Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ottawa Book Blogger Meet Up!

A group of Ottawa bloggers recently had our first meet up. We had nice lunch at KS on the Keys and ended our meet up in Chapters shopping for books (where else!)

This is the kind of thing that made me want to get involved in book blogging in the first place. It was so much fun to talk with people who are as into reading and book as I am. It's sometimes hard to find people who understand when I talk about books and my blog so it was especially nice to have this afternoon.We flew through so many books and topics. The time literally flew by as a result. We had a huge book swap as well. My IMM this week is going to be slightly crazy.

We had some very sweet publishers provide some goodies for our meeting! A big thank you to Harper Collins Canada, Hachette Group Canada, and Raincoast Books for making our first meeting extra special.

I also want to thank the fantastic ladies who provided me with a super fun afternoon

Meaghan from Feeling A Little Bookish
Emilie from Emilie’s Book World
Katherine from The Lady Critic’s Library
Katie from Bookishly Yours

Stop by and visit their amazing blogs.

I am hoping to make this a yearly event, with us meeting for other bookish fun whenever we can find the time.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to a Blogger Meet Up and if so what's your favourite part? Anything you recommend doing? Games, activities, etc? Looking forward to making the next one just as amazing.


  1. Hehe, all good meet-ups will end up at a bookstore ;) LOL..

    Sounds like you gals had fun! I'm glad you all were able to put something together.. we'll need to do a Toronto/Ottawa meet up one day!


  2. SO AWESOME!! I would love to be able to do that with a bunch of Aussie bloggers! Well I'd love to do it with bloggers from all across the world but maybe it's best to start local first haha. So glad you had such an awesome time, being around people who share your same passion for books and blogging must be such a fun environment!

    Can't wait to see your IMM!

  3. Rockin' photo Kat! Awesome success!

    Amy :D <3


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