Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

As we countdown to the end of 2016, I want to wish you all a safe, healthy and wonderful start to 2017. May this year be much better than the garbage fire that was 2016 and may your upcoming year be filled with good books, new experiences, and lots of laughter.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Best of 2016 ... Non Bookish

It feels like 2016 had been one year long suck fest, particularly towards the end. It is hard to remember that there were some good things about 2016. I listed the top books I read this year in a previous post, and now I am going to share the best of everything else - movies, TV, etc.

So here is what I loved in 2016


Stranger Things

An incredible show that is filled with 80s nostalgia. It boasts a cast of adorable and talented kids, the return of Winona Ryder and was one of the biggest additions to pop culture this year.

If you haven't watched this I highly recommend you binge watch it immediately. You'll completely fall in love with the entire cast (but especially Eleven) and will be dying for them to release season two.


I was pleasantly surprised by this show. It is filled with charm, humour and wit. Tom Ellis plays a very charming and endearing Lucifer, but the rest of the cast shines equally as bright. Chloe and  Mazikeen in particular have really been given character development.

The ship in this show is on of my top ships right now. They are adorable together and they make each other better which I love. Binge this if you haven't because it will definitely surprise you.

Mr Robot Season 2

People had mixed feelings about the second season Mr Robot. I, personally, loved it. I felt it kept the perspective right where it needs to be - on Elliott. I also felt that it handled the 'big reveal' of the season beautifully. The acting was, as usual, stellar from the entire cast.

The finale left me with a lot of questions, and has caused me to have a certain theory that, if proven correct, will take the show in an entirely new (and unforseen) direction. I cannot wait for season 3.


Funko Pops

I was late getting into these but I am now obsessed. They are super cute and they pretty much have something for everyone. It is a slippery slope though because you won't be able to stop at one.

I am super excited for the Stranger Things set in 2017!

My Disney Trip

On a more personal note, one of the highlights of 2016 for me was getting to go to ALA in Orlando and visiting Disney World. I go to see my friend Kelly and generally had a great time.

Disney is one of my favourite places, and it really is magical.

I am hoping to go back soon (maybe even next  year) and would especially love to see it decorated for Halloween as I haven't had that experience yet.


Me Before You movie adaptation

A movie adaptation that was highly faithful to the source material and had some great casting. I loved both Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin as Lou and Will. Emilia was especially adorable as Lou. She was perfectly cast and managed to light up the screen. Sam was equally well cast as Will. He had that dry sense of humour and charm that Will had in the book.

It had all the major scenes from the book and ensured that the feel and tone of Jojo Moynes novel was felt throughout the entire movie. It was heartbreaking and that is exactly what I wanted from the movie.

Captain America: Civil War

This movie rounded out the Captain American trilogy nicely, while securing the future of the Marvel Universe movies. The introduction of Black Panther was brilliant and pretty much made everyone excited for his upcoming solo movie. He was one of the highlights and was cast perfectly. The new Spiderman proved to be charming and ensured that everyone would be excited about his upcoming movie. The humour of Peter Parker was there in spades.

I happen to be Team Cap so I especially loved everything between Steve, and his group. Bucky is my favourite and this rounded out the Winter Solider story arc nicely as well. It's a fantastic trilogy and a fantastic movie all on its own.

La La Land

A wistful throwback to classic Hollywood musicals that is every bit as romantic, whimsical and sweet as you would expect. There are a lot of callbacks to iconic scenes, and an overall feeling of nostalgia is present during the entire movie.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have a natural chemistry and rapport that shines through their scenes and made this movie even more heartfelt. It is one I will be adding to my collection and one I predict will take home plenty of awards come awards season.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Waiting On Wednesday .... Umberland

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

My pick this week is Umberland by Wendy Spinale


Here is the Goodreads synopsis 
Gwen, Pete, and the others have escaped from Everland. But the safe haven they hoped to find at Alnwick Castle doesn't exist. With the Queen of England on her deathbed, Duchess Alyssa has stepped in to lead, but things have gotten worse as the cure Doc created for the Horologia virus has mutated, accelerating the disease. The only possible solution he can think of is to go back to the virus's origin: an extinct poisonous apple.

Legend has it a tree bearing the apple might be found at the center of a deadly labyrinth hidden deep within Germany. A place that no one in their right mind enters. Leaving Pete in charge of the survivors, Alyssa sets out with only her sword, her wits, and the help of Maddox Hadder, a wild boy who oversees the castle gardens. To get to the center of the maze, she'll be forced to battle monsters more terrifying than her darkest nightmares.

