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American Horror Story: Roanoke - Chapter 9

Hard to believe that this is the penultimate episode of the season. This season has flown by and I cannot believe it'll be ending next week. It's been a much tighter season, but one that is not heavy on plot,  so it makes sense that it would be a much shorter season.

We're getting close to finding out who the lone survivor is and I cannot wait to find out if my Lee theory is right.

We begin this episode with a group of three 20 somethings attempting to find the Roanoke house for a Youtube show they are doing. We have Sophie Green (played by fan favouite Taissa Farmiga), Todd Connors (played by Jacob Artist) and Milo (played by Jon Bass). They discuss how the house is super hard to find now because they changed the address so you can't Google it.

Sophie is talking about why the first season, My Roanoke Nightmare, was such a hit. She explains that on the surface it is a story of an interracial couple in a post racial world, but she thinks it is really about how the colony became a matriarchy instead of a patriarchy. She expresses that they are still fighting both these things today. Milo says he thought it was because it was scary to which Sophie replies ...

Preach, girl. Todd gets distracted by the tree where Flora's coat was found until they see Diana (Sidney's former assistant) walking around. They chase her through the woods until they come across the car she crashed with her dead body inside. They, naturally, freak out about the fact that the same girl they just saw running is now dead inside the car. You could not pay me enough to go to this house.

Back at the house Dylan is explaining that, like I expected, he had specific instructions from Sidney. He was to be in front of the house on a specific date and time wearing the pigman costume. He also immediately gets dressed (which is just sad making because Wes Bentley is hot).

He says he was never contacted, or picked up or anything but he showed up on time because he didn't want to be fired. Sidney did in fact want him to shake things up a bit. The ladies immediately question if he has a car. He tells them that he used Uber to get there and his driver just happened to be Rhett Snow (the hottie Uber driver who picked up Cricket). This scene was actually hilarious with Dylan in the backseat of the car dressed up in the pig mask.

I knew we'd see that Uber driver again!

The ladies continue to question Dylan who only seems interested in the fact that nobody was in touch with him and how irresponsible people in the business are. He takes his job very seriously. He eventually comments that their makeup (ie the wounds/etc) is really well done. Audrey snaps and explains that everyone is dead, including Sidney. It is not makeup because it is all real. He has to see for himself so they show him all the bodies. As they take this macabre tour they explain that everything is real - the blood moon, ghosts, cannibal Polks, everything. Dylan is former military so he proposes a plan to make a stretcher for Lee, and get them the heck out of there. It is a solid plan. One I fully endorse. Lee, however, is not giving up on getting those tapes back. She tells him that the Polks have cars and are close. It makes more sense for them to go there and steal a car to get away. Audrey reminds them that Monet is still out there so she would like to save her. Dylan agrees because he doesn't want to 'leave a man behind' so off they go. Bad life decisions for everyone.

Sophie, Todd and Milo have smartly gone to the police about the dead girl. We see them being interviewed by the police who pretty much don't believe them. The police went to the check it out and there is no dead body in the car. The police officer is not happy that time was wasted by having the officers do this. He thinks it is just another prank like the ones that have been happening since the show aired. Sophie is insulted and tells him that she is going to tell the world about the police covering things up. Todd tells them they have footage and that he wants to go back to the house now that he had time to digest what happened. I don't understand. You were out. Why are you going back in?! The police officer tells them to go back home but they are not going to listen (because that would actually be smart of them).

Dylan, Audrey, and Lee arrive at the Polks. Dylan wants to grab a truck and leave as the property is larger than he expected and it is getting dark. He wants to have the police come back for Monet. Lee and Audrey convince him to let them do one quick check of the buildings to see if they can find Monet (and the tapes) while he is hot wiring the truck. He agrees and they each run off to do their part with Audrey reminding Lee to come when the truck starts running because they will leave without her. This is very much the episode where everyone makes bad choices.

Audrey actually finds Monet! She is tied up but Audrey quickly frees her. As they run to escape when they hear the truck start they run into Cain Polk. Luckily Audrey has picked up a gun and after getting footage of Cain saying he would kill them, Audrey shoots him so her and Monet can escape.

