Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saints and Sinners

I am, of course, referring to those hot angels. Here I divided up some of the Saints and Sinners (my personal favourite) that we've come to love. While I might be partial to a bad boy some of the saintly hotties (looking at you Jackson!) make me want to turn them into sinners.



Where you can find him - Lauren Kate's Fallen series

What makes him a Saint - His desire to do good, his sacrfice for love and his willingness to support his friends all make this angel pretty swoon worthy.


Where you can find him - Scott Speer's Immortal City

What makes him a Saint - His honour, him wanting to stick to his beliefs, and the desire to do the best he can. His willingness to protect Maddie, at any cost, certainly ups his hotness factor as well.


Where you can find him - Jocelyn Davies' A Beautiful Dark

What makes him a  Saint - he's a rule follower (rigidly so) and puts honour and integrity above all else. He is also loyal no matter what, a pretty desiable quality in any hottie.



Where you can find him - Jessica Shirvington's Embrace

What makes him a sinner - Hello temptation! Sexy, a little dangerous and gorgeous enough to make a girl get a little out of control! Phoenix lives a little on the dark side, but that just makes him even sexier.


Where you can find him - Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush Hush series

What makes him a sinner - a bad boy who wears leather and smokes? Pretty sure that qualifies Patch for this category. His fallen status only adds to his allure.


Where you can find him - Lauren Kate's Fallen series

What makes him a sinner - Bad boy Cam and his fallen angel status fit in best here. While he may show that there are more shades of grey when compared to the saintly Daniel this angel certainly is the sinner of the two.


Where you can find him - Jocelyn Davies' A Beautiful Dark

What makes him a sinner - A complete disregard for the rules. A knack for mischief and the whole bad boy vibe make him less than angelic, but we wouldn't want it any other way.

There you have some of the hottest angels. The only question left is - which do you prefer Saints or Sinners? Let me know in the comments, and if I left any angels out let me know that too!


  1. Sinner! If you list is anything to go by, I am definitely partial to a bad boy angel hehe ;) They're just so much sexier, that edge of darkness to something that is supposedly to pure and holy.... I love it.

    Patch, Cam and Asher have my votes. But I do admire Daniel's dedication and loyalty... 5000 years? That is committment! And I am very intrigued to meet this saintly Jackson :D

    Love your eye-candy... I mean, scientific research post :D

  2. I love it! I think you picked the perfect actors for the characters.

  3. Can you tell me the name of the actor that you want for Patch?


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