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TV Talk With Kelly ..... Bates Motel, Season 3, Episode 6

You may recall that Kelly from Kellyvision and I 'recapped' Bates Motel season two on my blog. We loved doing it so much we are going to do it again for season three. You can expect these to be up on Fridays for the most part (unless we're delayed).

This isn't really a recap, more just our reactions as we watch the show. There is totally going to be SPOILERS so maybe don't read until you've watched the episode. If you haven't watched it our notes may not make a whole lot of sense anyway but still SPOILERS!

My notes are marked by this colour and Kelly's have her initials by them and are in blue.

Bates Motel - Season 3 - Episode 6 - Norma Louise

Holy crap, Norman.

Norman, calm down. It is not Dylan’s fault. If anyone is to blame it’s Caleb. Ouch. Dylan is going to beat himself up for hitting Norman. :( Dylan is a little eager to get in touch.

Holy crap, Norma! This whole family, God.

OMG! Your way of not dealing with those texts is to SHOOT YOUR PHONE WITH A GUN. This family. I cannot even.

Hello, Romero. He really does have pretty eyes.

Holy crap, Romero!

Um, WHAT THE WHAT?! Is everyone gun happy tonight and ROMERO IS BLEEDING! WHAT?!

This episode.

Okay, we’re like not even 5 minutes in. This episode is INSANE.

Norma is judging the questionable lady on the corner there.

This will never stop being a thing. Ever. It’s too perfect. Yes, she was judging hardcore.

Haha, Norma is taking on the saleslady. Of course she wins.

Of course she wins. I hate that rule anyways. Let me take in as much clothes as I want. I cannot buy things if you don’t let me try them on. I love that she won, too. Ridiculous rule.

God, poor Norman.

Poor, Norman. :( He really thinks she’s abandoned him for good. Heartbreaking. Dylan is trying so hard though. I don’t think Max Thieriot gets enough credit for his portrayal of Dylan. “It’s probably from getting knocked out” Awww, Dylan. Stop. You’re cute.

Of course you’re worried about Norman. EVERYONE is worried about Norman. I wonder if Emma knows the enormity of what Norma leaving means. I love that she is going to stay over though.

Okay, this episode is in high-gear.

It’s insane. TOTALLY insane.

"I want my phone and I want you to go away." I could say those exact words to so many people.

Haha. One of my fave lines. Just give the man his phone. I am SO happy he’s ‘okay’ish. The shipper part of me is squeeing right now that he called her!

Um, Norma looks hot!

Is everyone in this town terrifying?!

Yes. It’s like a requirement to live there or something. Must be creepy and homicidal.

Norma, you own a motel. Sneak into one of your own rooms.

That would just be smart. She’s probably worried that Dylan or someone would find her. I don’t understand why she wants a new car. So she can’t be traced? After Romero’s message, it’s probably a good thing.

It's so good Emma was sleeping and didn't hear him calling for his mom.

Yeah. I think she would have been hurt. Norman is seriously losing it. This hallucination is terrifying.  

I don't trust Caleb. And I wish I had even $1 for every time I thought that.

I fully blame Caleb for everything bad in this show. Haha. I hate that Dylan is telling him things. As if he is going to leave. This is happy making. YES! DO IT! GO! FAR, FAR AWAY please. I think maybe I should feel bad for Dylan (his tears) but NOPE!

I love the scene transitions in this--Norma to Norman; Caleb to Norma. They're oddly beautiful.and sad.

The transitions were beautiful. Sad, but haunting. I appreciate the way it was filmed.

"Maybe you're projecting and you're gonna start crying." Love you, Norma.
ooh, she is just making stuff up to this bar guy.

Love, Norma there so much. This guy...ugh. I am not sure like him. She is totally lying to him. Well...selective truth telling maybe. “So I had to kill him” Dude, you think that’s a joke, but….

Norma is a questionable woman today.

Haha, yeah. Again, never going to not be a thing.

That guy sucks.

Love how bad ass Norma was there. That guy was the biggest douche. Yes, it is okay for her to do whatever the heck she wants, jerkface.

It breaks my heart how sad she is. :(

Norman is either having another episode, or he’s crossed over to killing live animals. *shiver*

Norman's gone, Dylan. Maybe don't wait it out.

