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Until Next Time by Amy Lignor - Blog Tour - Q and A

Today officially kicks off my two week angel event.

I am happy to welcome Amy Lignor to my blog with a fantastic Question and Answer for the first post in this event.

If you want more details about her novel you can find them by going to the official website. You can also near more by visiting the author's blog.

To purchase the book you can visit the following -

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1) Describe Until Next Time in 3 words.

Unique. Dark. Light.

2) What would you say was the most influential in shaping the story of Until Next Time?

Locations, wardrobe, customs - these are all important when it comes to this series - however, my relationship with Emily and Matt is the most influential part of the tale. I had to go as in-depth as I possibly could with these characters, because they really are the yin and yang that represents every single person on this planet.

With every bit of cynicism that Emily shows - and this is a girl who actually knows that her ‘home’ is real but begins to disbelieve - she also has to show a loyal bond to the people who have taught and raised her. She’s the side of the team who has to listen, understand and protect others, while fighting the fact that she doesn’t really like them all that much. Emily is dark, even though she’s the ‘lightest, most forgiving’ facet of the angel/warrior team.

On the flipside, when it comes to Matt, our ‘relationship’ also had to be in-depth. Matt is the warrior, therefore he’s the defender and killer, if need be, in certain situations. His conscience is heavy with the fact that he has committed errors that harm other people, yet he still remains the most light-hearted of the two.

Dark and light have to blend well with the angel/warrior team, because I truly didn’t want this series to be seen as a YA that’s simply a paranormal love triangle. I very much wanted my characters to be real, and speak to all ages. Yes, there’s humor and fun, but when they’re human they have to deal with the same things we all do which, hopefully, allows the readers to identify with them.

3) How would Matt describe Emily?

Matt Says:

Boy, is she strong! I pick up my blade to thrust and parry, and wipe out the evil in front of me because I was trained to be better than the enemy. Yet, Em can simply walk into a room and, with one stare, I’ve seen the enemy falter and lose. Her strength comes from such an incredible soul, I can’t tell you. Her mind is going constantly, questioning everything that she knows and everything we’re learning. She tries to separate the good from the bad so she can put everyone first, even though she really needs someone to talk to. We’ve gone through it all, with so much more to come, that I can tell you Em has been an annoying sister, a true friend, a partner who will never give up on me, my protector, and the one part of any of my lives that I never want to lose. Without Em, well…that’s when my Hell comes.

4) What drew you to writing about angels?

Readers of the blog tour will probably get bored of this answer (J), but Matt came to me during a time in my teenage years when I was hurting and questioning everything. Matt was a young man in my mind who still had that fire and energy that all us ‘young people’ were supposed to have. He looked at the world with wide eyes and wanted nothing more than to be among people. Even though this is someone who came from perfection, he viewed the imperfections of earth as the real Paradise. As I matured, Matt became a past ‘memory’ that helped see me through a really tough time, but when I lost my father at too young of an age, this friend returned - and I thought it was time to tell his story.

5) What sort of research did you do for this novel?

As far as the ‘up above,’ there was really no study, except for my favorite place where Emily and Matt love to go. That incredible library is based on my favorite place - the NYPL (and if I could’ve placed Patience and Fortitude somewhere in there I would have J). When I speak about Ireland, how the bar is carved, the way the community gets together and treats each other as a family with their heroes and villains - all the way to the Dublin streets - came from research I have done with sites such as, UNESCO. I have an adult adventure series (Tallent & Lowery) where each book ‘links’ three historical places, so I’ve had the privilege of studying everything from the Irish world to Petra to Alexandria. My mother is a career research librarian, so delving into history, myths, legends, ancient customs, etc., is one of my favorite things to do!

Thank you Amy for stopping by. Look for a review of Until Next Time on April 5th.


  1. Thank you SO much for allowing Emily & Matt to be the Kick-Off to your two-week Angel event! I am so honored and proud to be a part of your incredible site and I hope your followers fall in love with Until Next Time!

  2. Thanks for allowing Amy to kick off your angel event :)

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