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TV Talk With Kelly - Bates Motel - Season 3, episode 4

You may recall that Kelly from Kellyvision and I 'recapped' Bates Motel season two on my blog. We loved doing it so much we are going to do it again for season three. You can expect these to be up on Fridays for the most part (unless we're delayed).

This isn't really a recap, more just our reactions as we watch the show. There is totally going to be SPOILERS so maybe don't read until you've watched the episode. If you haven't watched it our notes may not make a whole lot of sense anyway but still SPOILERS!

My notes are marked by this colour and Kelly's have her initials by them and are in blue.

Bates Motel - Season 3 - Episode 4 - Unbreak-Able

Norman is about to find out that the ‘questionable woman’ is dead.

Norma you are the opposite of fine. You passed out. This is not fine.

KH: To be fair, I might pass out at someone dying right in front of me like that.

‘Did I do it?’ How heartbreaking is this? He is not too far gone at this point. He needs therapy. How twisted is it that I feel bad for Norman here?

KH: right? He's so dazed and upset. Freddie Highmore needs an Emmy nomination.

DYLAN TO THE RESCUE! <3 span="">

KH: "Dylan, I'm so glad you're here! I need you to leave and take Norman with you."

Norma you are leaving out the computer flash drive.

Romero is like “What is wrong with Norman” Norma’s all “He’s sensitive?” Haha.

Interesting. I never thought of that, Romero. It’s true though. Why would Annika drive to the motel? The flash drive seems the obvious answer.

KH: yeah, but a password-protected flash drive.

He tried to drown himself, that was not just a ‘bad episode’ Norma. He DID black out. DO SOMETHING.

I kind of feel that this is a wake up call for Dylan. I don’t know if he truly saw how bad Norman’s situation is until now. I mean, he suspected but this is in his face.

Norma trying to find the password is hilarious. Sexcrazed? Really, Norma? Haha.

KH: that was my favorite. And I like how they're showing that Norma is as prudish as Mother is. (Well, except for the death-as-punishment thing.)

‘Do you still like me?’ Again, I feel so sad for Norman. I shouldn't but I do. Oh, there is a bit of jealousy regarding Dylan right there. *Do not kill Dylan. Please show, do not do it*

KH: that broke my heart.

Even a computer hacker cannot get into the flash drive. That is serious. I am not sure Norma wants to know what is on that flash drive.

KH: not sure I do, either.

Caleb I hope the answer to how long you’re sticking around is NOT VERY LONG. *die already* He’s the new Bradley right?

Norma is like “WHAT IS GOING ON? WHY IS THERE MAKING OUT?”. OMG! Norman’s “This is my house” I cannot. He’s trying to act all grown up.

KH: agreed. So funny, her reactions.

Romero may be a little shady BUT he does try to get stuff done. EW this guy. ‘You don’t have two dead girls, you have two dead hookers’ UM...SHUT UP, MAYBE?! This guy seems to know about the flash drive too. How are the sex parties tied into this?

KH: two dead hookers. He was a dick on Mad Men, too.

Oh, is there going to be a little bit of a love triangle with Romero and therapist guy? Now that I know he was from Blair Witch I can totally see it. Ooooh! Coffee!

‘My son and I have always been really close. Probably too close.’ Left without comment other than OBVIOUSLY.

KH: gosh, really?

I agree. I think feeling things in public is nothing to be embarrassed about. You have feelings. It proves things matter to you.

KH: I hate crying in public. But I Bet Norma and I are unhealthy.

I love Norma and Alex’s chemistry (yes, she calls him Alex!). I love that they called each other out on lying. Love that they know each other THAT well. He has to be the boyfriend, right? The one that pushes Norman over the edge? Part of me hope so (because they are cute) BUT part of me hopes not because it means the end is coming.

KH: I like Blair Witch guy, but I love her with Romero.

Norma is jealous about the picnic with Emma. They have the most screwed up mother/son relationship EVER. Norman is trying to push her buttons with calling Emma beautiful, sexy, etc. Norma is immediately like “You cannot sleep with her!”. I do think she cares for Emma too, but how much of this is their weird twisted relationship? How much is me projecting?

KH: This is so weird but I feel bad for Norma. She's so hurt! Ugh, their relationship is so WRONG.

Will Dylan all of a sudden be able to hack into mysterious flash drives? I do want to know what is on it though. Norman was listening/watching. *shivers*

KH: Norman is such a creeper.

KH: don't go into creepy houses in the woods! What's wrong with you?

Norman is quite caring and sweet with Emma. It’s really too bad that I cannot ship this more because ADORABLE. Oh, no. Norman. That was the wrong thing to say. Emma has a point here. She knows her illness and what she can handle. I don’t blame her for leaving.

KH poor Emma. And Norman, you should've left Norma out of it.  That was so creepy.

‘I don’t think it’s irrational to not want to talk to the guy who raped her’ You don’t say, Dylan. I don’t even know why Caleb is there, Dylan. Why are you EVEN bothering. OH, he just fell. Is he dead? No. Sigh. I was excited for a minute. Again, DYLAN WHY DO YOU CARE?! I’d be like ‘You can bleed for all I care’.

KH: I hoped so, too.

KH: I am shocked there's a warrant out on Caleb. Oh, wait.

Do not even Caleb. Do not even try to justify what happened. ‘It just happened’. SHE DOES NOT SEE IT THAT WAY! EW. This entire thing ewwwwwww. I am not sure Norma wants your sorry, Caleb.

KH: I don't believe him. He kept insisting it was consensual, but now he wants to apologize? I don't buy it.

Dylan is a bad ass. He’s totally going to get himself killed BUT he’s a total bad ass.

KH: I am afraid for Dylan.

Norma and Dylan really have come a long way from season one. They never would have hugged in season one.

Norman is creepily creeping around and demanding answers. He’s totally not liking the bond between Norma and Dylan.

KH: I'm afraid that Norman will kill him before the other shady people have a chance to.

Norman is going to see Caleb and this is all going to go to hell. He’ll tell Norma because he’ll want to put a wedge between them. Yup, as predicted Norman is confronting them.

KH: I love how Caleb is asking him not to tell 'cause it will wreck his relationship with Norma. Of course he knows that, Dylan!

Oh, Dylan. He wants to destroy it. It’s what he has been hoping for. My heart is breaking for Dylan here (This show!!). Norman is going to run home to Norma and tell her everything and Dylan is going to be most unwelcome there from now on. I bet Norma even kicks him out of the house.

You’re sorry Caleb?! *die already*

Not as gripping ending as usual, but a great set up episode for the rest of the season to come.

KH: I can't wait. I hate that there's not a new episode next week. :(

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