Monday, December 17, 2012

Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes Guest Post

Magic plays a huge part in Falling Kingdoms. A fantasy novel I happened to really enjoy. If you missed my review, do take a moment and see what I thought.

Today I have the author, Morgan Rhodes, stopping by to tell us about the magic in this spell binding novel!

The magic in Falling Kingdoms

Magic in the land of Mytica (comprised of the kingdoms of icy Limeros, dying Paelsia, and affluent Auranos)—and in the entire world of Falling Kingdoms—has seemingly faded away to nothing but silly stories told to children. For a millennium, there’s been no tangible proof shown to the masses that magic is real and not only myth.
This magic is called elementia, which is elemental magic—fire, air, earth, and water. There are those who consider themselves witches, able to mildly channel one or two elements. Witches are rumored to be the offspring of Watchers, immortal beings who live in a place called the Sanctuary, which is set apart from the mortal world. These mortal witches can strengthen their magic with blood sacrifice—the larger the sacrifice, the greater their power will be…for a short time.
There is now a prophecy of a sorceress reborn, the likes not seen for a thousand years. A powerful being who can easily channel all four elements to use at her whim.
And there is also the legend of the Kindred—four crystals that contain the very essence of elementia. Both Watchers and mortals (those who believe in such tales) are on the hunt for this omnipotent source of magic and power.
Thank you to Razobill Canada for setting up the fantastic blog tour (you rock Jacquelynne) and to Morgan Rhodes for stopping by. Be sure to check out Falling Kingdoms!

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