Monday, October 5, 2015

A Letter From Henry To Anne

Today I get to kick off the Canadian blog tour for Dawn Ius' Anne and Henry. If you read my review you'll know that I really enjoyed this modern twist to their story and was excited to be asked to join the tour.

Be sure to follow along with the entire tour as there is lots of awesome things still to come!

For my stop on the tour, I decided to ask Dawn what a love letter from Henry to Anne might look like. The real Henry certainly wrote letters to the real Anne, and I wondered what a modern version of this might look like. What THIS Henry might write to THIS Anne.

Here is Henry's letter

And just in case this image is hard for some to read, here is the unadorned text.

The truth is, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since the moment we met. Those heart-shaped lips, those hypnotic eyes—I’ve never seen passion like that before, never in eyes so haunting and beautiful. Even that small gap between your teeth is somehow sexy.

Something awakened in me that night.

But then the next morning you slid into my Audi and fuck me, I was done. The way your pale thighs pressed against the black seat cushions…

Maybe you noticed, I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road. Remember how you teased me about where I was taking you? I definitely wasn’t thinking about school.

Life without Dad and Arthur hasn’t been easy and I’m still trying to climb out from the wreckage. It should be awkward—we’re yin and yang—but instead, when I’m with you, I feel surprisingly free. As though expectation and guilt aren’t weighing me down, that there’s a chance I can make my own choices. Live my own life.

I should back off, but damn if I don’t enjoy a challenge.

That night at the masquerade ball, I asked you for your name. You played coy with me at first, but I understand why now. You are more than a name, Anne Boleyn.  You are my raven among doves.

~ Henry
It totally fits this version of Henry, especially if you've read the book. It's exactly what I would picture him writing to her.

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