Friday, October 19, 2012

My Weekly Obsessions

The awesome Kelly at KellyVision started posting a weekly post highlighting whatever she happened to be obsessed with that week. I LOVE this idea, so much in fact that I will be doing it myself every Saturday.


Just One Day by Gayle Forman

My pining for this novel is reaching unreasonable levels. I want to read it right away. Sigh...

The Evolution of Mara Dyer trailer.

OMG SEXY! Noah! Mara!  This trailer PERFECTLY fits the sequel and I can't wait for you all to read it on TUESDAY!

Reboot by Amy Tintera cover

If you haven't read the Goodreads synopsis for this, head there immediately. It sounds awesome and I like the simplistic look this cover has. Quite excited to read this one when it's released.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke cover

Eerie, gothic and really stunning this cover conveys the mood of the novel perfectly. This is high on my "pine for list" for the fall season. I can't wait to get my hands on it. If you haven't checked out the Goodreads synopsis do so immediately and let's pine together.


Once Upon A Time

*Minor spoilers in the video*

Captain Hook debuts THIS Sunday. All I ask is that we can keep him.

Swoon! In case you missed his name (too busy drooling) it's Cillian Jones (or Killian Jones). I am a little afraid that they are going to make Rumpelstiltskin the person who cuts off his hand. That will just make me not happy. I want them to introduce Peter, and Tink and Wendy. That said, I am hooked by this dangerously sexy swashbuckler already. Can someone please write a YA novel involving sexy pirates now?!

American Horror Story : Asylum 

The first episode was creepy, and such an homage to the classic insane asylum stories we are used to. Amazing performance by Evan Peters who was SO different from his season one character. The scene where we meet him? Dancing around and singing to old 50's/60's music? And when he goes home to his wife? Yup...swoon. The accents some of the cast uses are impressive too. Looking forward to the second episode.


Mara Dyer Week

It's here! Mara Week starts this Monday! There will be guest posts, review, giveaways and a bunch of other really awesome stuff happening. I can't wait to share my excitement about this series with you. I am already plotting and scheming for the (most likely) final Mara Week next year when The Retribution of Mara Dyer comes out and I am already excited. Be sure to stop by all week long next week!

Vacation Week and Ontario Blogger Meet Up

I am on vacation from work starting the 29th! I am getting so anxious for a break I can't wait. The end of that week myself, and some other Ottawa bloggers (the awesome Meghan, Emilie, Ciara, and Katie) are heading to Toronto for the annual Ontario Blogger Meet Up! I can't wait to meet everyone.

So what you are obsessed with this week?

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  1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA. Every time I read the synopsis, I get shivers of excitement.

    This part in particular, I love:

    Violet’s grandmother always warned her about the Devil, but she never said he could be a dark-haired boy who takes naps in the sun, who likes coffee, who kisses you in a cemetery...who makes you want to kiss back. Violet’s already so knee-deep in love, she can’t see straight. And that’s just how River likes it.

    I just love how it reads and oh, RIVER. I want to meet him!


    Also: Oh god yes, PLEASE somebody write sexy pirate YA! In the mean time *allows Hook to drag me onto ship*

    Also x2: Enjoy your vacation! And have a fab time at your blogger meet up!


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