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Once Upon A Time - The New Neverland

Whoa! So we start this episode with some smooches! Funny aside, Eric works at a fish market. He's cutting off fish heads and Ariel quips that he must really hate her. Ariel and Eric are reunited, and he wastes no time kissing her. Sigh. Love them together, but this means Ariel's story is done. Her and Eric can go live their happily ever after.

Just as Belle is getting all wistful she spies the Jolly Rodger bringing home our heroes. The reaction of everyone is perfect. All happiness and smiles. It's tainted because we know the truth (about Henry). Belle and Rumple are reunited and it is romantic and everything Rumple/Belle fans could want. The reunions are all very sweet, and Regina seems like she might feel left out. It makes me sad. Emma is happy. Asks Henry/Pan if he is happy to be home. Henry/Pan says yes, it's better than he could have imagined.

Neal gets to 'meet' Belle properly. He tries to give his father his cane, but Rumple says he doesn't need it. It was a reminder of the man he was, and he no longer wants to be that man. And, because tears are not already streaming down my face, the Darlings are reunited, and Wendy reunites them with Baelfire. The Darlings are going to home though (so I expect that is the last time we will see them).

Snow and Charming quickly discuss the water and dreamshade thing, and how the water is obviously working. Snow does the most impressive thing and says that they got home because of Regina. Regina seems SHOCKED to be praised but I like this turn of events. I hope that Snow and Regina can work through there pain and issues. I think Regina genuinely liked Snow until Snow told Cora about Daniel.

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

Flash way back to the Snow/Charming wedding and Regina threatening to destroy their happiness. Snow gets REALLY upset, and wants to do something. She basically YELLS at Charming that they have to stop Regina because she always finds a way to destroy everything. Charming tries to take her mind off it by suggesting they go on their honeymoon. He even offers to let Snow pick the place they honeymoon. He's basically being REALLY patient right now. She picks the summer palace where her parents honeymooned. She's not fooling anyone though. There must be something there that can help stop Regina. Ah! I was right, Snow totally just admitted to Grumpy that there is something in the summer palace that will defeat Regina.

Storybrooke  - Present

Charming wonders about the shadow and if it can escape. Rumple assures him that it's fine. The shadow is stuck and only Pan can free it. In that case, it's too bad Pan is around to do just that.

Felix and Henry/Pan are having a conversation and Henry/Pan determines that Felix needs to be locked up so that everyone trusts Henry/Pan is actually Henry. They cart Felix off to a prison cell. Thinking that Henry is scared the core group of Belle, Rumple, Neal, Emma and Regina take Pandora's Box back to Rumple's shop and magically secure it into the floor so that nobody but Rumple can free it. Poor real Henry. I hope they don't drag this out too long. I want Henry back.

Rumple and Belle having are having a moment. They are too freaking cute. Belle wants him to start thinking about his future. She says he has multiple paths he can take and endless possibilities. He tells her that there is only one he wants to take - the one where they are together. STOP IT! Too cute.

Emma gives Henry/Pan the Once Upon A Time book, and he seems to not know what this book is. Emma is obviously surprised. I think Emma is beginning to notice something is wrong. Loved that she says WE thought you'd want it (meaning her and Neal....) when she gives him the book.

Neal and Hook are once again talking about Emma. Hook offers to back off due to Henry. Hook tells Neal not to celebrate just yet though. He's in it for the long haul, and he isn't sure Emma will let Neal back in her life. He basically thinks Neal will crash and burn, and Hook will be there when Emma is ready. It's a nice gesture (hidden with not so honourable intentions), and's probably going to end up being a good thing for him.

REUNIONS GALORE! Tinkerbell and Blue are reunited. Regina demands that Blue give Tink back her wings. I love this friendship. Blue says that Tinkerbell doesn't believe in herself, so how can Blue believe in her. Blue did seem overly interested when Regina reveals that Tink got pixie dust to work. Hmm....

Neal wants to talk to Emma. Just the two of them. She's like "Are you asking me on a date?" and it's cute and awkward. He is being adorable by saying that he'll sit in a booth at Granny's restaurant at lunch time and if Emma doesn't show up, he'll stop bothering her. Snow tells Emma that she owes it to herself (not to Neal) to at least try a date with him. I have a bad feeling about this as a Swanfire shipper :( I am little cheered that Charming thinks Emma reminds him of Snow because Emma doesn't want to think about herself with what happened to Henry.

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

After arriving at the summer palace, Charming is a little frisky. Wants to have some sexy times with Snow. She's all "wait until you see what I have planned for later" and he goes off to see to the horses. She grabs some weapons and runs away. Doesn't get far before she runs into Charming though. These two are so cute together. He knows her so well. He knows she's scared about Regina's threat and that she's running away because of it. She tells him that she's hunting Medusa. She heard legends as a young girl that Medusa resided in a cave near the summer palace. She wants to cut off Medusa's head and get Regina to look at it to turn Regina into stone. Charming says he won't let her go alone, he wants to go with her. He makes her promise that if they find Medusa and get this done, she has to enjoy the rest of the honeymoon. Poor guy. He just wants to spend time with his new wife.

