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TV Talk with Kelly - Bates Motel - Season 3, episodes 9 and 10

You may recall that Kelly from Kellyvision and I 'recapped' Bates Motel season two on my blog. We loved doing it so much we are going to do it again for season three. You can expect these to be up on Fridays for the most part (unless we're delayed).

This isn't really a recap, more just our reactions as we watch the show. There is totally going to be SPOILERS so maybe don't read until you've watched the episode. If you haven't watched it our notes may not make a whole lot of sense anyway but still SPOILERS!

My notes are marked by this colour and Kelly's have her initials by them and are in this colour

We have both the 9th episode, and the season finale (episode 10) notes here!

Bates Motel - Season 3 - Episode 9 - Crazy

‘My life has been a living hell’ So it’s all about Bradley (of course).

Okay, no matter what, I wouldn't be alone with Norman, not the way he's acting.

God, Bradley. What should Norman have done? I had forgotten just how much I hate her. Can she die with Caleb, please?

What could he have done to stop her from going? Why did you and Dylan let me do it she asks….maybe because you’re capable of making your own decisions Bradley.

"How's the pool coming?" Everyone here is the worst.

Everyone is the worst. Taunting her about the pool is not cool douchebag. Norma is having to cover again for Norman. Sigh. Romero better not touch the flash drive. I hope he doesn’t turn on her in that way. ‘Don’t slip and fall into your pool’ THAT IS A THREAT. I hate this guy.

I refuse to believe she's ruined it with Romero.

It's not that I like the neighbor, but I hate Caleb so much. So. Much.

‘Thank god they didn’t kill Dylan’. Preach neighbour guy. Preach. Also, yes. I don’t like neighbour guy but I HATE Caleb. GO AWAY ALREADY.

Emma and Dylan are adorable. "I can't tell; I have tubes in my nose."

The shower talk. Her teasing. SO FREAKING CUTE! I don’t blame her one bit though.

"Just don't let my mother see you." Please let that be foreshadowing.

Oh, please be foreshadowing. I need Norma to catch her. Norma however is a little busy right now.

I just want Romero and Norma to be cute together.

‘You want to act like a third grade girl right now’ made me laugh. So much. Awww, I do not like. DO NOT LIKE. I want cute, teasing Romero and Norma. Not this.

Um, so Bradley wants Norman to tell her family she’s back because he seems ‘innocent’ *dies from laughing* Okay, Bradley. Sure.

Go away, Caleb.

Once again Caleb is making trouble for Dylan. Dylan is just going to let it slide though. UGH. He’s running away to hide. Dylan’s fear that he is going to take off without saying anything is heartbreaking. :(

She has a point, Norman. It's weird, your taxidermy.

His work is important, apparently. Haha. Oh, Norman. Norma really does have a point that it looks weird and is nothing something they need added to everything else right now.

This scene between them is creeping me out.

The way he says mother now...

This entire scene is chilling and I….. no words. Her face. She’s legit scared OF him here. Not FOR him. Freddie Highmore is KILLING it this season. *slow claps*

Norma is past caring. She so fixed on Norman not getting involved with the police, and people not looking too closely she doesn’t have time for anything else, including this issue with Norman.

Love how Norma told him to stay in the house, and the next scene we see him in a car with Bradley. Haha. Norman doesn’t care either.

I kind of feel for Bradley. How long has she been gone?

What is the time frame here, because exactly how quickly did the mom get a new man? It must be like a year or so at least, right? Her room isn’t even her room anymore. It’s an exercise room. Not that much time has past right? That seem cold.

Romero is having a really bad time of it right now.  Getting shot. This investigator.

Yay! I hope this works and she gets the operation!

I so hope this works and that Emma and Dylan have long happy lives far away from this insane town. They both deserve it.

THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!! Loving that they are able to talk to each other about important things. If they don’t get a happy ending…..

Oh wow! I like that he knows he's crazy. But so sad, too.

This episode made me feel bad for Bradley. Honestly. Which I thought was impossible.

I do like that he is that self aware. He knows there is something wrong with himself, BUT I also think he doesn’t even care.

I love Norma and Alex.

‘I hate you’ ‘I hate you too, so what?’ I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. They are the cutest. I am not sure who is cuter - them or Emma/Dylan.

Norma, this might not even be about you. Pretty sure Romero did it for his own reasons.

Love that Romero knows everything without her telling him. He knows Noman killed his father. This is messy and I love that he lets her fall apart and just takes it. He knows it is what she needs right now.

Um, Norma, you can't just fill in the pool.

Especially not with a shovel. WOW. Her meltdowns are pretty epic though. She does what you would want to do but do not because you’ll look insane.

Good. Go, Caleb.

He’s not going to even say goodbye to Dylan? *RAGE* This will break Dylan’s heart. You are an even bigger ass than I thought.

I didn’t think Caleb realized that Norman thought he was Norma.

I hope Caleb really is gone this time. He can stay away for the next 2 seasons.

Poor Norma. She's losing it.

Oh, Bradley. You make life on the run sound so fun. Why would Norman not jump at this?

Is this a room at the Bates Motel? I hope not. She’s totally going to be caught if they are.

