Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Heading to TIFF!


I will be headed to Toronto very soon to attend TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). I am excited to see so many movies and attend the festival for the first time.

I have secured tickets and, while I did not.get everything I wanted, I am looking forward to what I did manage to get tickets to.

Here are the movies I managed to get tickets to in no particular order:

1. The Menu
2. The Fabelmans
3. My Policeman
4. In Conversation with Damien Chazelle
5. Empire of Light
6. The Son
7. The Greatest Beer Run Ever
8. Triangle of Sadness
9. Women Talking

I really wanted to get a ticket to Glass Onion and the Taylor Swift event but I am happy with what I am going to see.

Are you heading to TIFF? What movies are you most excited to see from the festival line up? Let me know in the comments.

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