Storybrooke - Present

Emma tells Henry/Pan it's bedtime. Tells him to say goodbye to Regina. Regina mentions she doesn't want to let him out of her sight and Henry/Pan immediately jumps to leave with Regina by offering to stay with her. Emma is feeling sad about Henry/Pan wanting to go with Regina and Snow tries to make Emma feel better. Emma is seriously starting to sense something is wrong.

Henry/Pan wants to know if Regina brought the mausoleum with her when she brought everything from the Enchanted Forest. He is obviously scared of the real Henry getting out and ruining his plans. Regina tells him magic is not the answer, and that it's dangerous. She promises to protect him and tucks him into bed. As soon as she leaves, he jumps out of bed, opens his window and says that magic is the answer. He frees the shadow from the sail. AHH! Why would they not destroy it, secure it, or something? Just leaving it there seems awfully negligent and obviously was a bad idea.

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

Bless Charming, he's trying. He's saying romantic things, and being all chivalrous. They discuss how to kill Medusa because it's the only way to free anyone whose been turned to stone. This so going to become important later. So much Greek mythology has played quite a huge part in this season. I wonder if we'll see Hercules later. Charming wants to know why has changed. Snow has spared Regina before and now she's determined.. She says that before it was just her that Regina was threatening, but now she's threatening the entire village. She says it's just different and can't let it go. They enter a cave that Medusa is rumoured to be in.

Storybrooke - present

Rumple brings Charming the cure. Charming clarifies that is without payment. Rumple says that is true, but since they are family he's sure that Charming will be willing do him a favour if he ever is in need. Charming takes the potion and kisses Snow. He wants to start on baby making. Haha. Snow looks over and sees Neal sitting in the booth. Snow wants Charming to go talk to Emma. He finds her sitting outside. He asks if she's okay. She says yes, and it's not Neal. It's Henry. She says he's not acting like himself. Charming tries to calm her down. He tries to reason with her. Tells her that Henry went through a lot in Neverland. He thinks Emma is just focused on the bad. He tells her that there is more to life than the next fight. He tells her to live in the moments. All of them. He wants her to embrace everything. She says that Charming obviously thinks that lunch with Neal would be a good moment. He tells her that it couldn't hurt to try. He escorts her to Granny's. Emma asks if Charming has a hidden agenda pushing her towards Neal. He questions what that would be. She mentions maybe keeping her away from Hook. Charming makes a joke that he's not interested in Hook, he's a married man. Adorable, but as a Swanfire shipper, sad making. Emma is obviously into Hook. It's going to happen. :(

Hook and Tink literally run into each other. The looks they share, totally eye flirting. He asks if she is okay (and I ship them so much. Seriously, it needs to happen). He offers his 'services' to help her get adjusted to Storybrooke. I just stopped shipping them. Totally not the way you treat a lady. She tells him she won't be a distraction from Emma (Go, Tink! I love her). At this moment they hear a scream. Hook/Tink come running outside as Emma and Charming arrive. Emma is flustered and questions if Hook and Tink were together. She's obviously jealous. :( Tink says "hell no" basically (even though they obviously have in the past) but Hook says 'Perhaps'. Really, Hook? You said no mind games. You were 'backing off' due to Henry just this morning. It's been less than 24 hours and you're not only offering Tink casual sex, but you're trying to make Emma jealous. Sigh. I like this though. I love Hook most when he is his pirate self. The dastardly Hook is the one I want to see. The playboy, the heart breaker, the VILLAIN! They hear the scream again. It's Blue running for the shadow. It seems to kill her but I am not so sure she's actually dead.. I have theories, and let's just say that I think Blue is faking her own death. Tink wants to know why it would have killed Blue. Good question, Tink. We see Henry/Pan sitting in his room reading the Once Upon A Time book and Regina calls to him, tells him to come quickly as something just happened and Henry/Pan smiles.

Enchanted Forest- Flashback

Snow and Charming are in the cave where Medusa lives, stalking her. Snow reminds  him not to look into her eyes. They actually found her though, which is amazing. Snow tries to cut her and Medusa destroys the sword! This is not going to be easy and Charming wants to find a way out of there instead. Snow agrees and they create a diversion so they can run. Snow trips and falls, causing a loud noise. She's grabbed by Medusa and Charming throws a shield at her. It ends up hitting her but Charming looks into her eyes and is turned to stone. Snow promises to not leave Charming. She hears Regina's voice. She's using the mirror to communicate. They snark at each other, with Regina admitting that she's enjoying this situation. Regina says she can sit back and let Snow destroy her own happiness because it's Snow's fault Charming is stone. Snow has the idea to use the mirror on Medusa. It works, and Charming is resurrected. They kiss, and Snow immediately apologizes. She knows what is important now. They're off to have an actual honeymoon.

