Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Retribution of Mara Dyer Cover.......Maybe

I stumbled upon this on Goodreads today. Is this the real cover? I hope so. It's STUNNING! I literally squealed while at work and had my co-workers look at me funny. It's breath taking and so so sooooo perfect.

It's my favourite out of the three. I need this REALLY big and hanging on my wall. I can't get over the sheer gorgeousness of these covers, and how well they fit the story.

I can't wait to see what Michelle Hodkin has in store for us come Fall 2013.

What do you think of the cover? Are you as in love with it as I am?


  1. I still need to start this series, but I agree with you that the covers are so gorgeous! I hope to start this series soon!

  2. I'm in love!! I agree it's the best one yet. Sad to see the series end but so excited to see how it happens. Thanks for sharing!

    Crystal @ YA Society

  3. It's a great cover! The first cover is still my favorite. :) Can't wait to read this already!!

  4. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! KATHY. I LOVE IT. The photography on the covers in this series has been so amazing. The last installment does NOT disappoint. Have they both sunk to the bottom of the ocean, together? Or are they about to rise up together after hitting rock bottom? Or..? OR? ORR?! I just love how they're wrapped up in each other.


  5. I saw this one too and I NEED THIS TO BE THE COVER! I just finished and loved the first book and I'm basically still fangirling over it, but even if I hadn't liked the book, I would want to buy them all for the covers. STUNNING! <3

  6. OMG, LOVE this cover!! I hope it's the real one!

  7. I saw that on Goodreads as well but it was taken down shortly after so I have no idea if it's the real thing or not. If it is, I love it.


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