But can anyone truly survive the madness of the maze? And what if there's no apple to be found there?
I loved Everland and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it would be a series. I also love that appears they are going to be one big story arc but feature different people! This one is inspired by Alice In Wonderland I cannot wait to see what Wendy Spinale does with this tale.

I am already hoping for a romance between Alyssa and Maddox!

Expected release date - May 9, 2017

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 15 Books I Read In 2016

The end of the year is upon us and that means Best Of lists. Today I am going to talk about my 15 favouite books of 2016. They may not be released in 2016 (hence the title of the post) but any book I read in 2016 counts.

These are in no particular order (that would be impossible) and each of them link to my review (where applicable).

1 - A Criminal Magic by Lee Kelly

A novel filled with wonder, romance, magic and that special allure of something forbidden. This book puts a fun twist on the prohibition era and creates a world that is unforgettable. A television adaption of this is in the works from Rob Thomas (the creator of Veronica Mars and iZombie) and I cannot wait to see this vivid world brought to life.

2 - Heartless by Marissa Meyer

A whimsical take on Wonderland that captures the essence of Lewis Carroll's original work. Marissa was woven in one of her trademark romances and offers up a heartbreaking look at the woman who would become Queen of Hearts. 

3- Everland by Wendy Spinale

One of the most inventive and imaginative takes on the Peter Pan lore. A story that blends steampunk with the classic story of the boy who would not grow up and does so effortlessly. The world is vividly created, and the story is wonderfully plotted. I am dying for the sequel which further blends steampunk and fairytales together. 

4- Asking For It by Louise O'Neill

An unflinching, brutally, honest look at rape culture, and its impact on how rape survivors are viewed and treated. This is hard to read at times, but so incredibly important. If you want to know why someone would choose to withdraw their complaint, or even not come forward at all, this book will shine a harsh light on the reality they face by coming forward.

5- A Night In With Audrey Hepburn/Marilyn Monroe by Lucy Holliday

I am kind of cheating by including both these books as one entry but it technically makes 15. This series is adorable, and tinged with more than a touch of Hollywood magic. It is reminiscent of Bridget Jones' Diary and has a main character who is just as charming. It is a perfect series to binge read by the pool. It's light, humourous and offers the perfect amount of escapism. 

6- Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

I have not reviewed this yet, but look for my review early in the new year. This series is filled with jaw dropping surprises, complex sibling bonds, and well crafted fantasy elements. This story has some of my favourite romances I've read this year, simply because they add to the plot without feeling forced or distracting. 

7- Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

A sequel that lives up to the first novel in the series, and expands upon it. This novel twists the story into a new direction which only enriches the world and the characters. An ending that basically leaves you willing to beg for the next book, and a cast filled with flawed, but engaging characters has only cemented my love for this series.

8- American Girls by Alison Umminger

Alison Umminger's razor sharp writing is the stand out from this story, but only slightly because everything else is just as wonderful. This is a story of girls both lost and found. This is a story of the harm society expectations can cause girls, and more glaringly the harm they can cause themselves and others. A snarky, fully developed voice for the main character ensures you're entirely in the story and I cannot wait to see what Alison writes next.

9- The Female Of The Species by Mindy McGinnis

This is a story about many different types of female characters. More importantly it is a story about female characters who are everything female characters are not supposed to be. It is also a jarring, and brutal look at rape culture and the way it shapes women's views of themselves, and others. It is a novel that is hard to read, but one that demands you not look away. 

10 - How To Break A Boy by Laurie Devore

My review for this one will be up closer to its release date, but this is a story for everyone who likes their female characters morally ambiguous. It has been compared to many of Courtney Summers' novels and I can see why. The writing is sharp, and the characters are given distinct voices (even when we're not given their point of view). A story that is filled with female characters making questionable decisions and owning them. It also shows that these type of characters can still be worthy. It is not a zero sum game, and there are many shades of grey on the moral spectrum.  

11 - The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Morgan Matson's novels are always smile inducing and pair perfectly with summer. She creates these characters that you want to befriend, and stories that you want to disappear into. The Unexpected Everything reminds you to go off track every now and again because the unexpected is sometimes more magical than anything you have planned. It'll make you want to have a summer romance, and call your best friends to go for ice cream. 

