Monday, December 12, 2011

Team Mara...and Why You Should Be Too!

You may have heard about a little tournament going on right now. It's being hosted by YA Sisterhood. A tournament all about selecting the best YA heroine. Mara's official advocate is Casey from The Bookish Type.

Lori from Pure Imagination asked for members of Team Mara to help take part in special Mara Mondays post.

You may remember I did a week long blog event dedicated to how AWESOME this novel (and Mara) is so, of course, I am Team Mara.

Here is why I am voting Dyer and why you should too!

1 She's the heroine you can relate to. She's not perfect, but nobody is perfect. She's the heroine for those of us that are a little different, and unique.

2 She loves animals. Not only does she love them, but she saves animals in distress. She happens to save them in a pretty epic way as well.

3 They say you can tell a lot about a person by the people they choose to be around. If that's true, Mara must be awesome because her best friend Jamie is pretty much the best.

4 A heroine always thinks of others. Mara always thinks of her family, and what her actions might do to them. She is especially concerned about her younger brother and the impact things would have on him. She also worries about what she is capable of doing to others.

5 She gave us the term "ass crown". Her colourful language in general is a plus.

6 She's strong. I don't mean physically (although....*spoilers* she can cause some damage) but she went through a lot. It's impressive that she is even functioning.

7 She doesn't make excuse or apologize for who she is. She's not in the popular crowd at school, and she is definitely OK with that.

8 She is capable of holding her own in a banter contest (see #5). She is witty, has a spark, and isn't afraid to stand her ground.

9 She leaves you wanting more. We don't know everything there is to know about Mara. She has a little mystery. It's part of what makes her awesome.

10 Lastly, because Noah Shaw would. Doing what Noah wants is pretty much going to happen anyway, you'll be too distracted by his hotness to put up a fight.

So with this I hope you'll vote on Dec 16...


  1. Those are all fantastic reasons and I couldn't agree more!
    "you'll be too distracted by his hotness to put up a fight." Yes. This!

    Thanks for posting! I'll link to you when mine post goes up later.

  2. I love your list, Kathy!! You make me want want to go read it all over again and again and again. Especially because of #10 hehehe. Oh Noah Shaw, the things you do to me.... ahem. Right. Sorry. Focus on Mara! She is such a fantastic heroine, I will definitely be voting for her in the tourney!

  3. I totally agree with ALL of your points! I especially love that she's not perfect, because she's so much more real that way -- powers and all =D Thank you SO much for posting!

    Mara's first match is actually FRIDAY 12/16! Sorry for the confusion! Would you mind alerting people to the correct voting day? Thanks!!!!


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