Friday, March 20, 2020

Binge Watching Recommendations

We are all adjusting to our new (hopefully very temporary) normal of social distancing. Many of us are only leaving our homes for essentials such as food and medications.

I have been struggling with this adjustment and have been trying to cling to the things that do bring me joy such as calls with friends and family, reading, and catching up on movies and television shows.

You, like me, may be looking for recommendations on what to watch so I am going to offer a few of mine in this blog post.

Hopefully the blog will get back to normal with reviews and such next week. As you can imagine it has been hard to focus on anything production right now.

My recommendations for what to watch while social distancing/self isolating


1. Stand By Me

This is one of my all time favourite (if not my favourite) movies. Everyone is perfectly cast, and the young main foursome have excellent friendship chemistry. It also boasts a Kiefer Sutherland performance that, along with his performance in The Lost Boys, still provides inspiration for villains in entertainment (look at you Billy from Stranger Things).

2. Scream

Even if horror movies are not your thing I think that you should watch this one. It has a very self aware tone, and definitely still holds up as well as it did when it was first released. 

3. Clueless

This one is for pure feel good escapism. It's a charming and has a really cute Paul Rudd performance in it. It is one of those movies I watch when I am sick , or just on a rainy day.

4. The Philadelphia Story

I have been watching a lot of older Hollywood movies recently and was entirely charmed by this one. It has some of that time periods most well known actors (Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart, Cary Grant) and a fun plot that I really enjoyed.

5. 13 Going On 30

Adorably cute is the best way to describe this one. It's a comfort watch that leaves you feeling good. Jennifer Garner is really charming in this, and it has Mark Ruffalo playing the sweetest man ever.


1. Breaking Bad

This is, in my opinion, one of the best shows to have ever aired on television. If you some how missed watching this I highly recommend you get to it now. It offers amazing performances from the entire cast (with special mention to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul) and the kind of meticulous plotting that leaves you in awe.

2. Stranger Things

This nostalgia filled show is pretty much the perfect distraction. You'll love all of the characters (even some of the ones you start out hating) and this is a show that actually cares about character growth. I am sure everyone has already watched it, but it is a must watch if you haven't.

3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

One of my all time favourite shows, and one that I have revisisted a few times. There are quite a few seasons so you'll have plenty to keep you busy. It mixes the supernatural with some great character stuff that makes for a compelling show.

4.  American Crime Story 

Both seasons of American Crime Story (The People vs OJ Simpson, and The Assassination of Gianni Versace) are excellent and I highly recommend both. They are some of Ryan Murphy's finest work, and the casting for his shows is always impeccable and these two seasons are no exception. Sarah Paulson steals the show as Marcia Clark, and Darren Criss captivates as Andrew Cunanan. 

5. Friday Night Lights

You do not have to like football to enjoy this. It is the characters and their connections that make this show resonate the way it does. You'll have so many favourites, and care more deeply about what happens to all of the characters than you expected to.

Those are the shows and movies I think you should add to your watch list. What I am going to be watching during this time of social distancing? Plenty of my favourites, along with the following:

1. The Sinner

The first two seasons of this are available on Netflix and I have heard nothing but good things. I have already watched the first season and am about to jump into the second.

2. On The Waterfront

I recently watched A Streetcar Named Desire and was introduced to Marlon Brando. This is apparently one of his best performances (it won him one of his Oscars) so I am looking forward to watch it.

3. Niagara

It is my April #2020PopCultureResolution pick and, sadly, I do not think we'll be out of this social distancing thing by April. It's one of the few Marilyn Monroe movies I have not seen yet.

4. A Star Is Born (1937)

I loved the 2018 version but have never seen any of the others. I am going to dive in with the 1937 version simply because I own it. I am looking forward to seeing if I love it as much as the 2018 one.

5. Schitt's Creek

I feel like a bad Canadian because I haven't seen this yet.

What are you watching right now? Let me know your recommendations and what you hope to get to in the comments.

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