Storybrooke - Present

Regina wants to know what happened. Charming tells her it was the shadow that killed Blue. Neal wants to go get the candle. Hook, Tink and Neal go to the ship to get it. Emma tells them that Peter Pan can obviously still control the shadow. Henry/Pan makes Regina promise to protect him. Emma calls her back and brings up that Henry/Pan isn't acting like himself. Regina snarks back and wants to know if it's because Henry is choosing her. Henry/Pan seems to prefer Regina for sure. Regina takes Henry/Pan to her mausoleum and makes him promise to not touch anything, but it's obvious that this is EXACTLY what Pan wants to do. This is obviously why he's pulling on Regina's heart strings. I wonder what he wants.

Emma and Snow go to Rumple to get Pandora's Box. They want to free Pan and kill him as he obviously can still control things. They have the idea of pushing him over the town line (I guess since that's where they are taking the box). Emma says she wants to do this. There is no magic outside the town line and the real world is her expertise (go Emma! LOVE HER). Rumple frees him and Emma is ready with a gun. DO NOT SHOOT! Pan/Henry immediately tells her that he's actually Henry. Emma demands proof. Pan/Henry starts listing off things he likes (including the hot chocolate with cinnamon that Emma and Neal love). Emma demands something more. She says life is a bunch of moments, not just facts (Charming just told her that) and she wants to know when they first connected. Pan/Henry tells her it was at the castle when she told him that she gave him up to give him his best chance. Snow visibly reacts because that's WHY they gave up Emma. *feelings* This whole episode is major feelings overload. Emma believes and her and Pan/Henry enter back into Storybrooke. Rumple apologizes and even says he is sorry for putting him the box. WHOA progress there Rumple. The question immediately becomes where Henry/Pan is right now. Also, Robbie Kay does it again. He's amazing.

I feel horrible for Regina. She thinks that she's bonding with Henry. Pan ends up knocking her out with some kind of mist/powder/smoke thing.

Enchanted Forest - Flashback

Charming tells Snow that he knows she needed to defeat Regina, even if she didn't know why. Snow says she does know why. She needed to defeat Regina because she wants to start a family. She couldn't imagine bringing good into the world if there was something bad out there that could destroy it. Snow says that Regina made her see that she can't wait. They should find the good moments in among the bad ones. She wants to have a child, regardless. This speech is basically what Charming told Emma. Again, with the feelings.

Pan/Henry wants Rumple to avoid the face if he has to use fireballs on Henry/Pan. There is a great hug between Pan/Henry and Neal. Rumple tries to get into the mausoleum. It's not opening. Snow and Charming tell Emma they'll work this out. Emma is obviously not so sure. Emma says she doesn't have the luxury of having moments. She can't sit back and enjoy herself. She is the savior. The price is that she doesn't get a day off. This does not bode well for Neal and romance. They finally get in, and wake up Regina. Regina laments that she fell for Henry/Pan because she wants to believe that Henry still needed her as his mother. Pan/Henry tells her that he does. It's sweet. I want Henry to have all his family surrounding him at the end of this.

They want to know what Pan wanted inside the mausoleum. A curse is the answer to that question. Not just any curse. THE curse. The one that brought everyone to Storybrooke in the first place. It's obvious that Pan wants to cast it again. Rumple tells them that if it's cast even Emma won't be able to break it because it won't have Charming/Snow's true love woven in. Pan says that everyone will forget who they are, and time will stand still after he casts the curse. Pan says he and Felix will be in charge and that once they are finished Storybrooke will be the new Neverland. EEEP!

Next week is the winter finale. I am predicting wine will be needed and an insane cliffhanger will start us off with the dreaded hiatus that lasts until MARCH!

Until next time.... Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!

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  1. I loved seeing Eric and Ariel finally reunited! I wonder if they will be on the show anymore now?

    Regina definitely felt left out during the reunions. I felt bad for her! She really needs someone. Like a man in green, named Robin. haha! I loved seeing everyone reunited, but you're right, it did feel tainted.

    Rumple and Belle are cute! Love them!

    I had to giggle a bit at the conversation between Hook and Neal... Mostly because I knew you would be thrilled that Hook was backing off. ;) I really don't think that Neal and Emma will crash, and I think Hook will end up hooking up with someone else in the end.

    Does Charming know Snow SO WELL, or what? He was totally on to her!

    I love that Emma was the first to catch on to the fact that something wasn't right with Henry. Of course his mom would know that! He totally fooled everyone else though. That just shows how strong their bond is.

    Medusa! Was it just me or did that feel a little random? But it made for a good story, so there you go.

    Can you believe what happened to the Blue fairy??? I really liked her!

    Ok, it was a BIT weird for me to see Pan hugging Emma and everyone when they let him/Henry out of the box. I knew it was Henry, but it was still freaking weird!

    THE CURSE! Seriously, how is he even going to cast it? Does he love anyone? RUMPLE!? GAH! This is going to be the longest week EVER!

    Great recap!


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