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TV Talk With Kelly - Bates Motel

As you may know Kelly, from Kellyvision, and I are doing TV recaps. We recapped American Horror Story: Coven on her blog, and now we're recapping Bates Motel (season 2) on mine. Please note, this is more our reactions/thoughts than a true recap, and obviously there will be SPOILERS!

Kelly is everything in blue, and I am the other colour (is it brown? Whatever it is).


BATES MOTEL - Season 2, episode 7 - Presumed Innocent

We are getting really close to the end of the season. I predict that things are about to get crazy.

Only three episodes left, right?

Norma leaving Norman a message asking where he is. Um, I am predicting the police station. She’s on her way to pick up some stuff for her new ‘job’. Oh, well Norman is in the back of a police car, so I was partly right.

I can’t believe he got arrested for that.  It’s so clearly an accident.  

Haha. Max loves that Norma called Lee (the guy that died) a dick. He also knows that she got this seat in a non legit way. Romero comes to deliver the bad news about Norman. He breaks it to her as softly as he can, but it’s still rough. Norma has to be freaking out. All she wants is to see Norman.

I love how everyone but Norma knows that it’s so shady how she got the seat. And Norma’s all, “Yay! Look at how things fell into place!”

Romero and the police just following procedure, but isn’t Norman underage? Doesn’t he require a parent or lawyer be with him? Is that a thing in the USA? I know in Canada they require someone with them.

That’s a thing in the US unless you want things thrown out on appeal. :)  Because yeah, they could TOTALLY get that thrown out if they tried to.  

Norman seems even younger than what he actually is here. You kind of want to protect him.

Agreed. Freddie Highmore did a great job this episode.  (Every episode.)

Dylan’s co-worker totally knows Dylan and the boss woman hooked up. Is Dylan not in charge? Is that not what happened last episode? This seems like the dude with the blonde hair thinks he is in charge. This can not end well.

Agreed.  I am starting to really worry about Dylan and his safety.

Emma is being his usual sweetheart self. She’s worried about Norman. I agree with Emma. They pretty much have to tell Norma don’t they? Norman is 16. He’s legally entitled to it, I think.

This police woman seems really eager, isn’t she? Waking up people to get testing done. Romero even seems a little annoyed, like “Geesh lady, calm yourself”. This police woman obviously thinks Norman is not telling the truth.

I hate that police officer.  Which is ridiculous because she’s just doing her job (and doing it really well).  You know she’s going to get transferred out.  “Officer, we don’t work that hard here.”

Oh, laughing lady behind the desk I fear for your safety. You are going to piss off Norma, and she is in Momma Bear mode.

YES.  You really need to not annoy Norma.

Norma wants Norman to lie to the police about his blackouts. I get the reasoning, but if they find out he lied, it’s not going to end well.

Yeah. I would maybe not mention them but you can’t lie.  Lying to the police is a big no-no.

So if you’re not under arrest they can talk to you without a parent or lawyer? Is that true in the USA or is that a convenience thing for the show? Pretty sure that in Canada you can’t question a minor without an adult present regardless of being under arrest or not. Norman wants Norma to stay out. Side note - Norma and Romero are on a first name basis now. She just called him Alex. They are totally going to kiss soon. Not sure how I feel about that.

I think so.  But even if you aren’t under arrest, you still have the right to a lawyer.  (And a parent.) I’m guessing that Norman may have thought he’d look even guiltier if he demanded Norma and/or a lawyer.

Norman really does have a thing about protecting girls. He’s worried about Cody, instead of himself. I think it stems from not being able to protect Norma which makes a whole lot of sense. Also, Freddie Highmore SO FREAKING GOOD in this. So Cody is leaving the state to live with relatives? Does this mean we are getting rid of Cody this episode? This is happy making.

I know, right? Bye, Cody! Feel free to never write or visit!

Norma’s boyfriend just showed up. How did he know? Town gossip is what he said, but would it have traveled that fast? I guess so in that town. Norma calling Cody ‘a little bird’ is funny to me. Norma would most likely describe her another way, but I get the sentiment.

A little something. :)  Probably a little something that also starts with b.  I think it’d travel fast but probably not quite THAT fast.  I’m guessing he’s not as good as we’d hope.

Dylan seems to put himself in situations that could end in his death. Ah, so this guy knows that his sister wants Dylan to watch after him. I do not trust this guy at all. “You look like you know your way around women” Duh, cuz Dylan is hot. Everyone is warning him to be cautious with boss lady. I wonder if she’s crazy (like fatal attraction crazy) or something.

