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My Top Ten TV Ships

I have been super into podcasts recently, and had my friend Kelly (from Kellyvision) tell me about this podcast that talks about television and the couple we ship on our favourite shows. It's called The Shipping Room Podcast and if you are a fan of CW shows, shipping, and lots more I recommend you give it a try.

Listening to the podcast gave me the idea to list my own top ten ships from television. I have been teased that I am the Patron Saint Of Doomed Ships and this list makes the moniker seem pretty accurate.


1. Buffy and Angel from Buffy The Vampire Slayer 

One of my first ships, and one of the firsts that showed me just how brutal shipping can be. There are so many memorable moments between them but the "You still my girl?" "Always" exchange remains one of my favourites.

I loved every bitter sweet moment between these two and love that they were willing to sacrifice for each other at various times in their relationship. The entirety of season two was basically like cat nip to teen me, and I doubt those nostalgic feelings for this couple will ever go away.

2. Emma and Neal from Once Upon A Time

Their story was epic. Two people magically whisked away from their home at a young age end up finding their way to each other. It was basically fate. He was totally supposed to be her true love.

Neal made mistakes that he was atoning for but he never stopped loving Emma, and she never stopped loving him. It could have been a very sweet second chance romance. There was so much that Neal taught Emma, but the most important thing he instilled in her was her idea of home. He also gave her the greatest love of her life - their son Henry. This ship was filled with potential and cuteness. It still breaks my heart how this one ended. 

3. Coach and Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights

A couple that was always a couple during the entirety of the show. They basically are the definition of #marriagegoals. My favourite part of their relationship was how realistic it felt. They had issues, but their love for one another made them work at their marriage and not take each other for granted.

This gif pretty much sums up their relationship. There was a lot of respect between the two of them, and it showed in everything they did. 

4. Emma and Dylan from Bates Motel

Emma and Dylan were a light in the darkness that was Bates Motel. Their relationship took me by surprise, but ended up being one of my favourite elements of the show.

Dylan calling Emma a 'frickin' warrior' is one of my favourite moments and one of the most romantic. It showed how much he supported her, and that he saw how strong she was. Emma brought out the best in Dylan simply because he wanted to be someone worthy of her.

5. Liv and Lowell

A ship that, sadly, ended before it really began. Lowell easily won Liv (and myself) over with his charm, British accent and good looks. He also happened to be kind, and was the first guy her zombie self felt comfortable around romantically. He made her see that love after being zombified was possible. 

While it is rather obvious who her end game romance will be, I definitely wished for Lowell to stick around a little longer than he did. It was cute while it lasted. 

Bonus Izombie Ship - Ravi and Peyton

iZombie is filled with amazing ship potential, so I had to include a bonus one from this show. 

I love the potential this ship has, and while they've already had their ups and downs, I predict it'll sail again soon. 

6. Lucifer and Chloe from Lucifer

My favourite part of this ship is the banter between the two of them. They get each other, and keep each other on the toes. While the creators/writers may be playing the 'will they/won't they' trope with these two, I am hoping they continue to get closer as the show continues.

I love that each of them brings out something in the other. They make each other the best versions of themselves. Lucifer brings out a more fun side in Chloe, while Chloe inspires Lucifer to strive to be better. I love that this ship went from Chloe not really liking Lucifer, to this friendship that formed, to deeper feelings between them. 

7. Daryl and Beth from Walking Dead

Beth may have been young, but she understood and got Daryl in a way that I really appreciated. This is another ship that sort of took me by surprise because I never would have put them together until the characters ended up spending time separated from the rest of the group.

Some confessions, and moonshine later and I was fully on board with them getting together. Sadly, as is the nature of this show, we never got to see what this ship could really be and I am still not over it. #You'llMissMeWhenI'mGone

Bonus Walking Dead ship - Glenn and Maggie

One of the most stable couples on The Walking Dead, and one of the cutest. They are so sweet and awkward together when they first meet, and quickly become a pair that is based on mutual respect and love. They loved each other fiercely in a world where it didn't seem possible. 

I loved getting to see this relationship grow and blossom. They were a beacon of light and hope in this show that is usually all too brutal (and even they didn't get a happy ending).

8. Ethan and Vanessa from Penny Dreadful

This ship screamed heartbreak right from the start, so I (naturally) decided it would be wise to fall completely in love with them. The tragic and haunted Vanessa and the equally broken Ethan were a natural fit. They got each other. Add in a bit of fate and destiny to their relationship and I was sold.

The tragic ending of this one still angers me (for many reasons) but it was darkly beautiful and haunting while it (and the show) lasted. 

9. Connor and Oliver from How To Get Away With Murder

This relationship is amazing when it works. Sadly, things (like murder and secrets) keep getting in the way of them being happy together.

I love what Oliver brings out in Connor. His character has grown so much and it is largely due to this relationship. Sadly, the changes to Oliver since Connor has come into his life have not all been positive ones. He is turning into someone that he may not even like and it could ruin this couple's chance at happiness. I did mention I liked the doomed ones.

10. Jamie and Claire from Outlander

Jamie and Claire certainly have a lot of things working against them - mainly that Claire is from a completely different time than he is. Their relationship however is filled with lots of sexiness, trust, and genuine love.

I love how much they've supported each other through everything that has happened to them. This couple's greatest obstacle is outside forces and that makes them all the more heartbreaking.

Baby Ships

I wanted to mention these two ships between younger characters on shows that I am enjoying. These are not full fledged ships yet but there is something adorable about the innocence they share.

Bruce and Selina from Gotham

Selina was certainly obsessed with kissing the young Master Wayne in season one. She often taunted and teased him about wanting to kiss her to my great amusement. She finally kisses a surprised Bruce and their adorable relationship has been up and down ever since.

We all know who Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle become so I doubt there is a happily ever after in their future but there is something about first love, and the innocence of their kiss that I cannot help but root for anyway. 

Eleven and Mike from Stranger Things

First love and crushes are perfect television show fodder.  Most people can relate to having a crush for the first time. Mike and Eleven's very tentative and sweet relationship was only beginning to build before the events of the final episode happened. They were supposed to go to the Snow Ball!

My favourite moment is perhaps when Mike sees her after they give her a 'make over' so she can go to school with them and is obviously a little in awe of how pretty she looks. It's adorable, and so perfect for their ages.

I could list so many other ships, but these are the ten (or more) that have stayed with me. I have added a lot of shows to my watch list thanks to this podcast such as Shameless (for Ian and Mickey) and Parks and Rec (for Ben and Leslie). Are there other shows I should be watching? What ships make your top ten list? Let me know in the comments.

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