Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gift Ideas for the Bookish People On Your List

The holidays are right around the corner. I thought I would create a list of gift ideas for the book lovers on your list.

I am sure we've all been there. You know your friend/family member/etc is a book nerd. The problem is you don't know which books they need, and you've usually gotten them gift cards so you're looking for something else. This is what my list will be. Since getting Noah Shaw is not a possibility, these are all things that I would love to get as a book lover (*hint hint*).

1. A Book from Books By You

Ok, Ok, I know I said NO BOOKS. However, this is one that they can't get in stores. It's special, and is perfect for that book lover who has always wanted to be the star of their own novel. You provide them with the details and you have a customized gift that anyone would love.

They have many choices, for all age groups. They even have a great Classics section that will make you the star in Pride and Prejudice!! Who hasn't wanted to be Elizabeth Bennett! *squee*

If you want to play around with samples, and get more information just visit www.booksbyyou.com.

2. A Reading Journal

If your purchasing for a book reviewer, and they happen to take notes while reading, this is perfect.You can find them a lot of places, but a simple notebook works well too, and that way you can match the cover to their tastes.

3.Book Cover Poster

There are some gorgeous book covers out there. If you happen to know a personal favourite of the recipient you couldn't go wrong with this. This maybe a little harder to find. I would maybe suggest finding out who took the image (if possible) and seeing if you could purchase it directly from them.

4. Book Tote

I am constantly carrying around books. A great tote would be nice. A personalized tote would be even better. Put their favourite cover on it, a favourite quote, have it reference their favourite character.

5. Munchies/Snacks/etc

Does your book lover drink wine, tea or something similar while reading? Do they like to go sit in Starbucks (or other) to read? Purchasing them a gift card/box of tea/bottle of wine/etc would be much appreciated.

6. Christmas Ornaments

If you can find an ornament that suits their favourite book, or a book ornament.

Of course you can always get the gift card, or even some books. Here are some titles I recommend for this holiday season

1. Shatter Me By Tahreh Mafi
2. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
3. Delirium by Lauren Oliver
4. Any Cassandra Clare book
5. The Hunger Games Trilogy

Happy Shopping and leave your own gift suggestions in the comments


  1. Totally a cute idea!!! I'm going to have to buy them for myself though!! Only OTHER bookish people think of bookish type things for book lovers! Lol

  2. What great ideas! I never thought about book cover posters... not that I have room for them, but there really are some beautiful covers!

  3. "Since getting Noah Shaw is not a possibility" - yeah, because he'll be entertaining me in nothing but a Santa hat hehehe.

    So many fantastic ideas, Kathy! I think I need to direct my non-bookreader friends to this post :) Totally agree with Bookish Brunette - only fellow bookworms understand the needs and wants of other bookworms :D

  4. I would love to be the star of P&P! Gah, Mr. Darcy is totally worth it. :) Great post, I love all of these ideas!

  5. I am not really a book lover but most of my friends really read books, this holiday I have a plan to give them books as gift and now I got some ideas what will I choose for each of them.

  6. I got the Books By You edition of Pride and Prejudice for Christmas last year. Well, I think it was a different company because the cover's different but it's the same idea. I love it, it's such a great idea!

  7. No it is sooo true! A book is the BEST gift to give. But of course you want to give them a book that they will like so researching reviews and all is helpful. It shows what a thoughtful person you are too! HAHA but I do think its a great gift. I am into this radio show that talks about books and interviews a lot of authors so that's how I pick my books. Its a great listen so if you are interested you should check it out. Its called the book report and its with elaine charles. They have a website too. It's........ sorry had to look it up... bookreportradio.com

    Fun times for all!


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