Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Wishlist

As the year comes to a close I am eagerly looking forward to all the amazing things we have coming up in 2016. Here are a few of my hopes and wishes for the year ahead in entertainment (books, movies, etc).


1 - For the Bonnie and Clyde inspired stories coming out to be amazing. I have been dying to fall in love with a story based on them and with three (that I know of so far) coming out next year I have high hopes that one will be my newest obsession.

2 - More obscure retellings. If we're going to have fairytale and other retellings let's not have a millionth Romeo and Juliet, or Snow White book. I want something different. More Macbeth retellings would be awesome, and Snow Queen tales are sure to be hot with Frozen being all the rage this past year.

3 - Announcement of new books from these authors: Alissa Nutting, Gillian Flynn, Stephanie Perkins, Jodi Lynn Anderson, Katherine Longshore, and Bethany Griffin. Each of them have nothing 'official' announced, but I am hoping 2016 changes that. I need new books from them as soon as possible.

4 - A Hollywood set crime drama inspired by The Black Dahlia. If Gillian Flynn wants to write this I would not object. I need this book like I need air and it doesn't even exist yet but here is hoping it eventually will.

5 - Less triangles, and more complex connections between characters a la Throne Of Glass. Sarah J Maas has mastered the art of writing multiple ships and making each of them seem plausible.

6- Keep the Peter Pan retellings coming. We've had a wealth of them pop up and a lot of them are to be published in 2016. I am perfectly fine with this trend and if one of them were a Tink/Peter romance I think I would die of happiness!

7- Number 7 is a little spoilery for Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas so peek at your own risk

8- For Caraval by Stephanie Garber to be as magical, engrossing and stunning as I anticipate it to be. I am totally prepared for it to be my next obsession after reading it.

9- To be delightfully surprised with how much I fall in love with a book. The unexpected ones usually stay with you the longest.

10- To be entirely bewitched by Marissa Meyer's Heartless. I need this book so much!

11- For Dawn Ius' Overdrive to make me swoon and immediately want to head to Las Vegas. 

Non Bookish

1 - For the second season of Mr Robot to be as impressive as the first. I want them to keep the focus on Elliott and his continuing spiral. Let's not expand the world too much and take away what made this show brilliant.

2 - For Finn Wittrock to be cast in a huge book to movie/TV adaptation. The guy is insanely talented and I want him to be cast in something BIG... like cover of Entertainment Weekly big. If Gillian Flynn were to write a novel inspired by the Black Dahlia and Finn Wittrock were to be cast... I wouldn't be mad is all I am saying. 

3 - Details about the Throne of Glass TV series to be revealed. I would also be delighted if I loved the casting and if they decided to go the Game of Thrones route with it (meaning a network like Showtime, HBO, etc) and not compromise what makes this series so amazing. I want the brutal, gritty feel the novels have, especially early in the series. I am also hoping it lasts long enough for us to meet Manon when it premieres.

4 - For the next season of American Horror Story to be just as amazing as Hotel was. I loved the campy, almost tongue in cheek vibe this season had and it was so much FUN. Give that to me again with a fantastic setting and I'll happily return for another season.

5 - For iZombie to keep it's current stride. The show is hitting all the right notes and the writing could not be smarter or sharper. Also, more Ravi please. Always.

6 - For the Me Before You movie adaptation to be brilliant, and beautiful and heart crushing. Also, Sam Claflin KILLING it and getting a ton of recognition for being a pitch perfect Will. 

7 - Jacob Trembaly winning the Best Supporting Actor Screen Actor's Guild Award would thrill me immensely. That kid is insanely talented. Seriously. Watch Room and tell me I am wrong. I dare you.

8 - For the next season of Penny Dreadful to have all the kissing. I need the kissing. Particularly between Ethan and Vanessa. Oh, and Eva Green finally needs to have the awards she deserves for practically giving blood in every single frame of her performance as Miss Ives.

I am sure there are many more things I could add to this wishlist. What are some of the things you're wishing/hoping for in 2016 entertainment wise? Let me know in the comments.

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