12 - This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills

One of the best contemporary novels I read this year. A story of friendship, self growth, and letting people in. It was wonderfully written, and filled with some unforgettable characters. Bonus points for the parents having such a large role in the story and not disappearing as they normally do in YA novels.

13 - Overdrive by Dawn Ius

A fun, high octane read that is filled with high speed car chases, a sexy romance and some seriously hot cars. If you're into heist novels with impossible odds this is one book you'll want to pick up. Dawn crafts a whirlwind journey through Las Vegas that will leave you begging for a follow up.

14 - The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

This is one for fans of CW television shows. It is also for people who love their novels to be filled with delicious drama and jaw dropping twists combined with some seriously addictive writing. This is the definition of a summer page turner, and one that will ensure you get a sunburn because you won't able to to put it down. 

What book is your favourite of 2016? Any of mine make your list, too? Let me know in the comments.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful rest of your holiday season. I hope you're spending this time with family, friends, and loved ones (and a good book or two).

Regular blog posts will resume on Tuesday as I am spending some time with my family.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Weekly Obsessions

The awesome Kelly at KellyVision started posting a weekly post highlighting whatever she happened to be obsessed with that week. I LOVE this idea, so much in fact that I will be doing it myself every Saturday.

Happy Holidays! This is a very short and sweet Weekly Obsessions post.


Sugarfina rosé infused gummies

These look and sound amazing. These are gummies that have been infused with rosé. You can get them in either the traditional bear shape or these fun rose shaped gummies. 

Even the packaging is adorable, and they look REALLY good. 

Pretty, right? I just found out that my local Nordstrom carries this retailer so I'll be stopping by after Christmas to see if they have any of these candies in stock. I'll report back on their deliciousness but I am pretty sure they are going to be my new favourite.

What are you obsessed with this week?

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

Twisted Palace by Erin Watt
Release Date -  October 17, 2016
Publisher Website -
Publisher Social Media - Twitter
Pages - 370 pages
My Rating - 4/5


Here is the Goodreads synopsis
These Royals will ruin you…

From mortal enemies to unexpected allies, two teenagers try to protect everything that matters most.

Ella Harper has met every challenge that life has thrown her way. She’s tough, resilient, and willing to do whatever it takes to defend the people she loves, but the challenge of a long-lost father and a boyfriend whose life is on the line might be too much for even Ella to overcome.

Reed Royal has a quick temper and even faster fists. But his tendency to meet every obstacle with violence has finally caught up with him. If he wants to save himself and the girl he loves, he’ll need to rise above his tortured past and tarnished reputation.

No one believes Ella can survive the Royals. Everyone is sure Reed will destroy them all.
They may be right.

With everything and everyone conspiring to keep them apart, Ella and Reed must find a way to beat the law, save their families, and unravel all the secrets in their Twisted Palace.
This is a story of a princess who likes to run, and a prince who is broken. It is a fairytale filled with sex, lies, murder. It also is filled with devotion, family bonds, and faith. Erin Watt closes The Royals series with a deliciously readable finale that was, pretty much, exactly what I hoped it would be.

It is hard to review the final book in the series. It is often the case that everything that can be said about the series has already been said in previous reviews. Erin Watt manages to create a final book that still has something left to talk about. The Royals series has become a twisted mystery with some of the most unforgettable characters.

I have mentioned previously that those who miss Gossip Girl, or devour CW television shows will want to pick this one up. It is filled with pretty teens doing scandalous things, steamy romance, and (by the end of the second book) a murder mystery where everyone is a suspect.

The third book answers (almost) all your questions, and it does so satisfyingly. We are given the who, what, when, where and why. I do, however, wish it had been fleshed out just a bit more. The ending felt rushed. I would have appreciated a but more expansion on some of the secrets that are revealed along with the killer, and it would have elevated an already wonderful read.

We're given a double whammy of jaw dropping surprises when we not only find out about the murder, but Ella's father returns very much alive. I wish that we had gotten to know more about Steve beyond what is revealed in this book. He is an important character and I don't think he was given his due. His presence was felt so strongly even when he was not physically there that it just seems anticlimactic when we finally do meet him. Everything we're told about him should have prepared me for the type of man he is, but it still felt like something was missing.

Ella quickly became one of my favourite parts of this series. She's someone who did what she had to in order to survive, and someone who can hold her own against the Royals. She became more open and allowed herself to care about people. She may have been good for the Royals, but they were just as good for her. The Ella we meet in the first book is not the same one we leave at the end of this one and she is all the better for it.

