, but like the book reminds us - this doesn't happen when you live there.

The point of view rotates between the three sisters, and surprisingly, mean girl-ish Madison. I felt that each girl had a distinct personality, so it was quite easy to distinguish who was narrating the chapter. Savannah who is sheltered, protected and a little naive. Peyton who headstrong, angry and a wild child. Courtney is the 'good girl' who is always responsible and rather spend her time studying (or reading a book). Madison oozes venom and is a classic high school mean girl (so basically she's delightfully awful). It was fun getting to follow these girls throughout the story and see how each progressed.

The sisters each react quite differently to being thrust into this new lifestyle. Peyton wants nothing to do with their father, and isn't afraid to show it. Savannah is thrilled, and can't wait to become part of their new world. Courtney is more cautious, but willing to hear their father out before deciding anything. I could I could relate to Courtney the most (the studious book worm who maybe wants to go a bit wild) but found myself caring about all three sisters. Each of the sister's get into their own brand of trouble, and each decision they make remains totally in character for them.

The secrets begin to unravel and it becomes clear that each potential half truth only leads to more secrets. The plot itself is light, and filled with the outlandish twists and turns you would expect. It's part of the fun, and it fits completely within the world the author has developed. It becomes evident though, that the characters are the focal point of the novel. The author effortlessly makes you care about these girls, and what happens to them. Through out the twists, turns, drama, and romance, it's the characters that keep the book grounded, and engaging.

This setting of Las Vegas is exactly what I've been looking for from a book set in this city. It's the lavish, indulgent, lifestyle that is the stuff of day dreams for most people. The book also captures the more normal side to Vegas however. We get ultra exclusive nightclubs, and black American Express cards, right along side rousing karaoke bars. It ignited my travel and had my day dreaming about my own trip to Las Vegas. It made me fall not only in love with the characters, but Vegas itself.

A sinfully decadent setting, a Gossip Girl vibe, and enough secrets to keep you burning through the pages. The Secret Diamond Sisters is flirty, fun, and tailor made to be a show on the CW network. It'll may even make you eager to have your own scandal filled adventure on the Las Vegas strip!

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