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Hollywood Princess by Natasha Madison

I am once again helping to celebrate the release of Hollywood Princess today. This time by sharing my review! Be sure to check out my release day post for more details about this awesome read!


Hollywood Princess by Natasha Madison
Release Date - February 26, 2019
Author Website - link
Author Social Media - Twitter
Pages -  262 pages
My Rating - 4/5
**received from the publisher for an honest review**

Here is the Goodreads synopsis
 Behind the "lights, camera, action" of Hollywood lies a world of deception, love, and seduction.

Are you ready for Hollywood Royalty?


An Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy, a Grammy—she has them all.
She's the most sought-after woman in Hollywood.
Even if her rise to fame was a fluke, you can't deny the camera loves her.
The problem is so does everyone else, and she's about to leave on the biggest concert tour of her life.
Headlining for the first time in five years.

Around the world in ninety days. Should be a piece of cake.
Until her new security detail walks in the room and she’s looking into the eyes of the only man who didn’t fall for her charm.

It's only a matter of time till he falls for Hollywood's Princess.
Romance mixed with a little bit of mystery is a fantastic combination and Natasha Madison proves that with her next Hollywood Royalty book. Hollywood Princess is filled with just enough danger, plenty of hot chemistry, and sexual tension filled banter to spare.

Kellie is the darling of the music industry. She's super talented and has already snagged plenty of accolades and awards as a result. She's also a down to earth country girl who is just as happy binge watching her latest TV obsession as she is on stage. She's hard working and loyal to those who earn her trust. Needless to say I ended up loving her and her strong willed nature.

Brian is a former Navy Seal turned bodyguard and he takes his job incredibly seriously. He is one hundred percent focused and determined. This characteristic makes him a swoon worthy hero and adds another obstacle into the plot. He's so professional he doesn't want to do anything about the bubbling sexual tension that is evident whenever he and Kellie interact on the page. He's fiercely protective without being overbearing and that made all of the different for me. He's a character who could have been the opposite and I would not have loved the story as much as I do if that were the case.

The romance in this one is interesting. It has shades of being a second chance romance. There are elements of a hate to love story at the beginning but it isn't really that either. It gives you these little teases of the classic tropes you're used to and sort of mixes them together. It is also, obviously, the story of a bodyguard falling in love with the person he is charged with protecting (which is an inherently sexy premise). That extra layer of danger heightens their romance and made the chemistry work in my opinion. Everything was heightened and urgent in a way that pushed them together. I, also, appreciated that they had bonded before the story even begins because it meant the speed of their relationship was more believable. I don't think the story would work as well without this added back story between them.

The little moments between Kellie and Brian are what make this novel. The day in Chicago, him getting her the fast food that she loves after a show, and the truth being told on long bus rides between shows. It is those moments that shine the brightest for me. It adds up to a pretty romantic story whose foundation isn't built on the big, celebrity-ish moments but on the smaller, more real ones, instead. The sexual tension is palpable, and there is plenty of sexy banter, but it is these moments that make up the heart of novel.

The mystery was engaging enough but didn't take over the story. I feel this is still firmly a romance read that happens to have some thriller elements in it. Kellie's need for security detail because of a stalker is what brings our couple together. The plot is mainly about them getting together and finding their way through obstacles to their happily ever after. These obstacles just happen to include someone who is sending Kellie creepy gifts and following her every move. It's jarring enough to keep you invested, but not too much that it takes the reader out of the romance story being told. The resolution for this part of the plot was really well done with the reveal working to further the main romance plot.

Romance novels are like comfort food in that they give you exactly what you what. You know going in what to expect and that brings a certain feeling of comfort. I recommend this book (and Hollywood Playboy) to those looking for exactly this kind of read. It's pure escapism that leaves you contented when you've finished reading it. I cannot wait to dive into Hollywood Prince and I expect other readers will be just as eager with the introduction of Carter at the end of this one.

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