The Royals, however, continue to grow on me. I am ready to demand an entire series about each of the boys. I need to dissect everything about the twins and their shared relationship with Lauren. I want Gideon to finally find happiness and peace. I want Easton to continue his growth and maturity. These messed up, broken guys really do latch on to you, and that is a testament to Erin Watt's characterization skills. She manages to make you care about these deeply flawed characters in a very real way.

The writing is, once again, addictive. I will joke about books being 'book crack' sometimes and this series falls into that category. It's compulsively readable and rivals the most addictive television shows. There is something about this world and these characters that pulls you into the story immediately and makes it hard to say goodbye.

Twisted Palace offers up a satisfying ending to Ella and Reed's scandal filled story but opens the door for other Royals to take center stage. I, for one, cannot wait to return to this world and the characters whenever Erin Watt wishes to do so. If you've looking for something with spice up your reading list I highly recommend this addictive, and debaucherous series.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Waiting On Wednesday .... Becoming Bonnie

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

My pick this week is Becoming Bonnie by Jenni L Walsh

Here is the Goodreads synopsis 
From debut historical novelist Jenni L. Walsh, Becoming Bonnie is the untold story of how wholesome Bonnelyn Parker became half of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde duo!

The summer of 1927 might be the height of the Roaring Twenties, but Bonnelyn Parker is more likely to belt out a church hymn than sling drinks at an illicit juice joint. She’s a sharp girl with plans to overcome her family's poverty, provide for herself, and maybe someday marry her boyfriend, Roy Thornton. But when Roy springs a proposal on her and financial woes jeopardize her ambitions, Bonnelyn finds salvation in an unlikely place: Dallas's newest speakeasy, Doc’s.

Living the life of a moll at night, Bonnie remains a wholesome girl by day, engaged to Roy, attending school and working toward a steady future. When Roy discovers her secret life, and embraces it—perhaps too much, especially when it comes to booze and gambling—Bonnie tries to make the pieces fit. Maybe she can have it all: the American Dream, the husband, and the intoxicating allure of jazz music. What she doesn't know is that her life—like her country—is headed for a crash.

She’s about to meet Clyde Barrow.

Few details are known about Bonnie's life prior to meeting her infamous partner. In Becoming Bonnie, Jenni L. Walsh shows a young woman promised the American dream and given the Great Depression, and offers a compelling account of why she fell so hard for a convicted felon—and turned to crime herself.
I have always been fascinated by Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie in particular has always held a certain allure. There is something about her that has always made me want to know more.

Jenni L Walsh's book is more focused on Bonnie than it is Clyde and that feels unique and refreshing to me. She was a force in her own right and I cannot wait to see Jenni's take on this young woman.

I, also, happen to be giving away an ARC of this right now! Be sure to enter.

Expected release date - May 9, 2017

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2017 Most Anticipated Giveaway

There are two different giveaways to end this year's Most Anticipated Event.

Giveaway #1 is for an ARC of Becoming Bonnie, and a set of really cute keychains. You'll need to visit the Becoming Bonnie post to enter that one.

Giveaway #2 is for an eARC (so an electronic copy) of The Gentleman's Guide To Vice and Virtue. To enter you'll fill out the Rafflecopter below. Be sure to input your comments on either this post OR the post featuring The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue. This giveaway also includes a set of postcards that feature quotes from some of the books featured.

I hope you've enjoyed this event, and have added a bunch of these incredible sounding reads to your own personal to be read lists for next year.

A huge thank you to all the authors who have participated. You are all why I do this and it was an honour to feature you and your book.

Don't forget to enter both contests and good luck!

Happy Holidays!
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, December 18, 2016

New To My Book Closet

It's that time of the week again. Time to show you what bookish goodies made their way into my home and book closet (to be saved from the evil book eating cat monster named Aria). This is inspired by the various "mailbox" posts out there (eg. In My Mailbox by The Story Siren, and Stacking the Shelves by Tynga's Reviews)

Only one egalley to share this week. Super excited about this one though because it sounds amazing!

Final Girls by Riley Sager (Goodreads)

Hard to believe next weekend is Christmas! Hope everyone has a great holiday season.

Happy Weekend and Happy Reading!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Weekly Obsessions

The awesome Kelly at KellyVision started posting a weekly post highlighting whatever she happened to be obsessed with that week. I LOVE this idea, so much in fact that I will be doing it myself every Saturday.

