Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 5 Most Interesting Characters from 2013

There are characters who stand out more than others while you are reading. It could be for a variety of reasons. Some you love and some you love to hate, but either way you're fascinated by them. Here is my list of the top five characters who made sure I wouldn't forget them when 2014 rolls around.

1 Anne Boleyn from Tarnish by Katherine Longshore

I would expect putting your own take on a character like Anne Boleyn would be daunting. She's been written about many times, and is probably the most well known of Henry's wives. Katherine Longshore created an Anne who was passionate, desperate to be heard, a woman who believed her voice was important. She also created an Anne who was clever, sharp tongued, and impulsive. She allowed the 'flaws' (as seen by those at court) to become the very thing that endears us to her. We also know they'll be her downfall. It results in a sympathetic, and vivid character. I've said before that Tarnish reads as extremely accurate and it's because Anne feels all too real.

2 Celeste from Tampa by Alissa Nutting (**ADULT CONTENT**)

Celeste is an enigma. You want to hate her. She's unflinchingly, unabashedly a predator. She's also very self aware, and doesn't make excuses for herself (or her behaviour). She's someone you won't soon forget, and neither is Tampa itself. She hides her true nature from everyone but herself. She's darkly funny, and there are a few moments where, as a reader, I found myself thinking she was clever. I've said that nobody in Celeste's life matters but Celeste and that is the reality. She is selfish, driven to make herself happy no matter what the consequences for others. Consequences for anyone but herself barely enter her thoughts. Alissa has created a character who leaves you conflicted, angry, and hopefully changed the way you look at predators.

3 Cress from Cress by Marissa Meyer

As this title has yet to hit shelves, I will keep this brief and spoiler free. I will say that Cress will win over your heart. She's everything I wanted out of a Rapunzel inspired character. She's adorably naive, braver than she gives herself credit for, and a hopeless romantic. She's resourceful, and eager to please. Marissa always manages to make her characters come to life, and Cress is no exception. Marissa also manages to make them use the skills and talents they do have, without denying them flaws. People are not perfect, and they certainly aren't capable at everything. Cress uses what she can do to help, and remains completely in character the whole time. This makes her character leap off the pages, and makes her easy to relate to.

4 Victor and Eli from Vicious by VE Schwab

I am including both of them, because each is intertwined with the other. Victor wouldn't be the Victor we know without Eli (and vice versa). Two incredibly intelligent, and driven young man who are both beyond competitive. Their friendship is always borderline antagonistic and that's woven in perfectly throughout the story. They are both a little skewed and while this leads them to become friends, it also allows for them to turn on each other. Two man who are obsessed with power and harness it to create superpowers ultimately show that power does corrupt. Victoria uses both of these characters to twist how you view villains and heroes. These two characters are so well written that you'll want to visit them again (and perhaps beg Victoria for a sequel).

5 Judith from All The Truth That's In Me by Julie Berry

Judith is a survivor. She's resilient, strong and brave. She is also clever, determined, and due to inability to talk she's quite perceptive. Following her story as she tries to reclaim her voice that has been ripped away from her is inspiring and that's how you end up feeling about Judith.

When I first picked up All The Truth That's In Me, I wasn't expecting to adore Judith as much as I did. She lets you in slowly, but it's worth the way. She's a remarkable character who hasn't let her spirit be crushed by the unthinkable. That makes her voice not only memorable, but engaging.

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