Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Woman's Day

It is International Woman's Day today and I thought I would celebrate by sharing a few of my favourite female characters from TV, movies, and books! They tend to not get as much love and today felt like a perfect day to spotlight them!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and not in any order. I am just going to highlight just a small portion of the awesome ladies in our entertainment. These are ones that resonated with me for various reasons.

1. Amy Dunne from Gone Girl

This character is, hands down, one of my favourites. Both the book and movie version are both equally amazing. I adore Gillian Flynn for creating Amy in all her messed up glory.

She really is unique in terms of female characters and one that gives me hope for a wide range of representation in the future.

2. Eleven from Stranger Things

Though she is young, Eleven more than earned her spot on this list. She's a perfect blend of fierce and vulnerable. She is the type of character that remains with you long after you've finished your binge watch.

I love how loyal she is, and how imperfect she is allowed to be at a young age. 

3. Jessica Jones from Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones remains my favourite of the Netflix Marvel offerings. She's broken, damaged, but not a victim. She takes back her strength and it is inspiring to watch.

The show itself is feminist and actually discusses consent in a real way that I've found missing from shows like this. Jessica may not want to be a hero, but she is one to me.

5. Mare Barrow from the Red Queen series

People have called her a 'whiny Pikachu' which may be accurate, but I, once again, appreciate that she is a female character allowed to be imperfect. She makes mistakes, she is selfish sometimes. She is also resilient, and a survivor. All of the ladies I've included are complex, and Mare definitely fits.

4. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice

I may relate more to Jane, but I have always admired Elizabeth. She shares my love of reading and the conviction of making her own path and choices.

She is someone who carved her own path regardless of what her family (or others) may have wanted for her and grew as a person as a result. 

5. Liv Moore from iZombie

Liv is compassionate person driven to atone for the monster she feels she has become. She may be tiny and adorable, but she is also entirely capable of kicking ass. She is a mix of soft and strong that shows that women are capable of caring about injustice and lipstick and be educated about both. 

Liv is a character retains her convictions and that is admirable. 

7. Starr Carter from The Hate U Give

Starr is, like many of the above characters, allowed to be many things at once. Her character is multi dimensional and complex. She is given all of these characteristics while being allowed to be a teen. Her age is something that comes through and is something that makes her a great character for teens to see themselves in. She's apologetically  given all of these emotions, from anger, happiness, fear, love, and everything in between. She's amazing and hopefully an indicator of more diverse female characters to come.

8. Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful 

My list would not be complete without Vanessa Ives. Her strength in resisting the darkness threatening to consume her is admirable. Her steadfast devotion to her beliefs is also admirable. I appreciate her desire to do what she wants when she wants to without apology.

She is vulnerable, broken, fierce, and entirely captivating. I want more characters like her in so many ways.

Let me know in the comments which ladies from books, TV, and movies you would include in your own list! I would love to discover more amazing female characters.

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