Small Weekly Obsessions post this week. As the holidays come closer there are less announcements happening but there are a few exciting things that were revealed.


Sebastian Stan joins cast of I, Tonya

One of my faves from the Marvel movies now has an entirely different role for me to get excited about. It was announced (via Deadline) that Sebastian Stan will be joining Margot Robbie in the film based on the infamous Tonya Harding and the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. He will be playing Tonya's husband who was involved in the events leading up to the attack. I am excited to see what Sebastian does with this role.


Joyce from Stranger Things Funko

You may recall the amazing Stranger Things Funko set that I shared a little while back. They added to the set in the most amazing way (and I totally forgot to share it before now).

Joyce will officially be part of the 1st wave of Funkos and she is perfect.

Those Christmas lights! Her outfit! Now all we need is Hopper and the set will be complete.

I Don't Wanna Live Forever by Zayn and Taylor Swift

This song is incredibly catchy and is a perfect fit for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. I've petty much had it on repeat since it was released.

What are you obsessed with this week?

Thursday, December 15, 2016

2017 Most Anticipated - When Dimple Met Rishi

The last book I am featuring during this year's event is one that has a title that immediately brings to mind one of the most iconic romantic comedy movies.

When Dimple Met Rishi obviously brings to mind When Harry Met Sally and sounds like it is going to be equally cute. I am a big fan of contemporary young adult novels and I am very excited about this one in particular.

The Goodreads synopsis is already brings to mind the cutest of romantic comedies and I think it'll be a fantastic addition to the YA contemporary genre.
A laugh-out-loud, heartfelt YA romantic comedy, told in alternating perspectives, about two Indian-American teens whose parents have arranged for them to be married.

Dimple Shah has it all figured out. With graduation behind her, she’s more than ready for a break from her family, from Mamma’s inexplicable obsession with her finding the “Ideal Indian Husband.” Ugh. Dimple knows they must respect her principles on some level, though. If they truly believed she needed a husband right now, they wouldn’t have paid for her to attend a summer program for aspiring web developers…right?

Rishi Patel is a hopeless romantic. So when his parents tell him that his future wife will be attending the same summer program as him—wherein he’ll have to woo her—he’s totally on board. Because as silly as it sounds to most people in his life, Rishi wants to be arranged, believes in the power of tradition, stability, and being a part of something much bigger than himself.

The Shahs and Patels didn’t mean to start turning the wheels on this “suggested arrangement” so early in their children’s lives, but when they noticed them both gravitate toward the same summer program, they figured, Why not?

Dimple and Rishi may think they have each other figured out. But when opposites clash, love works hard to prove itself in the most unexpected ways.
Sandhya was kind enough to answer a few questions for this event. They've made me want to read this even more, if possible.

1 Describe When Dimple Met Rishi using three words.

1. Kismet
2. Family
3. Love

2 If someone were to make a signature ice cream in honour of your book, what might be included?

Ooh, there’s a scene in When Dimple Met Rishi where they eat gelato, so I’ll go with those flavors. Dimple would definitely choose cherry and Rishi would scarf down banana chocolate swirl until he got sick. I wonder if they have cherry-banana-chocolate swirl? 

Everything about this book sounds cute, and perfectly adorable. I cannot wait to read it and feel all those warm fuzzy feelings that a good rom com instill in me.

When Dimple Met Rishi releases May 30, 2017 and is available for pre-order from your favourite retailer right now!

You can also follow Sandhya on Twitter, visit her website, and the publisher website for all the details about When Dimple Met Rishi. You can also follow Sandhya on Instagram and Pinterest.

Sandhya Menon was born and raised in India on a steady diet of Bollywood movies and street food. She pretty much blames this upbringing for her obsession with happily-ever-afters, bad dance moves, and pani puri.

She currently lives in Colorado in the United States, where she’s on a mission to (gently) coerce her husband and children to watch all 3,220 Bollywood movies she claims as her favorite.

Her YA novel WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI will be out on May 30, 2017 from Simon Pulse (Simon & Schuster). You can preorder it on Amazon: or add it on Goodreads:

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2017 Most Anticipated - The Names They Gave Us

Every single time that a new Emery Lord novel is announced. I get giddy. We're talking ridiculous dancing around the house levels of giddy.

I flail and immediately want to know all that I can about the book, and the characters within it. An Emery Lord novel will leave you with feelings overload and I am so excited to see what she has in store for us from a book she calls 'feelings camp'.