Lee manages to find the tapes and runs outside when she hears the truck. Sadly, Lot has come and is stabbing Dylan. Lee yells at him but he only runs when he sees the colonists coming. Lot takes off in the truck leaving Lee no choice but to run. Audrey and Monet stumble across Dylan and run as well when they see the colonists. They run back to the house (ugh) and Audrey is not enthused about their chances of living. Monet is not having it and she tells Audrey to chill. They ponder what happened to Lee. Audrey thinks she is dead because of the tapes. Lee dropped them before running and Audrey quickly picked them up. She stresses that Lee would not have left without them as she felt they needed them for their story to be believed. Monet, sensing something isn't right, decides to watch the tapes. They see Lee's confession about killing Mason. Monet is not surprised while Audrey looks devastated. This is interspersed with images of Lee in the woods. She is approached by Scathach and offered a pig's heart. Lee eats it. *shudder* So she is going to be like Thomasyn now?!

Meanwhile, Todd tells Milo and Sophie that they have 20,000 new followers since they uploaded the ghost video (and they are trending on Twitter). They are all enthused to get to the house. They come to the spot where they found Mason and are really excited. They see Lee in the distance and go to approach her like the fangirls and fanboys they are. Lee wastes no time in killing Todd with a cleaver. Sophie and Milo run but Lee follows them. They find the production trailer (and all the dead bodies) and barricade themselves inside it. They quickly realize that almost everyone is dead. They see Audrey and Monet on the monitors and see Lee approaching the house. Sophie tries to call the cops but it is evident from the conversation that they do not believe her. Sophie says that they have to stop Lee. Milo laughs at her which is a perfect valid reaction. Sophie begs and Milo eventually gives in.

Audrey and Monet are talking when they hear a knock on the bedroom door. It is Butcher Lee. She is acting strange and talking about them defiling the land. Monet takes offence and calls her a murderer. Butcher Lee pushes her into the stair railing which breaks sending Monet falling to the ground where she is impaled on a piece of the chandelier. We're getting closer to only one person being left. Audrey stabs Butcher Lee with a knife and runs.

Meanwhile, Sophie is videotaping on their way to the house to save Audrey and Monet (a little late for Monet, sadly).

Milo freaks out about them going and wants to bail, which is understandable. They find the house and Sophie goes running.

Audrey makes it to the outside cellar but Butcher Lee is right behind her. She hacks at Audrey with the cleaver cutting her through the shoulder. She pushes Audrey into the cellar, closes it and runs off. to join the colonists who have Dylan, who wasn't dead yet. They disembowel him so he totally is now. Milo and Sophie are watching all of this when Butcher Lee sneaks up behind them. She brings them to the colonist who impale them on spikes and they are burned at the stake more or less. All Sophie and the guys wanted was to get some Youtube followers, and to trend on Twitter. Instead they ended up very much dead.

The police finally show up the next day and find all the bodies. They also find Lee who is freaking out. She can barely do more than scream. It doesn't seem like she is under the spell of that pig heart Scathach fed her. She just wants to leave and begs them to get her out of there. They put her in the police car just as Audrey comes crawling out of the cellar. Audrey is so Audrey here and asks the police officer if he is real. The police officer brings her to the car where Lee is waiting and Audrey freaks out. She calls Lee a murderer and takes out a knife. Just as Audrey starts to run to go after Lee the police shoot her as she had a weapon. This means that Lee is the last person standing.

Next week, as per the teaser at the end of the episode, includes the return of Lana Winters. She was in the Asylum season. I am super excited because she is also played by Sarah Paulson and is a complete badass. Lana is interviewing Lee and I anticipate it is going to be a fantastic episode with perhaps one last twist.

I'll save my final verdict on this season for the last episode but so far, while it has not been my favourite, it has been an interesting and twisted season. It has everything we watch American Horror Story for and as long as the ending is satisfying I'll consider it a success.

Until next week .... 

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