Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time - Nasty Habits

Neal is in NEVERLAND!! Okay, now that I have that out of the way. Let's start Nasty Habits.

Felix has Neal walking through the forest. Felix mentions he hoped he would never see Neal again. Neal tells Felix that all he wants is Henry. Again it's brought up that Pan has been looking for Henry for a very long time. Neal manages to get out of the knot Felix tied his hands with and punches him out, noting "I am not a boy anymore Felix, and sure the hell ain't lost" before running away. *prays that he finds Emma or Henry*

Flashback - Enchanted Forest

Young Baelfire is drawing when Rumple comes in bringing him am gift. I always love a young Bae flashback. Dylan Schmid is fantastic in this role, and young Bae crushes my heart constantly. I already know I am going to love this episode. Baelfire sneers that he does not want anymore gifts from people Rumple terrorizes. He wants to go outside, have friends, and see the world. Rumple says it's not possible because he has enemies who could hurt Bae. Bae tells him that what Rumple is really scared of is Bae leaving and never coming back, which fair point. I would run if I was Baelfire too. His dad turns people into snails and squashes them.

Present day Neverland

Rumple once again sees Belle. Is she really there? Is she a vision? Not sure at this point. They discuss Rumple wanting to save Henry and how honourable his intentions are. Rumple says that he honestly does want to save Henry because he is okay with dying. He wants to because he has nothing left to live for. Belle is all "Hey, what about me?" which I understand. I would be upset too. Rumple tells her that eventually she would have seen him as the monster he is, and left him. He wants to honour Bae and save Henry. Belle reminds him that he has a nasty habit of reverting to self preservation.

Present day Neverland

Strategy meeting to get Henry back. Tinkerbell wants to know how they intend to get off the island. She doesn't want to help until they have an escape plan. None of the group do, and she flat out tells them to forget her helping until they've figured it out. She is not confident because nobody leaves without Pan's say so. Fun moment as Tinkerbell tells them that Tamara and Greg are dead and Regina smirks. Lana Parrilla is fantastic. It's funny but I am enjoying Regina more this season. Tink storms off and tells them they know where she lives when they are ready. 'Never break in somewhere unless you know the way out'  is something Neal taught Emma and she agrees they need a plan. Hook doesn't have a way off the island either but does mention that he had made a deal with Pan to get off the first time, and now I am curious. What exactly is their backstory? Please give it us, writers! He mentions that he may know where they can find answers though.

Present day - Neverland

Rumple comes across two Lost Boys and magics them to sleep. Neal comes bursting out of the forest at the same time! Father and son reunited. Rumple doesn't believe it's actually Neal, with good reason. He's been seeing Belle all over Neverland so...  not surprised. Neal eventually convinces Rumple it's him by calling him Poppa (and the tears start, seriously this messed up family!).

Flashback - Enchanted Forest

Rumple comes home to find young Bae gone. He is immediately enraged and traces Bae's trail to this little town where other children have gone missing. Apparently there is a magic piper who lures children away. I love this twist on the Pied Piper already. Of course, because it's what Rumple does, he threatens to find this piper and kill him.

Present Day - Neverland

Neal wants to know if the Lost Boys are dead. Rumple says no, and Neal wants to leave it this way. He says he'll do whatever it is to get Henry back, but they don't need to kill Lost Boys. Seems Neal may have a soft spot for the young boys he spent so much time with. He tells Rumple that he does not have sacrifice himself to save Henry, that he has another way. Neal calls up a giant squid from the ocean using a shell and tells Rumple to extract the ink from it to immobilize Pan long enough to snatch Henry. It's a solid plan! I can't see them rescuing Henry this early in the season, so I am not confident it's going to work.

Hook's led them to Neal's hideout when he was in Neverland as a boy. The paintings on the wall...*feelings*. He painted the Darling family, his trip through the portal, and the Port/Starboard symbol Hook drew on the ship when Neal was with Hook. *all the tears*. It makes me want to hug young Baelfire. Such a tragic life. I LOVE that Emma immediately knew it was Neal's home.

