Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Potential New Feature ...

I have been playing with this idea for a long time but decided to go ahead and officially attempt to launch it.

I have been wanting a way to get more involved with the blogging community and to feature more authors on my blog so this sort of started as a way to accomplish both these things. It also became something I really wanted to do after much chatting with both Kelly (from Kellyvision) and Christy (from The Reader Bee) and I am pretty excited about it.

The feature will be titled 'A Glass Of Wine With .....' and will be an fun, pop culture style interview with a different person each week. I am hoping to have the post go up on Fridays and the questions will change based on current things in pop culture. I would, of course, also have questions relating to the book when featuring an author for promotional purposes.

This will only work if people want to actually take part. It is open to ANYONE with ties to the bookish community. You can be a blogger, vlogger, or use Instagram. You can be an author, work in publishing, or

If you're interested in being interviewed please send me an email to with 'A Glass Of Wine With' in the title and I'll be in touch with the questions and other details.

Here are a few sample questions that could be asked so that you get an idea of the type of questions that will be part of this new feature.

 - Beverage of choice?
 - Hottest Chris (Evans, Hemsworth, Pine, or Pratt)?
 - Last book that made you cry?
 - TV show everyone must binge?
 - what ship is your current obsession (book, TV, or movie)?

As you can see, they would mostly be fun, pop culture related questions. It would be a sort of 'get to know you' type thing which has the potential to be a lot of fun! I am hoping people feel the same way and want to sign up! I am hoping to get this feature kick started in August or early September once I have had a few people sign up and have given them time to answer questions. If you're an author and want to coincide this with your release week, just let me know and we'll try to make it work (depending on schedule).

Lastly, I did some research and did not see any other features like this but with the large quantity of blogs, vlogs, etc out there I could have missed someone doing something similar to this. If you are running a similar feature, let me know and I can look at changing this feature into something else.

I am super excited to work with some of you and cannot wait to kick this feature off! Cheers!

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