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2016 Most Anticipated - Kill The Boy Band

As a teenage girl boy bands were my thing. It started with New Kids On The Block and continued when the Backstreet Boys rolled around. The second I heard of this next book I knew I had to read it! I mean, a group of fangirls kidnap their least favourite member of their favourite boy band?! Yes, please!

I've gotten to read this one already thanks to the advance copy I got at BEA and it is EVERYTHING the below synopsis promises and more!
From debut author Goldy Moldavsky, the story of four superfan friends whose devotion to their favorite boy band has darkly comical and murderous results.

Okay, so just know from the start that it wasn't supposed to go like this. All we wanted was to get near The Ruperts, our favorite boy band.

We didn't mean to kidnap one of the guys. It kind of, sort of happened that way. But now he's tied up in our hotel room. And the worst part of all, it's Rupert P. All four members of The Ruperts might have the same first name, but they couldn't be more different. And Rupert P. is the biggest flop out of the whole group.

We didn't mean to hold hostage a member of The Ruperts, I swear. At least, I didn't. We are fans. Okay, superfans who spend all of our free time tweeting about the boys and updating our fan tumblrs. But so what, that's what you do when you love a group so much it hurts.

How did it get this far? Who knows. I mean midterms are coming up. I really do not have time to go to hell.
It's darkly funny. It celebrates the power of fangirls, and if you (like me) LOVE Heathers you'll need this book in your life. There are so many lines that will make you laugh, but you'll also bask in the love Goldy is bestowing on fangirls, and how their power is unstoppable.

Goldy was kind enough to dish on all things boy bands (including her least favourite member of her favourite boy band).

1 Twitter pitch Kill The Boy Band (140 characters or less).

My original twitter pitch is quite spoilery so here’s an alternate: Four Fangirls kinda accidentally kidnap their least favorite member of their most favorite boy band. Shit gets dark fast.

2 If someone were to make a signature drink in honour of your book, what might be included?

It would probably be absinthe and a sugar cube with a base of fangirl tears. Instead of green or white it would be hot pink.

3 Let us in on one secret about one of your characters, or the world they inhabit.

The narrator’s father was a big motorcycle aficionado.

4 Kill The Boy Band is not only darkly funny, but a look at fan culture in general. What is your favourite part of being a part of a fandom?

A lot of people will say that fandom is the opposite of reality, and while that may be true, I think it has the remarkable ability to make your reality better. Everyday life is mundane. And then there are fandoms, which make us excited about the little things. It’s like candy. It’s a special treat. And I really like getting excited about the little things.

5 Will you share your least favourite member of your favourite boy band? 

Hmm, this one’s tough. But the answer has to be Justin Timberlake, NSYNC. :-)

6 If you could travel to anywhere, in any time period, when and where would you want travel?

Scotland 1743! (hehe a wee Outlander joke.) My answer to this is kinda lame since I technically lived it but I would go back to New York in the 90s. I was only kid then so I’d want to experience it as an adult. I’m obsessed with 90s music and I get a pang for 90s New York whenever I listen to it.

7 What 2016 release are you most anticipating?

I can’t wait to read Cherry by Lindsey Rosin. It’s described as American Pie for girls. Like I said, it’s a 90s thing.

8 If not too spoilery, can you share the first line of Kill The Boy Band.

Sure! Here it is:

People have called me crazy.

Yes to getting excited about the little things. I think we all need more of that and this book is one of those things to get excited about!

Kill The Boy Band releases February 23, 2016 and can be pre-ordered right now from any retailer.

You can also follow Goldy on Twitter, visit her website, and find out more about her books on the publisher website.

Be sure to stop by to find out the next book that made this year's list!

Are you (or were you) a fan of boy bands?  What's your favourite boy band song? Let me know in the comments.

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