It’s possible.  Or possibly once she’s bored with you, she has you killed or puts you in situations where you’re likely to die.  Either way, she can’t be that great a person considering what she does.

Norma is asking Cody to lie for Norman. Well, not lie exactly, but leave his blackouts out of the conversation. I think Norma is more worried about Norman than she lets on (with these blackouts I mean). As Cody said, Norma thinks the death and the blackouts are connected.

I don’t think that we can trust Cody to do anything.  She might do it, but only if it helps herself, too.

Emma is the one filling Dylan in on the latest events. She wants Dylan to be there for Norman. Dylan thinks he can’t help Norman. He says that Norman and Norma only care about each other. It’s sad that he feels that way. Love Emma here though. She’s not putting up with Dylan’s excuses.

Dylan’s not entirely wrong, but I think he also doesn’t really go out of his way to try and fit into the family dynamic, either.  He realizes how messed up they both are.

New boyfriend is seeming less genuine in this episode, or is it just me? Also, Norman’s “Mother” sounded a little jealous after seeing that hug. Yeah, he’s totally jealous of George (I know his name now!). “With what” Oh, Norman.

Not just you.  I don’t really trust anyone on the show.

Haha. “Does he think I’m a murder?” “Who?” “Your friend” Norman really doesn’t like this guy. Norman also thinks that Norma doesn’t believe him. She needs to tell him why.

I think Norman hates anyone that would take away Norma’s attention.

Emma has great hair. She kind of looks like Rachel Leigh Cook. Aww, these cute little smiles, and the flirting. I think it’s the only time I’ve smiled this episode.

I love Emma.  And you’re right, she does.  (Whatever happened to Rachel Leigh Cook?) *She married Daniel Gillies and is still stunning*

Is this Cody’s goodbye? Is it bad that I am happy that she’s leaving? She’s leaving the state. This means no more Cody, right? She doesn’t even want to call or text him. This is totally goodbye. Cody is telling him to get Norma to tell him about the blackouts. I agree. There is too much hiding things going on between Norma and Norman with those blackouts. They could actually deal with it if they talked (we know they don’t though, but still).

I hope so.  They replaced Bradley with Cody and both are gone, so God only knows what we’re going to replace Cody with. :( *Oh no. I do not want someone worse*

The death is ruled accidental and it’s over and done with. I love those far away shots where you can see that they recreated the hotel and house from the movie. Such detail too. It’s fantastic.

It just occurred to me, I wonder if they let Norman talk alone so that if he WERE arrested, anything he told the cops could be thrown out because he’s a minor and there wasn’t a parent or attorney there?

Norma is happy to see Cody gone, too. Haha. Norman is confronting Norma about the blackouts. “Who am I mother?” Isn’t that the question though, Norman. I don’t think Norma knows he turns into HER though, right? Sigh. Norma doesn’t want to talk about them. She wants Norman to NEVER ask her about them again. She wants to sweep this under the rug. She’s actually angry that he asked. not good parenting. Even if it’s for what seems like good reasons.

Agreed.  I mean, I get why---we don’t want Norman to know what happens with his blackouts---but since NORMA knows what happens, she needs to try and start curbing them.

What is Dylan getting himself into? I legit worry about him every episode because he’s not in the movie. I hope he just skips town and is living a quiet life somewhere, but I doubt it. Not with the life choices he’s making right now. So they want Dylan to raid Nick Ford’s warehouse. This can only end badly. Even if they manage this, retribution is going to come. Ouch. Poor Dylan. He needs to get the heck out of there (if he was capable of it that is).

I am really worried for what will come next.  I’m just hoping at this point that he makes it through the season.  Maybe he’ll just steal a bunch of money and flee.  

WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?! THIS SHOW! This twist changes everything. Norman’s sperm was found inside Blair Watson. It matched the sample they took. So did Norman have sex with her and leave? I still don’t think he killed her. Do you think he killed her? Am I wrong? I still say no because of the nature of the wounds (they aren’t Norman’s signature style). Why would Blair sleep with him though? Did he force her in his fugue state? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Well, judging from what we saw before she died, it looks like she was trying to seduce him.  So I don’t think he raped her.  I also agree that he didn’t kill her, but we still don’t know who did.  I’m guessing we’ll find out before the end of the season, but we only have a few episodes left.

Promo says only 3 episodes left. I am not ready for it to be over. Next week’s promo looks AMAZING (what else is new).

I do not like that either.  (Also, it must’ve started earlier this year, right? Because I think the finale was right before BEA last year.)

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