Monday, December 17, 2012

Disney World Vacation 2012

This post is a little different, and a little more personal than I normally do.

I was gone all last week on vacation to Florida! I went with my sister and her family to Disney World. Getting to introduce my nieces to one of my favourite places on earth was awesome. The little munchkins had a fantastic time, and I am so glad they got to experience it at a young age.

Disney World really is magical, and it makes me feel like a kid again every single time I go. I am going to share some of my photos, and do a bit of a recap post today, and the bookish posts will resume tomorrow.

One of the highlights for me was getting to see the new Fantasyland area. The inclusion of both Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid) and Prince Adam's castles (Beauty and the Beast) is amazing, and both are so well done! The Be Our Guest Restaurant is stunning and the food is excellent. The Forbidden West Wing area of the restaurant was by far my favourite, and it immediately brings the feel of the movie to life.

I am looking forward to the new Snow White ride in 2014 and the little bit I saw while there looks great already.

I discovered that a trip to Disney with young children really is quite different from going with adults. We got a lot less done, but seeing it with them was amazing. I am already wanting to go back, and hope to do so in 2014.

On to some of my favourite pictures:

Cinderella's Castle At Night

Lumiere and Belle in the new Enchanted Tales with Belle Attraction

I just love this photo of my niece Kenadie. 

Avery on the Carousel

Brooklynn on the Carousel 

Kenadie on the Carousel

Brooklynn and Kenadie in their new sweaters

The entrance to the Be Our Guest Restaurant (which happens to be Prince Adam's castle)

LOVED this place! Stunning and yummy food

Prince Eric's castle

Rapunzel's tower. So excited to see what this is going to be!

Thanks for putting up with this post! :) Bookish things resume tomorrow! If you have ever been to Disney World (or Land) let me know your favourite ride/attraction/etc in the comments.


  1. What a fun trip!! I last went to Disney about 3 years ago with my nieces and nephew. It is so much fun to go as an adult with little kids. Gives you a better appreciation for the magic of the place. :) Splash Mountain is definitely one of my favorite rides!

  2. Great pics!! We didn't do the Enchanted Tales, but I kinda wish we did now! lol.. it's so cute :) The castles are just GORGEOUS..


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