This right here is where you get him serious help. You call a doctor and you put him in medical care. He needs therapy and nobody is getting him the help he needs. Obviously they can’t or we don’t get to Psycho, but what happens is made all the more sad because he could have gotten help.

"I want my mother." Oh, Norman. :(


Emma! Be okay! YOU NEED TO BE OKAY!

Poor Emma. She must feel so awkward. And you know Norman will see and freak out.

I love Emma. And Dylan. I feel like he's a better choice for her because he's not crazy.

This is the most awkward scene ever. OMG! They seem to have a connection. You know what? I would be okay with her and Dylan driving away from the crazy together. He’s better for her, and they are REALLY connecting here. I figure Norman will find out though and freak out. He is going to see all these relationships start to crumble and it’s going to push him over the edge.

Norma is really being ‘questionable’ tonight.

Worst hospital ever! Is there no security?


I totally just screamed. Holy crap, Romero.

Romero doesn’t work for anyone. Also there is your answer. OMG! BAD ASS ROMERO. Dude, you just shot a guy though and it wasn’t exactly in self defense at the moment. This episode.

Hearing Norma admit all Just WOW.

‘He was really terrible to me’. You could say that. Hearing her say it all like this is similar to when she was listing off everything that had happened to her. It’s a lot to take in when put all together. I am honestly shocked she is as together as she is.

Valid question: why DOES it have to be a secret?

I have no clue why it has to be a secret. At all. He needs HELP and it’s only going to get worse because she’s enabling it. She’s covering for him, making excuses and sweeping things under the rug.

I love that Vera Farmiga isn’t over acting it either. She’s walking that fine line and it’s perfect. Her gasping sobs are on point. Also, this guy can totally be her boyfriend if Romero dies (which is blasphemy and I cannot believe I even said it).

Use this episode in an Emmy submission reel for everyone.

Yeah. Vera Farmiga needs a few nominations for this episode alone.

"I think you need me more as a therapist right now." Um, YEAH. But I'm kinda shipping them a bit.

Yes, he’s my next fave after Romero. She does need a therapist though.

Holy shit, Norman. Dylan, DO SOMETHING.

OMG! WHAT?! THIS IS THE CLOSEST TO PSYCHO WE’VE GOTTEN. He has officially cracked. DO SOMETHING DYLAN. DO NOT JUST ‘OKAY’ WHAT IS GOING ON. STOP. I think Dylan is finally realizing how bad this is though.

I am creeped way the hell out.

SO creeped out. Freddie Highmore committed to this and it’s chilling. He KILLS it and I am filled with shivers. Give that boy some awards because DAMN!

Aww, Emma. That was super cute how she was stroking his hair like that.

Dylan certainly had an eye opening experience though. I wonder if he’ll pressure Norma to get him help.

Norma's synopsis of The Giving Tree helped.

As a non parent I totally get it now. She’s right though. She can’t hide away forever from it. She has to do what is needed because she’s a parent. She doesn’t have the luxury of caring only about herself.

So is Opie the Creepy Neighbor. I bet Caleb dies. It will be nice.

As long as he doesn’t get Dylan killed in the process, whatever. I do not care.

Why are we going to talk to Caleb? No. No. No.

Dylan’s ‘This might not be the best time’ and the I HAVE TO TALK TO YOU that is thinly veiled there. He’s like “We need to discuss that your son is insane and dressed up like you” Norma is like “Nope, we’re going to go talk to my rapist, because I am a parent” This family is entirely messed up.

I love how Norman’s like “Um, the car?” and Dylan’s like “No questions right now”. Everyone needs to talk.

Oh poor Norma.

It’s all over her face. How much this is killing her. Ugh.

I still hate you, Caleb.

Don’t pretend you’re sorry when you’re not, Caleb. Ugh. He’s going to stick around and so help me if she reconnects with him. What is even happening?!

Oh, shit, Norman's face. He's going to kill him. (Good.)

That look! Norman is like “Nope, nobody is coming in between me and Mother again”. He’s totally going to kill him.

So Vera and Freddie for all the awards. Will Emma push and ask questions? Like she knows Norman’s way crazier than she thought now. Will Dylan push for therapy for Norman? He kind of has to say something after THAT.

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