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Wait For You by J Lynn

Wait For You by J Lynn (Jennifer L Armentrout)
Release Date – September 3, 2013
Publisher Website –  Harper Collins
Publisher Social Media - Twitter/Facebook/SavvyReader
Pages -  384 pages
My Rating- 4/5
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Here is the Goodreads synopsis
Some things are worth waiting for...

Traveling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten can escape what happened at the Halloween party five years ago--an event that forever changed her life. All she needs to do is make it to her classes on time, make sure the bracelet on her left wrist stays in place, not draw any attention to herself, and maybe--please God--make a few friends, because surely that would be a nice change of pace. The one thing she didn't need and never planned on was capturing the attention of the one guy who could shatter the precarious future she's building for herself.

Some things are worth experiencing...

Cameron Hamilton is six feet and three inches of swoon-worthy hotness, complete with a pair of striking blue eyes and a remarkable ability to make her want things she believed were irrevocably stolen from her. She knows she needs to stay away from him, but Cam is freaking everywhere, with his charm, his witty banter, and that damn dimple that's just so... so lickable. Getting involved with him is dangerous, but when ignoring the simmering tension that sparks whenever they are around each other becomes impossible, he brings out a side of her she never knew existed.

Some things should never be kept quiet...

But when Avery starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls forcing her to face a past she wants silenced, she's has no other choice but to acknowledge that someone is refusing to allow her to let go of that night when everything changed. When the devastating truth comes out, will she resurface this time with one less scar? And can Cam be there to help her or will he be dragged down with her?

And some things are worth fighting for...
My journey into this New Adult category has been a rocky one. There were a few novels I really enjoyed, but just as many that lacked any substance. Wait For You is one of the good ones. It doesn't sacrifice the plot for the sake of fluff, and instead, weaves it into the story.

I've read previous Jennifer Armentrout books, and I don't think this is her best writing. It's not off putting, but nothing really stands out. It's simplistic and direct. It will appeal to a lot of people, and for someone who is new to the entire New Adult category, it's perfect for that. It's addictive, and completely engrossing, but it's because of other factors.

The characters are what stands out in this novel. Each of them immediately wins the reader over, and makes you care about them and their story. They are what pulls you in. Avery, especially, is a character I really enjoyed. She's just an average college student who is trying to put herself back together after something horrible happens. She made the story feel more personal because she felt recognizable.

This novel looks at what happened to Avery in a very realistic light. Her reaction to what happened, and the events that came after it, felt so honest. She's broken, and trying to cope, but isn't really doing a very good job. She's existing but not really living. The truth about what happened to Avery is something that unravels throughout the novel, and there are a few little surprises in store. I thought I knew what happened early on, and it ended up being even worse than I expected. Jennifer handles this topic with a realism and honesty that allows you to feel Avery's pain.

The overall message of standing up for yourself, and learning how to cope things instead of letting them define you was one I loved. Avery goes through her journey for herself. Yes, Cam is there to help and support her, but she does it for herself. She wants to get herself to a better place because of what that will mean for her. It shows that you can have support to help find the strength within, but that it is in you after all. This type of story lends itself to this message, and the way Avery's progress comes about feels earned.

I am pretty sure every single review is going to mention how swoon worthy Cam is. I've often lamented the decline of the 'bad boy'. We've gone from the 'tame bad boy' who isn't really all that bad, to characters who are harmful to the character they claim to love. Cam is a throwback to that my favourite kind of bad boy. He's known as a womanizer. He is a massive flirt. He uses his charm to his advantage. Yet he is one of the sweetest guys I've come across in novel. He bakes her cookies! His patience, charm, and support of Avery makes him a contender for top book boyfriend, and the cookies just cement his status.

Wait For You is what I expected New Adult to be. It mixes the sexier nature these novels have with an actual plot. It merges them together so that the story is the focus, instead of the usual other way around. This is a story about finding your voice, learning to cope, and the strength that can be found in healing. If you're curious about New Adult, it's a pretty good place to start.

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