Thursday, February 2, 2023

Monthly Movie Picks - February


Welcome to a brand new post on my blog. It'll be a monthly post and focus on the new movies I most want to see that month. I am excited to see what movies you are excited for as well.

Here is what I am excited for in February:

1. Knock at the Cabin

Release Date: February 3

This movie piqued my interest when I heard it was based off a well reviewed novel by Paul Tremblay. It has an intriguing premise and I like many of the cast.

This seems like an impossible choice - save your family or save the entire world. I hear the book has a divisive ending so I am curious to see if they change it for the movie.

2. Magic Mike's Last Dance

Release Date: February 10

I really enjoyed the first two movies in this trilogy and am excited that it is going to be set in a new location.

The first movie was a mix of fun and serious. The second focused on the fun. I am curious to see what the third one focuses on (it seems to be fun based on the trailer). I am also hoping that some of the other guys in the previous two movies make cameos at least. 

What are you most excited to see this month? Let me know in the comments.

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