Hook and Charming have a discussion about Charming's injury. Hook wants him to tell Snow and Emma about it. Charming refuses and tells Hook to keep quiet, and that they only thing that matters is Henry. Ugh. Charming...STOP! You're being ridiculous.

Flashback - Enchanted Forest

Rumple waits and hears the piper's music. Follows it to a group of bewitched dancing boys. Rumple orders the piper to hand over his son. Piper rips off his hood to show....PETER FREAKING PAN! Okay, that's a fantastic twist. Peter calls Rumple "laddie". It's obvious they know each other, even back this far. Interesting. One of my theories is seemingly becoming more plausible. Peter sneers at Rumple, commenting "Look whose all grown up and become the Dark One". Peter mentions it's lonely in Neverland and wants to take these boys with him so he can have friends. He mentions that people can visit Neverland in their dreams, but that they can't stay. Only certain boys can hear the music that he plays. Boys who feel unloved, and lost (which gives Peter the inspiration for the name). It explains why Bae can hear it, and obviously Rumple too. Peter rubs it in that everyone Rumple has loved has left him. Milah, his father, and now Baelfire. He offers a deal...Rumple gets to ask Bae if he wants to go home or go to Neverland. If Bae picks home, Rumple can keep him. Robbie Kay manages to hold his own against the incredible Robert Carlyle. He is truly talented, and this scene pretty much blew me away.

Present day - Neverland

Peter is throwing a party in Henry's honour, but Henry's not having it. Henry can't hear Peter's music, which means Henry still feels loved, and has faith he will be found. Peter tells him that he'll hear it soon enough. Felix comes to tell Peter that Neal and Rumple are searching for Henry as Neal escaped. Peter doesn't seem concerned. Rumple and Neal try to ambush Pan. Peter calls Neal Baelfire and gets reprimanded "It's Neal now". Neal shoots the squid ink dipped arrow at Peter. He catches it, and laughs. Neal tells him the tip wasn't what he coated and Peter ends up being frozen in place.

Peter tells Neal that he may want to leave Henry with him because there is something Rumple isn't telling him. He tells Neal that Rumple isn't there to save Henry, but to kill him. Neal wisely grabs Henry and runs before questioning Rumple. He demands to know what Pan is talking about. Neal gets worked up, and angry (it's hot!) and tells Rumple to "stop stalling". Rumple tells Neal all about the prophecy and that Henry will be his undoing. Neal puts it together and accuses Rumple of deciding to kill the boy no matter who it was. Rumple agrees but says it is different now that he knows it's his grandson. Rumple swears he was going to save Henry. Neal doesn't seem impressed, or convinced. This episode is filled with nasty habits, both Rumple and Neal have them. Rumple is a coward who always puts self preservation before anything. Neal's learned that he can't depend on his father, and that mistrust may just mean Henry getting recaptured by Pan. Rumple offers to prove that he is telling the truth. Neal wants his dagger, but Rumple can't produce it. Neal is fed up (just like his younger self) and says that there is always some answer, some reason with his father. It doesn't matter that his intentions are honourable now. What about when they get back to Storybrooke? In a week? Month? Year? He could end up thinking that 'undoing' is not such a good thing. Rumple says that will not happen, Neal is his happy ending. Neal, in a moment of mistrust, freezes his father, and tells him that he is going to find Emma and take his family home. Rumple begs him to not go off alone, but Neal doesn't listen. Damn it, Neal! For once just trust your father (although I get why he doesn't). That final "Goodbye Poppa" *tears*. Young Bae flashbacks break my heart EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Hook and Milah feels! Hook mentions Neal got his love of drawing from his mother. Eventually Emma works out that the candle they are using to look around the cave is not just a candle, but something that reveals a map made out of stars. A map home (the way Emma says home.. Tallahassee feelings). Sadly, nobody but Neal can read it though so they are screwed (until they find out Neal is alive that is). Hook tells them that he taught Neal to code his maps, so since Neal is dead they can't use it. Emma runs outside on the verge of a breakdown. Her speech here is awesome "I’m not sad. I’m pissed! Yes, Neal just died. But I lost him years ago, all that time thinking he didn’t love me only to find out that he did, and it was too late. I can’t even tell him how angry that makes me or how much it hurt when he left. Or how terrified I was when he came back, because I knew the moment I saw him that I never stopped loving him." SHE NEVER STOPPED LOVING HIM! I may have burst into tears, and this episode is just filling me with so many different emotions. This is what happens when I get invested in fictional characters. EMMA LOVES NEAL! She, of course, goes running off cry. Snow has a very real moment where she tells Charming that she has no idea has to comfort Emma. It's the first thing a mother learns, and Snow has NO CLUE. You can see the hurt on her face, and how desperately she wants to be there for her daughter. It drifts into Snow and Charming talking about how Snow would cope if Charming died. Of course he does not take the chance to tell Snow he's dying, nope. Charming is a lying liar who lies and pretends everything is fine. Not cool, Charming.

