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TV Talk With Kelly - Bates Motel

As you may know Kelly, from Kellyvision, and I are doing TV recaps. We recapped American Horror Story: Coven on her blog, and now we're recapping Bates Motel (season 2) on mine. Please note, this is more our reactions/thoughts than a true recap, and obviously there will be SPOILERS!

Kelly is everything in blue, and I am the other colour (is it brown? Whatever it is).


BATES MOTEL - Season 2, episode 5 - The Escape Artist

Norman completely blacks out during these fugue states and for longer than I expected. He doesn’t seem to remember anything. Norman is concerned that people told his mother. He also flat out lied that this has never happened before. Can’t say I agree with Cody’s not telling anyone though. I think Norman needs help and people keep ignoring it.

I also don’t think I believe that she won’t tell anyone.  I really, REALLY don’t trust that girl.  (Norman DOES know about his fugue states, right?  I mean, obviously he knows about the one with the teacher the night she died, but he knows they happened before, too, right?)

‘I am trying to be unconscious. Why are you throwing water on me?’ Oh, Dylan. I feel so bad for him. Drinking yourself to oblivion is not going to help though.

It’ll help short term. ;)  Clearly he just needs it to work short term.

So this fire at Agent Romero’s house is going to be a major problem for Dylan, huh?. *please don’t die*

I’m very concerned for Dylan.  We know he isn’t in Psycho (or even mentioned) so that means he’s pretty expendable.  Although maybe he’ll just have a huge, horrible fight with them and leave town.  *crosses fingers*

Did Norma just put egg shells into the bowl? She’s obviously stressed out due to Norman’s questioning about why Dylan moved out, and if they should help.  

I think she did!  I wonder if that was in the script or if Vera Farmiga just improvised it.  (Have I mentioned lately how much I love this show?)

Agent Romero is checking into the hotel because someone burnt down his house. It’s kind of funny (especially that his request is privacy).

I loved that!  He’s trying so hard to be left alone and Norma’s like, “What can I do?”

Norma has back up against the by-pass highway but, is it just me, or is it a little sketchy that he wants to meet at his boat? Maybe it’s just because it’s this show.

I agree.  I think it’s definitely just the show, but yes.  It’s like every single thing is like, “Oh, is this going to lead to something bad?” And usually it does.

Emma and Norman are so cute. She’s also equally cute with the new guy. I just like Emma. She’s awkward and sweet. I don’t think Norman is happy about Emma’s date though. Too bad, Norman. You had your chance and you hooked up with Bradley. ‘He sells pot’ ‘Nobody’s perfect’. You’re one to talk Norman. Bradley was awful and you liked her.

I think he loves Emma and he doesn’t know it yet.  I hope so.  

Norma is not going to like Cody. I am actually laughing at the thought of Norma going off on her. It’ll be awesome, and you know it’s going to happen (sooner than I think, apparently). Cody is rude. Rude is not even a strong enough word.

I HATE CODY.  I can’t wait for Norma to go off on her because I agree, it’s totally coming.

Oh, Cody. Rule number one of being friends with Norman is to never insult his mother. She was trying to get Norman to pay for things right? Not just me.

Not just you.  (Prediction: Norman will end up killing her.)

Awww. I forgot Emma didn’t have anyone to talk to about these things. I am glad that Norma was kind to Emma and didn’t shatter her ‘dream’.

I loved that scene.  I thought it was super sweet and just poignant.

Cody comes from an abusive home. I feel sorry for her a bit. I have a feeling she’ll actually run away eventually.

I do but I don’t.  I think she’s awful, even if there’s a reason for it.

This is not what I pictured when he said boat. That is a yacht. I am still not clear on WHY this guy doesn’t want to by-pass. He also has a lot of money. I wonder what he’s involved in, and how much this is actually going to cost Norma. I am pretty sure this guy has plans of his own.

I don’t trust him.  I don’t trust anyone.

Haha. This plan is actually kind of awesome, because it’ll totally stall things. Again though, what does this guy get out of it?

Romero is a badass. Totally sure cops are not allowed to do that though. I would be pissed about my house though too.

Same.  I’m not sure how this is going to play out.  (Only five episodes left, right?  I hate that these seasons are so short.)

Norman is way too nice for Cody. Date Emma, Norman. DO IT! So Norman told her the truth. He is confiding about his fugue states. How long until ‘Norma’ takes over because Norman is about to have sexytimes? I still think Cody is no good for Norman.

I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen.  I think that Cody is going to meet Mother.

Oh, I hope this date goes well for Emma. She deserves it. I am laughing that this boy wants to have a weed farm of his very own. They are all kinds of cute together.

I hope this goes well for Emma.  I just want her to be happy.

I love this ‘friendship’ developing between Romero and Norma. I also love that she washed his clothes. Haha. It’s so Norma. ‘You smiled. I thought your face was paralyzed’. HAHA. Norma can be funny.

Norma is really funny; I wish we saw more of that.  And yes, I love their friendship.

Huh, so guy with the boat is involved with the drug business… big shock.

I am pretty sure everyone in town is involved with drugs.  Or human trafficking.  Or both.

Dylan’s line of work is going to get him killed. Do not like. Plus he seems to have a death wish. WHAT THE HELL DYLAN?!

Norma is such a mom here. I like it. Norman is also such a teenager here. I love these scenes as I’ve mentioned, because it makes the later stuff more heartbreaking. Norman is totally just going to do the teenager thing and sneak around with Cody.

I loved that scene, too.

Oh, Norma. You’ve got yourself involved with some shady people (must be a day that ends in Y).

I just hope that she will survive long enough for Norman to kill her.  

New girlfriend for Dylan? Maybe not since she’s his boss.

She looks so familiar! How do we know her? (UPDATE: I looked it up and she was on the original Beverly Hills 90210.)

The preview for next week looks stellar (as usual). I LOVE this show.


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