The Goodreads synopsis is already bringing the feelings so I am sure the book is going to leave everyone an emotional mess.
Lucy Hansson was ready for a perfect summer with her boyfriend, working at her childhood Bible camp on the lake. But when her mom’s cancer reappears, Lucy falters—in faith, in love, and in her ability to cope. When her boyfriend “pauses” their relationship and her summer job switches to a different camp—one for troubled kids—Lucy isn’t sure how much more she can handle. Attempting to accept a new normal, Lucy slowly regains footing among her vibrant, diverse coworkers, Sundays with her mom, and a crush on a fellow counselor. But when long-hidden family secrets emerge, can Lucy set aside her problems and discover what grace really means? 
Emery was kind enough to take some time and answer a few questions about this book and, if possible, I am now even more excited to read it.

1 Describe The Names They Gave Us using emojis.

2 If someone were to make a signature drink in honour of your book, what might be included?

This is tricky! There's a lot of tea in this book. And a lot of cheap liquor consumed by teenagers around a bonfire!

3  This novel seems to deal with labels, and the names we give ourselves and others. What inspired you to a write a novel dealing with this particular subject? 

Well, I think a lot about nomenclature- the names we give people, the names that feel right to us, and why. I've always been preoccupied with it, but writing brings it out since you're naming characters (and books and sometimes towns and, and...).

4 Your novels always have flawed, imperfect characters at their heart. I love that you make these characters unapologetic about these imperfections. Why do you, personally, feel this is important to include in your writing? 

The simple answer is that I write realism, and my goal is always going to be to write deeply human characters. But beyond that, I dislike the idea that we should only like or relate to or choose people who make the same choices we'd make. It's an exercise in empathy for me to stretch and give my characters flaws I don't relate to. After spending a year/80,000 words in a characters' head, I understand actual humans- who are different than I am- better than I did when I first sat down to write.

5 If you could travel to anywhere, in any time period, when and where would you want travel? 

It is still Frell, imaginary nation ruled by Char and Ella.

6 What 2017 release are you most anticipating? 


7 If not too spoilery, can you share the first line of The Names They Gave Us. 

The first prom crisis is manageable.

Bonus question - This novel has been described, by you, as going to feelings camp. How many tissues do you think the reader should have on hand before starting your book? 

Haha! I don't know. I cried a lot writing it. But that is because I had to confront and work through some difficult things. And if it helps readers confront/work through those difficult things, then perhaps...a few tissues. At least one. 

Dance party in honour of a new Emery Lord book coming out in 2017! I cannot wait to read this while drinking a delicious glass of wine and am even looking forward to the aforementioned tears.

The Names They Gave us releases May 16, 2017 and is available for pre-order from your favourite retailer right now, and I highly recommend doing so.

You can also follow Emery on Twitter, visit her website, and the publisher website for all the details about The Names They Gave Us.

Emery also writes two AMAZING newsletters. The Em Dash is one. It is like having a drink with a friend who is filling you in on all this amazing stuff you need to know about. It's focuses on a little bit of everything but is always an inspiring read. The other newsletter, The Paris Geller School For Girls, is just bad ass and equally inspiring. The links let you sign up for either and I highly recommend both.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to find out the last book that made this year's list!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2017 Most Anticipated - Midnight At The Electric

You discover your favourite author has a new book coming out. You're filled with excitement right? You immediately want to pre-order it and curse the number of days that stretch between you and what is sure to be your next obsession.

Combine that excitement with the thrill of getting to interview that author about their new book. Trust me, it pretty much looks a lot like this gif...

Getting a new Jodi Lynn Anderson novel in 2017 is a huge deal for me. I have majorly loved her previous novels and am confident this new one will be just as amazing.

Just check out this Goodreads synopsis and tell me you don't immediately want to read this!
Kansas, 2065 Adri has been handpicked to live on Mars. But weeks before Launch, she discovers the journal of a girl who lived in her house over a hundred years ago, and is immediately drawn into the mystery surrounding her fate. While Adri knows she must focus on the mission ahead, she becomes captivated by a life that’s been lost in time…and how it might be inextricably tied to her own.

Oklahoma, 1934 Amidst the fear and uncertainty of the Dust Bowl, Catherine longs for the immortality promised by a professor at a traveling show called The Electric. But as her family’s situation becomes more dire -- and the suffocating dust threatens her sister’s life -- Catherine must find the courage to sacrifice everything she loves in order to save the one person she loves most.