Flashback - Enchanted Forest

Rumple finds Bae and uses magic to whisk him back home. Bae wants to know who Peter Pan is. Rumple says they grew up together, and that Peter betrayed Rumple at some point. Says that Peter "fooled him for a long time" and that Peter's true nature is "darker and more repulsive than Bae should be exposed to". Bae cries that all Rumple had to do was take Peter's deal and ask him to come home. Bae says that fact that Rumple didn't ask means he doesn't trust him, and that he would have come home if only Rumple had asked. Baelfire walks out the door, not trusting his father. I am now DYING to know how Rumple and Peter know each other.

Present Day - Neverland

Neal, obviously, runs into Peter Pan, but not before making it to Emma's camp. Nobody is there but Neal knows Emma was there (can these two sense each other or something?). Peter tells Neal that HE taught him to never enter a place without knowing how to leave (and Neal taught Emma) and takes Henry back (queue fans calling for Neal's head, but really what was he suppose to do?) and Neal captive. Neal screaming at Henry that he will find him (Charming and Snow's favourite line) and that he's alive was heartbreaking because Henry is passed out. He's got not clue this is going on. :(

Peter tells Neal that it's all a game. What they really should be worried about is getting off Neverland. Reminds Neal that nobody leaves without his permission. Neal reminds Peter that he's done it before. Peter basically laughs in his face and insinuates that he LET Neal leave. Not surprised by this, at all. I have always thought he let Neal leave to meet Emma. Peter says he has everyone right where he wants them. He also mentions resetting the board and that the game is about to change. Seriously Robbie Kay, stop be amazing. I want to hate Peter and I can't. He's ruthless and scary and Robbie went to the same eyebrow acting school as Colin O'Donoghue.

Belle and Rumpe talk again. She says that she knows Rumple would have saved Henry. She is questioning why Rumple is sad though because Neal is alive. Rumple comments that he has something to live for and that makes this whole prophecy something he doesn't want to have happen. Belle beseeches him to break old habits and stop with the self preservation he always falls back on. Rumple tells her to go away, and I am left with the nagging feeling that Henry is in trouble because Rumple wants to live for Neal, and Henry is in the way of that (or so Rumple thinks).

Peter waits for Henry to wake up, and plays his piper music again, except this time Henry can hear the it. Henry joins the Lost Boys in their dancing and I am scared. Henry is not going to want to leave this island when Emma and the gang finally find him.

Until next Wednesday... Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.


  1. Can you believe that we are only 3 episodes into the season so far? It seems like so much more. I absolutely loved Neal in this episode. He was so determined, not only to save Henry, but to find Emma as well. And I love the time between him and Rumple. Rumple... OMG, he totally broke my heart! I feel so bad for him. He SO wants to do the right thing.

    I am DYING to know more of Hook's backstory. With Pan and Tinkerbell, and with Milah too. Such a mysterious man. I can't believe that Peter managed to get Henry away from Neal, again! Gah, they are totally going to drag this storyline out for as long as they can. And for the life of me, I can't seem to figure out what happened to Henry that he could suddenly hear the music. GAH!

    I NEED MORE INFORMATION! What's going to happen next????

  2. Love, love, love this show! I keep thinking that maybe Henry being the "undoing"u Rumple doesn't mean what they assume it means. Maybe Rumple will care for someone other than himself and that will be the undoing of the Dark One? I SO want a HEA for these characters!

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