Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Obsessions

The awesome Kelly at KellyVision started posting a weekly post highlighting whatever she happened to be obsessed with that week. I LOVE this idea, so much in fact that I will be doing it myself every Saturday.

Here are my obsessions this week:


Cover for Elizabeth Richard's Phoenix

HOLY HOTNESS! This is a stunning cover. This is coming out in June 2013 which is a quick turn around from Black City. I can't wait to read both of them as I have heard awesome things. Add this to your Goodreads account and start pining.

Cover of The Elite by Kiera Cass

Again with the HOTNESS! This series has some pretty amazing covers. I love the similarities to the first cover, with enough differences to have it stand out. Also the orange is really eye catching. It'll stand out on the shelves for sure. Be sure to add it to your Goodreads account.


Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time

Admittedly I have yet to see him grace my television screen, but take a look at this photo - with a little swashbuckling! The actor also happens to be Irish. *dies from hot accent*. It is encouraging that he has been promoted to series regular. Could our tough, and awesome Emma fall for his devilish charms? I think she just might. *swoon*. I still miss August, can we have him back now?


The Perks of Being A Wallflower

This movie was everything I hoped it would be. The performances were great by all the cast but Ezra Miller truly shines as Patrick. He's fantastic, and I predict he'll be winning Oscars eventually. His performance gave me chills and I can't stop thinking about how amazing he was in this role. Logan Lerman's portrayal of Charlie was also very well done.

This is one of those rare movies made from books where the movie kept the heart and soul of the novel. The author wrote the screenplay and directed and it made all the difference.

Side note - I was sad that one of my favourite parts of the trailer wasn't in the actual movie. :(

So what you are obsessed with this week?


    Can I be Team Hook? Because, I mean, AKDFKJGFKSJGFKA.
    Uh, also: I'm seriously distracted by the Divergent quote in your sidebar :O

    ANYWAY. THe cover for the Elite? GORGEOUS.

  2. Both of those book covers are gorgeous! I haven't read the first book in the Selection series but I know I have it somewhere!


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