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TV Talk with Kelly - Bates Motel - Season 3, episode 8

You may recall that Kelly from Kellyvision and I 'recapped' Bates Motel season two on my blog. We loved doing it so much we are going to do it again for season three. You can expect these to be up on Fridays for the most part (unless we're delayed).

This isn't really a recap, more just our reactions as we watch the show. There is totally going to be SPOILERS so maybe don't read until you've watched the episode. If you haven't watched it our notes may not make a whole lot of sense anyway but still SPOILERS!

My notes are marked by this colour and Kelly's have her initials by them and are in blue.

Bates Motel - Season 3 - Episode 8 - The Pit

KH: We so need to talk about Norman. DO SOMETHING!

‘I am so glad Alex came” Awww.

Dylan is right. They do need to talk about Norman.

KH: Norman is so creepy.

KH: Is this bypass work? No! She's getting her pool! Yay for blackmail!

I love Norma’s “A pool?” Like she’s all shocked. I thought it was the bypass too. Does the hotel have a pool in the movie? ‘Just be happy you’re getting a pool’. Yeah, Norman. Shut it.

KH: no, I don't think so.

Romero wants to buy a car? Oh, he’s getting Norma’s car back. That’s really sweet.

KH: NO! Don't hurt James. :(

Ugh, this guy. He’s an ass in all the shows, isn’t he? They better not hurt James the therapist. Oh, no. Eeeep! They better not seriously hurt him.

“Why are you talking about me in the third person?” Haha, neighbour guy is hilarious. Ugh. Look at Caleb shoving himself into things that Dylan does not want him to.

‘I think it’s a little dramatic, but sure’. Again, neighbour guy is hilarious. I agree with Caleb though. Nothing better happen to Dylan.

KH: oh no.

Oh, Poor James. :(

Norma, pretty sure he won’t be returning that phone call. He’s going to be running as far away from you as he can after that beating. :(

KH: love Norma's reaction to getting her car back.

I know. She’s all giddy and skipping over to Alex. Too cute.

Um… I would want to know what the pool would look like. It is her hotel. She deserves to know what they are putting in.

OMG! STOP BEING CUTE YOU TWO! She’s like a little kid there! SO cute. Moments like that make me sad that she’s going to be dead very soon. :(

KH. oh, my face. WOW.

Love how protective Alex is. He immediately goes and starts asking about the giant hole in Norma’s yard.

I really hate this guy. REALLY HATE THIS GUY.

KH: me too.

Romero now knows that there is more going on with Norman than he even thought because of this conversation. Wonder if he’ll push Norma about it.

KH: well, you didn't blackmail anyone for a fence, so...

Did she ask for a fence? Pretty sure she did. Haha.

Dyan and Emma are VERY flirty right now. Emma totally has a crush (so does he though).

KH: they so are!

Neither of them can stop smiling.

Hahaha. Norman’s fence is freaking rope?! That’ll keep people out. Also, odds on them being left with a giant hole in the yard and no pool? I’d say pretty good.

KH: "It's a pit."

KH: oh no! Breakup?

‘I am breaking up with you because you’re too into your mother. Also, I kind of like your brother maybe’. That is basically what Emma is not saying.

KH: totally the subtext. ;)

Um… o.O

KH: Oh, this is a sad episode. Nooooo! Alex, no. :(

So sad. His “Goodbye Norma” was heartbreaking. Her calling after him. :( They were so cute just a few hours (minutes for us) ago.

I feel that no good conversation starts this way.

KH: Um, Norma, no. Not normal.

NOT NORMAL NORMA! NOT AT ALL. She sounds like she’s really trying to convince both of them. This is enabling behaviour, Norma. She’s treating him like he’s 5 and needs to cuddle.

KH: I think so, yeah.

KH: Emma, what are you doing?!

I am not sure I would be following some random guy’s instructions to some place that is secluded. Just saying. #DoNotDieDylan #DieCaleb


KH: oh, crap. I'm glad Caleb saved Dylan but I still hate Caleb. Sorry not sorry.

Yes, fine. He saved Dylan. Still does not give him a pass on all the other jackass stuff he’s done.

Um...James is legit running away. He is packing up and leaving. Whoa.

His advice for her to leave town might not be such a bad idea actually.

KH: shit, they'll blame Norman, right? For James' face?

The police? Yeah, they might.

KH: nice to finally see context for "You're gonna kill me, Norman!"

Yup, and it’s heartbreaking. Also very forshadowy.

KH: WOW. Fake Mother is questionable.

Yeah. Just a little. o.O Love the use of her in the window for that moment. Very Psycho.

KH: is that Bradley?

Bradley! Is she really there though? Or is she another of Norman’s hallucinations?

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