Why is she pushing him on what is wrong with him? It’s going to not end well.

Norman is going to have one of his blackouts because they tend to happen when he’s having

Ugh, I hate you, Bradley.


See I knew ‘Mother’ would show up. I predict bad things for Bradley.

Oh, it’s totally Bates Motel. Not smart.

‘Mother’ sure is up to speed on all the going ons. Obviously Norman is not as clueless as I’ve thought. Also, this is the most intense/vivid blackout. He’s interacting with her.

Season finale next! I am both excited and very sad that it’s ending.

Bates Motel - Season 3 - Episode 10 - Unconcious


Ouch. Dylan is finding out that Caleb is leaving town. Yup. People can be disappointing. Especially Caleb.

So Norma wants to go look into a place for Norman. What? What happens to make it not happen.

Do not even tell me that he doesn’t leave. If the car is broken or something I will be mad.

Emma is getting lungs! OMG! This is happy making news. Oh, Emma. It’s amazing what a lot of money can do.

KH: I know! Yay, Emma!

Did Bradley just leave without telling Norman? That might be the best thing for him. And her honestly.

KH: did she leave or did she meet Mother?

I love how the lady is like “And he’s seen what doctor? What has he been diagnosed with?”. She expects that he’s been seen already (which OBVIOUSLY HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!).

KH: I love how she was like, most of the time, we have a liberal visitation policy. Subtext: not for you, Norma.

I bet this is why he doesn’t get help. Which is all the more heartbreaking because he could have gotten help.

The guy who plays Romero is a little saucy - https://twitter.com/CarbonellNestor/status/597932297178877952

Good for you Dylan. Good for you. You deserve better.

Do not even tell me that Emma is not going to go through with the transplant. She doesn’t seem excited. I can see why she’d be scared though.

Whoa, rage issues there Bradley. I get why you’re pissed though.

KH: Emma, you will die either way.

Emma is scared that the transplant is not going to work. I get it, totally. She needs to do it though because it could give her a good chance. I get her need for control though.

The cuteness of her and Dylan right now. AND THE KISSING!!!!

KH: RIGHT?! I love them. Oh, they're giddy. :)

‘What were we talking about?’ Um...who cares. Haha.

This relationship is so different from her and Norman. In every way.

Is Norma about to bring up the “so I want to commit you to a facility’ thing? Because that is AWKWARD.

‘I mean real doctors’. Um, he was a real doctor.

KH: sort of like James. But 24/7. And you don't sleep with them.

Norman’s like “Not hearing it. Don’t care”

KH: did you see that teaser?! Next year, A&E is doing a show called Damien BASED ON THE OMEN! YES.

I did not see that teaser (I was getting wine), but that is cool.

KH: I can't even. Best news ever.

KH: these closeups of pensive Romero are making me nervous.

Romero better not die. That is not allowed. AT ALL!

KH: cosigned. God, these two. :-/

She seems so broken.

KH: there's nothing she can do and that's the worst.

KH: I have such a bad feeling.

He did that for Norma. Right?

KH: Yeah, I think so. Bob is not kind but now he owes Alex.

I don’t like this. DO NOT KILL ROMERO.

KH: There's a motel you can stay at. There's a pool but no fence. Or water.

KH: oh, Bob knows exactly why this happened.

I did not see Romero shooting Bob. Um…. Romero might go to jail.

KH: He can probably spin it. Bob was escaping, drew a gun. Nobody else is there.

Truth. He is a wanted man so that works in Romero’s favour.

‘Please stop talking like I am insane’ Oh, Norman. She would if you weren’t actually insane.

Oh…. I have a bad feeling about where this is going…… Okay, or not. Actually I am going to take a guess and that Bradley isn’t actually there. Wait. We’ve seen her without Norman so nevermind.

DO NOT GO DOWNSTAIRS DYLAN!! My heart is pounding.

kH: Oh God, Norman's escaped.

Dylan’s like “Oh, about that. Yeah, Bradley totally not dead”

Dylan’s ‘It’s also true that he sees shit that’s not really there’ I am laughing now. This show.

KH: how crazy will the cliffhanger be, do you think?

I am guessing that Bradley is dead by the end of the episode. That is all I am willing to guess.

KH: probably. Or at least presumably dead.

‘Mother’ is there. This can not end well for Bradley. At all.

KH: Bradley is so confused. WHAT THE HELL, NORMAN.

Um. I would be more than confused. I would be screaming and running the hell away because WHAT THE HELL?!


KH: whoa. That was...whoa. But at least it was Bradley. Sorry not sorry.

We have zero doubt that it was Norman too. We know for sure what happened. So will Dylan and Norma. This has to change everything.

Oh that is VERY VERY Psycho right there with the car! Love.

KH: ooh, how he disposed of Marion in Psycho! Well played!

Haha. we both typed that at the same time.

‘Mother’ Norma is way more ‘sexy’ (like trashy sexy) than real Norma.

KH: questionable. ;)

Him standing by himself is probably one of the creepiest shots. It just hammers home how far gone he is now. It’s done. He’s done. Nothing can be done.

KH: two seasons and 20 episodes left.

*cries* I am not ready to not have it every Monday. :(

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