England, 1919 In the recovery following World War One, Lenore tries to come to terms with her grief for her brother, a fallen British soldier, and plans to sail to America in pursuit of a childhood friend. But even if she makes it that far, will her friend be the person she remembers, and the one who can bring her back to herself?

While their stories spans thousands of miles and multiple generations, Lenore, Catherine, and Adri’s fates are entwined in ways both heartbreaking and hopeful.
Everything about this sounds incredible and I am sure it is going to be filled with the kind of beautiful writing Jodi Lynn Anderson is known for. I am especially excited for the cover to officially be revealed!

As mentioned, Jodi has also kindly taken the time to answer a few questions about her book. The fact that I got to do this will never cease to amaze me. 

1. Could you please provide a Twitter pitch for Midnight At The Electric (140 characters or less)?   A mystery tracing 3 lives through 3 different time periods intertwined by electricity and a very old tortoise 2. If someone were to make a signature drink in honour of your book, what might be included? Whiskey, elderberry syrup, and club soda   3. If you could travel to anywhere, in any time period, when and where would you want travel? I’m into the Dark Ages right now and the imagery of that time -- the darkening of Rome, and how Christianity crept toward the Celts. Only I wouldn’t want to go as a person – more like, a cloud looking down on everything. I’d like to see it but would hate to be there because, you know, swords.   4. What 2017 release are you most anticipating? Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed.   5. One of the things we know about this novel is it features three different eras. What kind of research (if any) did you do for this novel as a result? I read quite a bit. Most notably The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan -- which is this gorgeous, yank-your-heart-out look at the people who lived through the Dust Bowl. Another standout was The Case for Mars by Robert Zubrin, which totally changed how I think about colonizing Mars (the book makes such a compelling case for it being realistic, and very much in our grasp).   6. Do you have a personal favourite out of the three eras included in the novel? The idea for the book began with the Dust Bowl -- with a picture in my head of Catherine Godspeed standing by a bare tree in her dusty yard, stripped of just about everything. That was the driving force behind the story for me – the optimism and the big mistakes and the fear and the stark, scary beauty of something so enormous as those storms. I think in a way it’s the lynchpin that pulls the other stories together.   7. If not too spoilery, can you share the first line of Midnight At The Electric? Does the epigraph count? Because I love it and I think it says a lot about the story. It’s from a Woody Guthrie song about the Dust Bowl: “Sweethearts sat in the dark, and sparked.”

Tiger Lily is one of my favourite Jodi Lynn Anderson's books, so I felt this gif was warranted. There is also something magical about not only about her writing but the characters she creates as well. It is like a little bit of pixie dust has been sprinkled on all of her books so it doubly fit.

 I love the idea of three stories from various time periods being interconnected and I cannot wait to discover what their connection is. I anticipate that it'll tear my heart out like her previous books but make it thankful that it did.

Midnight At The Electric is scheduled for release on June 13, 2017! Just in time for my summer reading list and a blissful reading day at the park.

It is available for pre-order from your favourite retailer right now, and I highly recommend doing so.

You can also follow Jodi on Twitter, visit her website, and the publisher website for all the details about Midnight At The Electric (including the official cover reveal when it happens).

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to find out the next book that made this year's list!

Monday, December 12, 2016

2017 Most Anticipated - Simon and Schuster

Today I have Jackie from Simon and Schuster Canada offering up her choices for most anticipated reads of 2017. We have titles for the Middle Grade and YA fans, and even some adult titles for those who are looking for those.

There are a lot of amazing sounding titles and each one links to the Goodreads page, where available, so you can find out more about them. I highly recommend checking them all out.

Middle Grade/Teen
Beast is an Animal by Peternelle Van Arsdale
Anima’s Voice by Hena Khan
The Gauntlet  by Karuna Piazi
When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandya Menon
Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han
Save the Date by Morgan Matson
Desserts First by Siobhan Vivian
Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware
Juliet’s Answer by Glenn Dixon
Kill the Father by Sandrone Dazieri
Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak
Keep Her Safe by KA Tucker
Enemies of Versailles by Sally Christie
Where I Live Now by Sharon Butalla
Roughneck by Jeff Lemire
Watch Me Go by Megan Miranda
Canadaland: Guide to Canada by Jesse Brown

A huge thank you to Jackie for taking the time to provide her list! 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Weekly Obsessions

The awesome Kelly at KellyVision started posting a weekly post highlighting whatever she happened to be obsessed with that week. I LOVE this idea, so much in fact that I will be doing it myself every Saturday.

Small Weekly Obsessions post this week. As the holidays come closer there are less announcements happening but there are a few exciting things that were revealed.


Cover for Midnight At The Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson (goodreads)

I have not seen this cover officially announced, but it is all over the place now. It's up on all the retail sites and Goodreads so I figured I could share at this point. It may change, but I really hope it doesn't. I love the whimsical, almost magical realism, feel to the cover. It has edge while still being softly romantic.

Jodi Lynn Anderson is one of my favourite authors so I am entirely sure that the words inside will be just as beautiful as this cover. I am all set to pre-order a hardcover of this and cannot wait to read it.


Fifty Shades Darker Trailer #2

I know. I know. People are probably judging me for the fact that I want to see this. Don't care though. This second trailer has some pretty sexy looking scenes and Anastasia's lipstick game at the masquerade is on point. Seriously, I am totally coveting it. If anyone knows the shade and brand Dakota Johnson's wearing in the movie let me know in the comments, please!

Fifty Shades Darker movie poster

Along with the trailer a new poster was released and, once again, I am mostly obsessed with the lipstick colour! This sequel looks to be darker than the first one which could be interesting.

I am going to spend way too much time trying to figure out what shade/brand this lipstick is though in the next few months. *need*

What are you obsessed with this week?

Friday, December 9, 2016

2017 Most Anticipated - Such A Good Girl

The next book I picked has a main character who sounds like she may have been inspired by one of my favourite female characters ever.

Amy Dunne from Gone Girl is complex, and unlike any female character I had read before. Riley Stone is a character who seems to be modeled after Amy. Riley is perfect (or so appearances would have you believe) but it is evident there is more going on underneath.

The Goodreads synopsis is pretty sparse which leads me to believe that there are plenty of secrets waiting to be discovered with the pages of this book.
Riley Stone is just about perfect. (Ask anyone.)
She has a crush on her French teacher, Alex Belrose. (And she suspects he likes her, too.)
Riley has her entire life planned out. (The plan is nonnegotiable.)
She's never had a secret she couldn't keep. (Not ever.)
Riley is sure that her life is on the right track. (And nothing will change that.)
She's nothing like a regular teenager. (But she doesn't have any problem admitting that.)
Riley doesn't usually play games. (But when she does, she always wins.)

She thinks a game is about to start…
But Riley always has a plan…
And she always wins. 
A student teacher relationship, a girl who plays to win, and what sounds like a possible twisted main character all have me VERY excited to pick up this book.

Amanda has kindly taken the time to answer a few questions about Such A Good Girl.

1 Twitter pitch Such A Good Girl (140 characters or less)

Wow, this was tough!  I stole this from the description and shortened it a bit:  "Pretty Little Liars meets Luckiest Girl Alive in this novel about a perfect girl who's willing to do anything to make sure it stays that way"

2 If someone were to make a signature ice cream in honour of your book, what might be included?

Oh, man!  I'd say a TON of chocolate, with bits of cookie dough and fudge, and a few nuts.

3 Name a song you listed to for inspiration while writing this novel (if you didn't listen to music let me know and I can quickly send another question) 

I didn't actually listen to this song WHILE I was writing, but my friend Lexi Larsen, who is a singer songwriter, wrote a song called "Bad" that is debuting next month that is PERFECT for this book.  We have talked about it being the theme song for Such a Good Girl!

4 If you could travel to anywhere, in any time period, when and where would you want travel?

Maybe back to the Victoria era, just to try on the dresses - or back to just before I was born, so I could meet my grandfathers.

5 What 2017 release are you most anticipating?

The Adjustment by Suzanne Young!  She's one of my critique partners and great friends, and I love everything she writes. :)

6 If not too spoilery, can you share the first line of Such A Good Girl

Something to know about Riley Stone:

1) Riley Elizabeth Stone is just about perfect.  Ask anyone.

I am so excited to find out what secrets this book holds! I am expecting it to be a fun, twisty, thrilling read and with its June 20, 2017 release date it'll be perfect for those of you looking for a beach read that is not contemporary romance.

It is available for pre-order from your favourite retailer right now.

You can also follow Mackenzi on Twitter, visit her website, and the publisher website for all the details about Such A Good Girl.

Do you love 'grip lit' books? Let me know in the comments!

Be sure to stop by Monday to find out the next book that made this year's list!

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